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Eurovision 2016 Rehearsals: Day 7 Review

Just the second rehearsals for this year’s automatic qualifiers today. Later the betting table will disband to Euroclub for a few beers with the artists.

_AP67417Frans was up first today and the TV footage is gradually getting closer to his Melfest final winning performance. He retains his white t-shirt/suede jacket look and even gave a few of his customary nervous smiles. Sweden will be in the mix next Saturday!

Amir hasn’t improved his vocal from the other day, in fact he was probably worse. Maybe Amir isn’t a morning person. The only change for France seems to be the camera angles, where Amir seems to ignore the TV cameras in favour of engaging the arena crowd. It’s a naive mistake and so typical of the French delegation.

Barei is still trying to be this year’s Ann Sophie. Her overconfident strutting and gesturing is totally non-voteable. The vocals have improved, but the backing singers still _AP67639let the performance down during the “Say Yays.” Despite being one of only a few upbeat songs in the final, I can’t see Spain finishing top-15, in fact bottom-5 is more likely.

Jamie-Lee and her backing singers are on better form today, though the staging remains flat and lifeless. Jamie-Lee’s ridiculous costume is still the main drawback and will divide opinion, in addition to attracting a joke or two from Graham Norton. Not good for Germany given they had a great radio song to work with.

Francesca now wears a black, damask-patterned see-through top with matching trousers. Otherwise Italy is as before. Making a good case for top-10 and vying for top big-5.

Joe & Jake are in black leather jackets. The camera angles have improved from the other day and this is looking like the best staged UK entry for many years. The pyros really elevate the climax. How it’ll do is anyone’s guess. However, as I said the other day, it’s up there with Italy for top big-5 country (40/1 was available).

This brings us to the end of my daily in-depth commentary. I’ll be covering tomorrow’s dress rehearsals on twitter and publishing my 10 semi-final 1 qualifiers on Tuesday and so on for semi 2 and the grand final.


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  1. Can’t see Italy being lower than anyone else in the big 5. What very few people have taken into account is that Bjorkman doesn’t rate the UK entry which means there could be a good chance that SVT will look to bury it in the final potentially. If I had to give a prediction Id say the UK definatly escape the bottom 5 but top 15 may be the ceiling which is a big achievement after the last few years.

    • The other way to view that is because of what Christer said, they can’t give the UK a poor running order slot, especially if they get second half. Also, it has turned out quite well.

      • That’s actually a good point tbh but then again, if Ukraine,Russia,CR, etc also get second half draws surely from a show production point of view songs I mentioned (Ukraine and Russia specifically) surely SVT will need to acomidate then first.

  2. Italy have been clever in bringing to the stage a bright, predominantly garden green colour palette in a contest full of the colours in my username. I agree on Francesca being a likely top ten finisher, but I don’t have enough faith in her to be best of the big five.

  3. is that really the uk at 2.9 on BF for top big five… i guess all of us who backed at 41.0 can now lay?

  4. With UK getting a second half draw and Italy getting first half top big 5 isn’t to bad a bet.

  5. Was Italy’s set designer on acid?

  6. Well, I took the liberty of predicting the qualifiers already in my article:

    Qualifiers Semi Final #1:

    Qualifiers Semi Final #2:

    Ranking Big 5 + Sweden from best to worst chance of success:

    Some clarification:
    – Behind every country you’ll find a green diamond. I expect those countries to be on the left hand side of the scoreboard (TOP 13) upcoming Saturday
    – If one of the 9th or 10th qualifiers won’t make it, then I think one of my four ‘shock qualifiers’ could sneak in
    – I think it’s safe to say that the Big 5 + the organizing country are strong this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see three of the five Big 5 countries back in the TOP 13
    – Semi Final #1 seems to be the weaker semi final
    – I already took into account the draw for 1st or 2nd half for the 6 finalists

    • My prediciton who will go to final
      I semi
      4.Czech Republic
      5.The Netherlands
      maybe instead of Hungary, Bosnia or Iceland

      In II semi
      instead Lithuania maybe Belarus or even Georgia

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