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Podcast: Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2016 Final Preview

Our first UMK podcast and here we preview this year’s final with Tobias Larsson and Krista Siegrids’ fiancé, Radio X3m DJ, Janne Grönroos.


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  1. Wait, is this really the running order????
    Because it’s the exact same order the finalists qualified from their heats and I don’t believe there’s been any official word from UMK on running order.
    The only place where this is presented as running order is Wikipedia, but there have been mistakes on wiki before…

  2. Oh yeah and many thanks for the podcast, your effort, sharing your opinions etc.
    Just wanted this running order thing cleared because it’s kind of a big deal for anyone opposing Saara Aalto betting-wise if she is indeed opening the final.

  3. Probably the best podcast you’ve done so far.
    I wouldn’t back anyone either, more than half of contestants actually have a shot at winning.
    Personally, I’d love Draamaa to win, it’s my guilty pleasure this year. There’s something so weird about the finnish language that makes everything sound epic, including schlager.

  4. Did I really just listen to this whole thing only for Gav to say he has no idea who’s going to win?

    I’m teasing of course, but it is quite the puzzle. I initially followed this site’s advice backing Annica and Kimmo with backup on Cristal Snow once I saw he did well in the pre-show, but since they’ve both let us down it feels wide open. Saara Aalto is the only other ‘pop’ act that stands out to me, otherwise I feel like it will be Mikeal Saari or Barbe-Q Barbies off to Stockholm. All the others are just filler for me. After hearing the praise for Sandjha, I decided to play the song again while browsing around elsewhere and by the time I came back to the tab, I hadn’t just forgotten how the song goes, I forgot I’d played it at all!

  5. Great Podcast and good to see Andy back adding his usual gravitas.Iv been backing Mikeal Saari to win this.When you have several acts who are decent,but just lacking that polished edge i tend to go for the quality and thats Mikeal Saari.Plenty of dangers though if something more up-tempo temps the viewers.Saara is the main one,but her song is slightly disjointed.A rework and she would be much stronger.
    I also really like Tuuli Okkonen and have at a small punt on her at huge prices.I love the power notes she delivers.Her image is a bit dated for such an attractive woman though and the staging too dark so i hope they work on that for the final.
    Id like to see Barbe-Q-Barbies challenge as well.One of them wore a Motorhead t shirt in the heat,thats good enough for me.

  6. Fantastic podcast. I’m hoping only for Mikael Saari. He is far and away the stand out choice.

  7. In case you were confused at my reference to Janne being a rapper on “Drottningen av Åland”, here’s what I was referring to (he’s the one in the gold waistcoat):

  8. Ok, here’s the real draw for Finland:

    Cristal Snow
    Stella Christine
    Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom
    Tuuli Okkonen
    Saara Aalto
    Mikael Saari

  9. They also said the groups that make up the jury will be: Eurovision experts, musicians, media, Youtube stars, Finnish-Swedes, LGBT, MPs, road workers, children and social media stars.

    Youtube and social media stars?! xD

  10. Expect fireworks in next week’s Mello podcast, as Tobbe and I will be reunited for the first time in a year. He’s already started the trash talking via email. A sample: “And we all know that Andy will get hurt if he dares participate!”. But can he take Gav in El Duello? Tune in next week to find out?

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