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United Kingdom: Lineup & Songs Published

Thee BBC has announced the lineup of artists and songs taking part in the first UK national final since 2010.

The event is being held at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town, London on Friday. The show, hosted by Mel Giedroyc, will be screened live on BBC 4.

You can listen to the six competing entries by clicking here.

  • Joe & Jake – Not Alone – 6.0
  • Bianca – Shine A Little Light – 3.25
  • Dulcima – When You Go – 9.0
  • Matthew James – A Better Man – 11.0
  • Darline – Until Tomorrow – 5.0
  • Karl William Lund – Miracle – 3.0

Odds from WilliamHill.

Joe and Jake competed against each other on The Voice UK and have come together to sing the radio friendly Not Alone. It’s a nice, if not slightly forgettable song that doesn’t compare favourably to the likes of Softengine’s Something Better.

Leona Lewis has a writing credit for Bianca’s Shine A Little Light, and despite having a modern and powerful chorus, the reggae verses cheapen the overall package.

I lost my way through Dulcima’s When You Go, so I predict last place. Following was Matthew James with A Better Man, composed by Melodifestivalen writer, Peter Kvint. There were nice layers, but the song lacked the wow factor.

Darline’s country song was rather warming, and overlooking my initial reservations, I quite like this song. It has a subtle build and it’s the one song I can picture impressive staging for. It’s miles away from being a Eurovision winner, but it is the kind of thing Denmark would send to Eurovision.

Last up was Karl William Lund and his Swedish-composed Miracle. I wasn’t hearing the kind of miracle needed to get the UK’s Eurovision journey back on track.

Has the BBC uncovered a Eurovision gem?

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  1. The UK never fails to disappoint.
    The Bianka girl is winning this, right?

  2. Darline by a country mile (if you ignore the pun).It wont set ESC on fire,but its authentic and warm and the country backbone isnt in your face,but a nice understated foot tapping.The connections with The Shires should be noted.They know how to stage this sort of country inspired song and were even signed to Universal Nashville,unheard of for a British group.Its certain they will be giving a lot of advice on how to sell this being close friends.
    Staged right this could do quite well.The rest are very poor.I hope Lund’s song doesnt gain traction,its terrible.The rest just poor filler.

  3. The country duo ftw, this can have a wonderful staging if done right. Although knowing my fellow countrymen they’ll pick something else, bah.

  4. Bianca will likely win. Probably the best song as well. All 6 are pretty terrible though, I don’t really care what wins. No Glasgow 2017 then!

  5. I mean its blatantly between Bianca and Karl William Lund. Joe and Jake might be 3rd. I can see easily that Karl is “supposed” to be the best, being given the pimp slot and having that inspirational thing going on in the sound, but it’s got that soul-sucking Swedish sheen to it that I just find so offputting. “Miracle” builds to nothing and doesn’t move me one bit.

    Bianca’s entry could do better than the reggae groove in the verses but I’m not bothered by it because the chorus bleeds Leona’s mark and has a soul that actually feels like a song you would hear in the UK rather than a cynical attempt at trying to copy Melodifestivalen. We’re not going to win with any of these six songs so I want something that will do us the most justice rather than pander for points, and that’s Bianca all the way.

  6. 18/19th at best (Bianca, Darline maybe Joe and Jake) last place for the others. Seriously, Miracle is the favourite? even with the pimp slot that’s silly. And it took four years to write? I know more than half where BBC picks here but I feel sorry for Ogae shifting through anything worse than this stuff.

  7. When I ran through the songs I assumed Darline and Joe & Jake would have the lowest odds. Karl struck me as having probably the 5th/6th best song here, not as having the market leading song.
    Darline are currently my favourites. Along the lines of First Aid Kit, but perhaps with a little less punch. As with Joe & Jake, there’s opportunity for on-stage chemistry to strengthen the overall package. That said with no obvious novelty in the selection, the chances are that whatever the public chooses, it won’t be terrible. Just to note, I wish that maybe there’d been less middle of the road stuff here.

