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Ace Wilder (Photo: Peter Cederling)

Melodifestivalen 2017: Heat 1 Betting Preview

We’re back again for another year of Melfest coverage. We start with a heat packed with upbeat entries, two of which are urban songs. This is a blind analysis of the lineup, so caution should be exercised until the first snippets are released in February.

Heat 1: Göteberg – February 4th

1. Boris Rene – Her Kiss

Evidently the football career isn’t going well for Boris as he returns for another pop at Melfest. The insider rumours were positive for Boris last year, but Put Your Love On Me was too lightweight to compete at the sharp end of the Contest. The Degerfors IF defender returns with the same writing team and will be hoping to land a top-4 finish in this heat. Nevertheless, the law of diminishing returns could see him struggle. Genre: Male Energetic Uptempo.

Press screening: Not as good or as instant as last year. He’s borrowed some of Prince’s Kiss and has Justin Timberlake and Ricky Martin influences.

2. Adrijana – Amare

Adrijana’s hard hiphop style doesn’t fit the traditional Melfest mould. And her most recent release, Kan Nt Med Mig, demonstrates the uphill task the 19-year old has ahead of her, should she fail to soften her image and broaden her musical appeal. She describes Amare as “an obvious hit”, but on what music scene? Björkman is too canny an operator to put something horrific in the show, so my guess is she’ll preform a more conventional, radio friendly hiphop/R&B song.

Adrijana’s cowriter supports this assumption with Tjärnberg behind track 6 and 7 on Lazee’s Supposed To Happen and Petter’s uplifting Mitt Folk which can be found on Spotify. This sort of style could be quite epic if Amare is good enough, but slot 2 makes it super tricky to qualify direkt. Genre: Midtempo to Ballad.

Press screening: RnB/Pop. Not very strong; in fact gloomy and dark, hence slot 2. Performed in Swedish.

3. Dinah Nah – One More Night

Dinah made the final last time she competed with Make Me (La La La), albeit via andra chansen. Once in the final, she finished a lowly last place. This time she has Thomas G:son joining her original writing team of Jimmy Jansson and Dr Alban, though sources have confirmed her song was rejected last year. There are a couple of reasons for this, either the genre was oversubscribed, or the song wasn’t good enough. If it’s the latter, it might signal this year’s lineup is struggling for good songs. Andra chansen might be the limit for Dinah, given she’s being followed by the popular De Vet Du. Genre: Female Uptempo.

Press screening: Bombo 90s vibe with Alan Walker Faded influences. Has strong rap.

4. De Vet Du – Road Trip

Meet this year’s Samir & Viktor mixed with Sean Banan/Mange Makers humour. It’s worth remembering that both Samir & Viktor and Sean Banan failed qualify direkt at their first Melfest (Samir & Viktor failed both times). However, the rise of Spotify and De Vet Du’s large following justifies their short price. The writing team aren’t very well known, so I won’t be touching the short direkt odds, but they’re expected to be in the mix. Genre: Male Energetic Uptempo.

Press screening: Should be a summer hit. Has key change. This year’s Sean Banan/Samir & Viktor. In the mix for direkt. Certain top4.

5. Charlotte Perrelli – Mitt Liv

The return of 2008 winner, Charlotte Perrelli, has been met with both excitement and derision. The 42-year old has turned her back on schlager and confessed she’s not here to win. Mitt Liv will be a ballad written by the same guy behind Sara Varga’s ‘Spring För Livet’, which qualified for the final via andra chansen and finished 9th in 2011.

The opinion here is that Perrelli could struggle to stand out in this heat and will likely be in the mix for 4th or 5th place at best. Genre: Ballad.

Press screening: Charlotte’s fans will struggle with this 80s ballad. Not demo delighting.

6. Ace Wilder – Wild Child

Ace will be aiming for third time lucky with new writing team and Eurovision 2012 winners, Thomas G:son and Peter Boström, instead of Eurovision 2015 winners, Joy & Linnea Deb. Wild Child does sound like it’ll be in the same vein as her previous hits, though it’ll be interesting to hear the G:son/Boström interpretation of the genre. It’s a shame Ace couldn’t do something similar to the modern, delicate electro-ballad, Selfish, which she cowrote with Hank Solo. Given Ace didn’t top the heat 1 vote last year, the short qualification price might be worth taking on, but that would need De Vet Du or Dinah Nah to have great songs. What’s more likely is Björkman has mixed up the running order to protect a song he’d quite like to see make the final. Genre: Female Uptempo.

