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Italy: Full Sanremo 2017 Lineup

Italian broadcaster, RAI, has just presented the 22 artists competing at Sanremo 2017. The winner is expected to represent Italy at Eurovision next May, however last year’s winner, Stadio, turned down the opportunity to sing in Stockholm.

The contest will run from February 7th-11th.

  1. Al Bano – Di Rose e di Spine
  2. Elodie – Tutta colpa mia
  3. Paola Turci – Fatti bella per te
  4. Samuel – Vedrai
  5. Fiorella Mannoia – Che sia Benedetta
  6. Nesli & Alice Paba – Do retta a te
  7. Michele Bravi – Il Diario degli errori
  8. Portami Via – Fabrizio Moro
  9. Giusy Ferreri – Fatalmente Male
  10. Gigi D’Alessio – La Prima Stella
  11. Raige & Giulia Luzi – Togliamoci la voglia
  12. Ron – L’ottava meraviglia
  13. Ermal Meta – Vietato Morire
  14. Michele Zarrillo – Mani nelle mani
  15. Lodovica Comello – Il Cielo non mi basta
  16. Sergio Sylvestre – Con Te
  17. Clementino – Ragazzi Fuori
  18. Alessio Bernabei – Nel mezzo di un applauso
  19. Chiara – Nessun posto è casa mia
  20. Francesco Gabbani – Occidentalis
  21. Bianca Atzei – Ora esisti solo tu
  22. Marco Masini – Spostato di un secondo

We’ll have a full preview in the new year.

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  1. Early thoughts.Some very weak names this year for me,more than usual.Warner Music seem to of stuck two fingers up to Conti, probably due to their best acts who should of made the podium being voted down by the jury the last few years and have sent their third rate acts instead.However, among the cannon fodder there are a few very talented singers from across the generations.Vital info on who wrote the songs etc is needed to try to work out how things might play out and who can challenge the podium.Tough year,perhaps a poor year,but probably still a few gems among the stronger artists.
    Lets see how the Italian bookies price up and how short they make Fiorella Mannoia .

  2. This is always one of the lineups I most anticipate. However, to echo Durham, there’s not a lot to get terribly excited about on this list. Warner Music haven’t sent their best. We’ll just have to wait and see what these entries are like in February, some of the newer artists may surprise us.

    The highlight here is Giusy Ferreri. She has a voice to die for. Rich as a chocolate fudge cake! To get back on point, with her, you have a top class artist who’s been in this competition before, only this time she’s returning with a lot more commercial success to her name since her last attempt. I reckon she’ll likely go with a ballad, something tailored to the more high-brow audience. Giusy, is someone I would tip to potentially win the jury vote.

    Chiara and Lodovica also stand out. Alessio is using his annual Sanremo bus-pass. Again. not much else in there. In terms of the markets, I’m interested to see how low Giusy will be priced, and more broadly I’m keen to know whether there is a credible Eurovision package in there somewhere. Italy’s been knocking on the door of a win since their comeback. We know they can win both the jury and the tele-vote in the modern era, but what is it going to take for them to achieve both in the same year?

    • I think your right on Giusy getting a ballad this time to try to get the jury onside.The writers of the songs arent out yet,but i know Roberto Casalino, who wrote L’essenziale for Marco Mengoni has wrote her song.Its pretty clear Sony are giving her full support.The jury is a worry.In 2014 she only got 1.5% of the jury vote with what i though was a very strong entry.You dont need the jury though if you win the televote easily as most years prove and with the massive success of Roma-Bangkok that is the aim i expect.
      I also agree on Chiara.I actually think she is one of the most talented singers in Italy and also one of the most underrated.Opening the show in 2015 showed Conti rates her highly.I hope her song does her justice again.
      Lodovica has a huge fan base outside of Italy and might bring a strong up-tempo song.However the jury might not take kindly to a Disney Channel star winning a Sanremo,but she would be a strong ESC entry.
      Probably the first year for as long as i can remember where il be keeping my powder mostly dry until i hear the songs.

  3. Fiorella Mannoia
    Marco Masini
    Sergio Sylvestre
    Ludovica Comello
    Fabrizio Moro
    Michele Zarrillo
    Ermal Meta
    Francesco Gabbani
    Michele Bravi
    Bianca Atzei
    Gigi D Alessio
    Giusy Ferreri
    Nesli E Alice Paba
    Raige E Giulia Luzi
    Alessio Bernabei
    Al Bano
    Paola Turci

    Italian bookies have opened markets (365 ,Hills and last year Betfair usually wait for these to price so hopefully they do).These prices are from Eurobet.As i expected they have made Fiorella favourite on the first show.

  4. FiorellaMannoia,4.00,MarcoMasini,5.00,SergioSylvestre,5.00,Chiara,7.00,Elodie,7.00,Ludovica Comello,9.00,FabrizioMoro,11.00,Michele Zarrillo,11.00,Ron,11.00,Ermal Meta,13.00,Francesco Gabbani,13.00,Michele Bravi,13.00,Bianca Atzei,15.00,Gigi D Alessio,15.00,Giusy Ferreri,15.00,Nesli E Alice Paba,15.00,Raige E Giulia Luzi,15.00,Alessio Bernabei,26.00,Clementino,26.00,Al Bano,31.00,Paola Turci,31.00,Samuel,31.00

    Italian bookies have priced up,these are from Eurobet (Hills,365 and last year Betfair usually price close to these).

    Fiorella is favourite as expected at 3/1.

  5. Bet365 have a book up.The prices are fair,but they close the book the day before the festival,before we hear any of the songs and the last few years havent re-opened.The Italian bookies keep their books open.It makes hedging difficult, so iv only had a small nibble at this stage.

    • Any updates/value Durham?

      • Its very difficult makaros this year to see much value yet,the prices are fair at the front end of the market,but nothing higher worth taking really.
        Another problem is the bookies have started closing their books the day Sanremo starts,but not re-opening them again.In Italy they re-open the books after the songs.So you get very little chance here to adjust your bets.Last year for example i had 50/1 for the second and 33/1 for the third (who ended up 3.0s) and a couple who were down the field,and out of it,yet ended up with a small loss,the first for 7 years because i couldnt get Stadio green once it was obvious they were a challenger (i thought the winner would be Annalisa,Stadio close second after the songs/reaction and the 2nd,3rd would be 4th,3rd)).I managed a few £ with Betfair before they shut their book,but if i could of got on more i could of had a 11 point profit instead of a 2 point loss.Leaves a bad taste that.
        However i have had a small nibble on Chiara at 13s.She is certain to give a 100% delivery as she is fantastic live and was 5th in Il Volo’s year,the strongest year i can remember.I dont have the song writers yet though so it was only a small nibble.

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