  8. Reggae has no place in a ballad … Darline lacks intimacy of the Common Linnets and even if it does win i see it falling into Sweden 2010 territory everything is just abit average . I see the UK accompanying the Irish in the bottom half similar standard

  9. The UK’s only hope of a decent finish ( 10-13 or so) is Darline…any of the others would finish bottom half regardless I’m sorry to say.

  10. It’s all miserably atrocious as usual. Two girls playing guitars give a bit of interest and could even finish slightly towards the middle of the right half of the table instead of at the bottom.

  11. The terrible and atrocious comments are a bit harsh I think. There are 2 ok songs and 1 good enough song. Darline’s been the best of the bunch. The problem is it won’t win. The ok songs are Joe & Jake’s and Bianca’s. The British public will choose Bianca or Karl William Lund. If Lund is chosen UK in a battle for last place.

  12. Darlene to win from Bianca. Will get 30 to 45 votes on the night and end up about 14/15th.
    Poland’s “Cool Me Down” is the one to watch!! None or these gets anywhere near that.

  13. Having seen some of the reaction on blogs, forums and whatnot, it’s disappointing how denigrating some have been towards the batch of song. Like, you’d think after last year that people would be grateful that a) all of these are better than EV and b) that they’re actually getting a choice. I’ve seen people even going as far as saying that the show should be boycotted for the songs not being good enough or some nonsense like that.

    On paper the format looks promising. The key to finding that “Eurovision Gem” you’ve brought up in the question Gav, is continuity. The BBC need to keep this format regardless of whatever result it produces in May. Enough chopping and changing already. Over a five-ten year span, the number of competitors, songwriting involvement, show length and ratings and general perception of the contest should improve if the BBC just sticks to a coherent plan for Eurovision success. It’s the lack of a plan or clarity of vision (among other bits and bobs) as to what the BBC wants to achieve, that’s let them down all these years. There will inevitably be niggling issues throughout the 90 minute broadcast on Friday, but as long as the UK doesn’t jump the gun, I think this format can work tremendously well in the coming years.

    • On paper the format doesn’t look promising, it looks dreadful. And why are you so keen to keep a failed format just for continuity? A BBC producer choosing a shortlist of 6 will never work. If he has advice from OGAE that will just make it worse, like in this case.

      The only workable solution is an MF type competition with about 40 or whatever entrants, like they have in Sweden. Any weaknesses in confidence or staging will not then get through to the ESC final, as they always do for the UK. With The Voice and XF tired and failing, but the demand for music competitions always there as it has always been in the history of TV, I don’t see why such a MF type competition shouldn’t be a commercial success like it is in Sweden.

      • the thing is melfest wont work here. the only way it will get good singers and song writiers is if the bbc advirtise it as a song contest where the winner gets a record label gets to tour with their song and Eurovision comes in the deal. it needs to be a show that is not based on choosing a singer for Eurovision as it wont work and I think it will do better if the songs are aimed to do well in the charts not to a song aimed for Eurovision.

      • Henry, if this year is dreadful, how would you categorise last year’s effort? The quality may not have reached many people’s expectations, but I’d argue that this is the fairest process introduced for some time. There’s predominantly younger artists involved, some with a small pedigree, there’s no novelty to be seen, a panel of experts are in place to guide viewers in favour of the best songs, and to top it off the latest Eurovision winner is popping in to demonstrate how to do the contest in the present day. One of the problems of recent years was that Guy Freeman although having had the right idea in 14′, was just pushing his own agenda regarding what he thought Europe would like. The power is at least being put in the public’s hands for once. A Melfest style contest cannot be built overnight. Consistency of action is what’s needed.

  14. Melodifestivalen plays to audiences of 3.5 million plus in a population of 9.64 million on the main SVT channel. Last year we his Electro Velvet on the red button and this year, a load of people (or maybe not) may have to try and find where BBC4 is on their remote at 7.30pm…..says a lot, the current gulf between the two countries.

  15. I think I’m the only one that just doesn’t get the appeal of Darline at all. To me it’s featherlight, insubstantial filler in the line up. If we sent it I’d shrug, it just goes straight over me as 3 minutes of acoustic blah, like Georgia 2014 without the acid trip.

    • I don’t get it either. Heard the song three times, can’t remember a single thing about it, other than that it features two girls with guitars, which I saw on a picture.

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