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Eurovision 2015 Rehearsals: Day 10 Notes

Italy kicked off today’s second rehearsals for the automatic qualifiers to the bleary-eyed still yawning press. Il Volo were much sharper from the off; Ignazio kept his eyes open and even Piero was gazing down the camera pipe. The only thing lacking was a live arena audience, which would force a few more reaction smiles from the lads.

I cannot see Italy not being in the top-3 with the juries, especially with a second half draw.IMG_4392_EV

Austria remain in first rehearsal form barring a few stronger close ups of Dominic “Dodo” Muhrer on the piano. This melancholic Kings of Leon-inspired track should enjoy plenty of western support on Saturday. There wasn’t a pyro rehearsal today, but the click of the fingers cue from Dominic is like a British Gas advert gone wrong.

Edurne sounded like she had a piece schnitzel wedged in the throat after a dreadfully below-par performance this morning. The staging hasn’t changed, but David de Gea’s squeeze does sport a new shimmering bronze dress during the second half of the song. I doubt even the prowess of Manchester _AP59043United’s goalie, and a second half draw, will save Spain’s blushes this Saturday night.

Ann Sophie still thinks Europe wants to look at her arse. Her over-confident strutting and posing is about as infuriating as being forced to watch a continual loop of Amanda Holden on Britain’s Got Talent. Even with a second-half draw, I think Germany will struggle to land the big points.

Despite the PR spin about employing a ground-breaking stage gimmick, the UK’s presentation appears laboured, amateurish and would even struggle to win Phoenix Nights’ Talent Trek. Bianca isn’t a natural performer, and with Alex, they may as well have given the gig to Ed Miliband. It’s a dismal showing for the BBC following last year’s promise of a new direction. Last place would be a compliment.

If you manage to get through the first minute of Lisa Angell’s N’oubliez Pas then you will have done_AP59252 better than the other 80% of Europe’s viewers. France always gets a positive reaction in the press centre, but reality check people, it’s dull and walks on the same battleground as Hungary.

Australia’s Guy Sebastian opens Tonight Again against a smouldering dusty orange sunset. The camera and stage positioning has improved greatly and the Uptown Funk-inspired choreography is perfectly framed. Australia have already crashed the semi-final 1 party, so the story really is about their participation this year. However, a first half draw will make their charge for the win difficult.

We will be tweeting throughout today’s semi-final 2 rehearsals, plus the chat room will remain open for debate!

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