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Eurovision 2016: Running Order Published

The EBU have just published the producer-decided running order for Saturday’s Eurovision Grand Final.

  1. Belgium
  2. Czech Republic
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Hungary
  6. Italy
  7. Israel
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Sweden
  10. Germany
  11. France
  12. Poland
  13. Australia
  14. Cyprus
  15. Serbia
  16. Lithuania
  17. Croatia
  18. Russia
  19. Spain
  20. Latvia
  21. Ukraine
  22. Malta
  23. Georgia
  24. Austria
  25. United Kingdom
  26. Armenia

I’ll be tweeting thoughts on the rehearsals tomorrow and will publish my final rundown around Saturday lunchtime.

Share your thoughts on the running order below.

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  1. Stephen Colville

    Australia and Armenia the biggest winners there. I don’t know why you think Armenia can’t win, Gavin?

    • Lovewave is charting in Armenia only. 26th isn’t a sign of approval, in fact it probably shows she did well, but ultimately didn’t win her semi-final. A repeat of Il Volo topping the televote won’t be happening I’m afraid.

  2. Biggest winners from 1st half:
    – Sweden
    – France
    – Australia
    They got a relatively late draw and/or are surrounded by lacklustre entries. I’d say that Sweden can pull it off from that 9th position, or at least TOP 3. But Australia, 13th, well that’s a sign. BBC, AVROTROS, TVE, ARD….ready to prepare your bidbooks?

    Biggest losers from 1st half:
    – Netherlands
    – Italy
    I think SVT reasoned that these two countries already had enough advantages the past years. But coming after a similar ‘slow down’ song isn’t helpful. Italy is smashed in between two other slower entries. Belgium is a great show opener and might do harm to the three songs coming after it.

    Biggest winners from 2nd half:
    – Russia
    – Ukraine
    – Austria
    Although Ukraine coming after Latvia might indicate that they wanted to last the emotions from Latvia a bit longer with Ukraine. Russia is a pimp slot. Austria actually too.

    Biggest losers from 2nd half:
    – Spain
    – Serbia
    – Armenia (perhaps?)
    A string of upbeat songs after Austria? Still, I think UK will do very decent this year from that spot.

  3. Australia and Ukraine helped the most.They must of been top two in the semi.Sweden gets fluff around it.Russia fine apart from an up-tempo after it.Any of those could still take the trophy.Armenia obvious show end song as explosive.Austria interesting from there as well.
    Question now is the jury.Is Russia top 4 or not with them?,

  4. Obviously a disappointing starting position for The Netherlands. I would have hoped for something bettter after an early slot in the semi final and also after all the postive media attention for Eurovision that Douwe Bob has created in the past few weeks, but unfortunately it was not the case.

    What I don’t really understand either is that Belgium and Netherlands were put amongst the first 3 songs. Having both countries in the final is already quite rare. After all this is a market of 28 million people who are mainly interested in their own song and have an above average interest for the other one. I guess many viewers will switch off the ESC after both songs have passed and won’t be voting afterwards. Probably some will return during the voting process, to find out that the EBU has ruined that part as well, so I guess what could have been a nice night for the Low Countries will in reality mainly cause frustrations about how things are going.

  5. OMG ! Polish guy. Couldn’t believe the strength of his voice and beauty, in love. Amazing!
    Conchita?! Where!
    Armenia ! second best.

  6. My views :
    First Half : In my view it does seem as if France and Australia are the countries SVT see as the biggest threats for victory, 11th and 13th are usually the positions in the first half where the favourites sit. I don’t rate France at all and still not completely sure they will be coming even top 10. Based on what we know I feel Australia in fact won the semi, I had no doubt that Ukraine would were winning before hand ( and it got the biggest cheer after the performance & during the recap) but seeing Australia jump up to second in the betting and leading the iTunes charts I must admit that I was most likely wrong. Bulgaria must have been borderline or maybe just slightly above based on this draw and now I simply can’t see them hitting the top 10, wasted potential and like Albania/Belgium in the second semi it is just teeing up Sweden who ( as we all knew would) stands out in the running order being right before Germany which is a mess. Poland looks to be this years Cyprus and is just being used as fluff and being right next to 2 quite modern songs I feel Michal is going to get trampled particularly by Australia. Im slightly annoyed that the Czech Republic have been given the coffin slot, first time qualifiers and they got to do this to them…based on this and the iTunes charts and being the Czech Republic that they must have been 10th in the semi

    Second Half : If you look at both Russia and Ukraine they both have decent entries right next to them ( maybe not Spain), this indicates to me that SVT and the EBU don’t want either to win and are trying to use the entries either side of them to try and hold them back so one of there preferred countries can win which SVT and EBU combined I feel is Australia. Lithuania have got Irelands treatment and been put between two balkan entries which indicates to me that they where quite borderline in the semi. Georgia have hit the jackpot interms of running order the last two years haven’t they, last 5 four shows in a row, I feel they where the 10th place in semi 2 and because of like I said the EBU/SVT are holding Ukraine back by putting Malta after it along with Georgia after Malta along with the pimp slot makes me think Malta did quite well in the semi. The UK have got the treatment I expected from SVT, they don’t stand out at all. Being before Armenia was bad enough but any cuteness I felt they had that could have got them a lot of votes will now be sucked up by Austria and based on the trend by the host broadcaster the last few years of putting fluff in at 25th (SMR 2014, GEO 2013, ALB 2015, who all finished 10th in there semis respectively) makes me think the UK are more than likely going to go the way they usually go sadly. Speaking of Austria, based on having the UK after them, the betting odds and having Georgia who where likely 10th in there semi and of course the iTunes charts makes me think Austria did a lot better then we think they did, maybe not top 3 in the smei but maybe 5th or 6th which would have stunned me before the semi!

    Incase you haven’t realised yet I feel the EBU and SVT have agreed with each other that they want Australia to win, Its the perfect winner for the EBU as we don’t have to go to a nation which have been at war/the country that caused it and the EBU have an excuse to let the UK host ( which based on giving London the greatest hits indicates to me they desperately want) the last 2 weeks I have been convinced that Ukraine where winning and I still think they are a lock for top 3 but now I am very much backing Australia.

  7. See you in Sochi 🙂

  8. Aussie Aussie Aussie

    How much of a certainty is Russia winning? It seems based on the odds it’s almost guaranteed…. I’ll be cheering for Ukraine as I feel Jamala perfectly conveys the emotion and intensity of a winner…

  9. (also posted on sofabet)

    The market seems to be obsessing on the itunes charts, but meanwhile Jamala is busily seizing the narrative. She was on the front page of the Guardian and is dominating the Eurovision coverage on the BBC and Sky News. The BBC feature this morning showed a clip of her semi final performance with a caption saying that she wants you to vote for her as a protest against Russia.

    She has dropped all pretence about it not being political as you can see in this Guardian interview which made the front page of the newspaper this morning:


    She is there to make a point and to make it as strongly as she can. Last night in the rehearsals there were tears. I expect there to be floods of carefully choreographed tears at the most effective moment possible tonight, which will guarantee her and her cause headlines all over the world tomorrow. It will also make an enormous impact on the watching televoting audience.

    Ukraine has a substantial diaspora, but the forced deportation at the hands of Stalin touches many nations, many of whom have diaspora population in countries not normally considered a source of points for Ukraine. This powerful article spells it out very well:


    There are shades of Lordi and Conchitas about Jamala going into tonight, she’s the one the viewers will be aware of and looking out for. I think she will win.

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