Press screening: Like Riot, but not on a par with Busy Doin’ Nothin’ or Don’t Worry.

7. Nano – Hold On

Nano established himself last year with the songs Lion and Perfect Melody, both nice songs lacking the killer hook needed for Melfest. He seems to be a Linus Svenning-lite minus the backstory and Fredrik Kempe writing ability. Nevertheless, he does boast an eclectic camp of writers with Gino Yonan writing for Loreen, British singer, Ayak, penning for Tinchy Stryder and The Vamps, and Carl Ryden with credits for BWO, Guetta, Jessica Mauboy and The Saturdays. The other writers are less well known.

I considered Nano might be a dark horse prior to the running order being published, but the odds didn’t appeal. However, the pimp slot does make Nano more appealing and 17/10 is available at Bet365, though I personally recommend holding fire for now. Genre: Male Energetic Uptempo.

Press screening: Hold On is one part Hozier and one part Emeli Sandé. This week’s surest finalist.


Snippets update (listen to 1-minute here):

Nano’s song is like Rag n Bone Man meets Sigma and sounds very current. Ace’s Wildchild is her weakest to date, but should still qualify direkt provided there’s a good stage show. Otherwise, De Vet Du could sneak into the final instead.

The prediction at this point is: 1. Nano 2. Ace Wilder 3. De Vet Du 4. Dinah Nah

Who are your Göteberg qualifiers?

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  1. From the snippets Adrijana sounds fantastic.Thats a real quality bit of Swedish hip hop right there.At least as close as you can get and still sell it at MF.I hope it works and makes AC at least.Very interested to see if the Swedish middle class voters take to it.Ace has gone all Bow Wow Wow Go Wild in the Country.Its like she is having a mid life crisis in song.I like it,and it sounds like a right banger,but not sure how hooky the chorus is.Nano sounds very solid and pretty obvious SVT are keeping the best parts back from the snippet.Sure to unite the jury and televote in the final.The rest sound like filler.Dina might do well in fan polls,but the song sounds very basic to me.

  2. Greetings there,

    This is my first time posting here, I think Nano will qualify first, but I worry for his vocals and his staging, while ace wilder will come second (I dont like her songs that much but she qualified directly in the past with similar songs, moreover she is going to have a great performance). The boyband will come third, as their song looks similar, but a little bit better, with the songs from Samir and Victor. I dissagree about the 4th place, I believe Boris Rene will manage to get the 4th place, i prefer this song than his song last year. I have a strong feeling that Dinah nah wont qualify, her last song also didnt do as good as anticipated by the fans coming last in the final and qualifying for just a few votes. I really like the two remaining songs, but i believe Perreli will come last, for two reasons, first because her song wont easily attract many voters using the app, and furthermore, because also in the last few years there were many old and experienced singers, which after their 4th or 5th try in the mellodiefestivallen got the last place in their semis, even if their song wasnt that bad.

    Lets see what is going to happen at Saturday.

  3. Audience poll:

    1. Nano – 41%.
    2. Boris – 17%
    3. Ace – 17%
    4. DeVetDu 14%.
    5. Adrijana
    6. DinahNah
    7. Charlotte

  4. My call would be:
    1. Nano
    2. De Vet Du
    3. Ace
    4. Boris

    I’m eagerly anticipating the full 3 minutes of Hold on. The opening minute is very strong, and from what we’ve seen from rehearsals, Nano’s in a league of his own. The question though is whether he can compete to win, or if he’ll end up fitting the bill of the usual first heat winners by finishing 4th or thereabouts in the final.
    Ace told us not to worry last year, but she’s definitely got something to worry about now! The song is a comedown from her previous two efforts, and tonight will be a true test of how loyal her fan base is. I’m tipping De Vet du to go direkt, although I agree that it’s definitely a toss up between them and Ace.

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