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Eurovision 2015 Rehearsals: Day 7 Review

Il Volo raised the tone for Italy this morning. Early reports emanating from the press centre criticised the static staging, but by the final run through, the drama and interplay from Sanremo was been captured by the director.

There’s still more work to be done, but remember, this is day one, and admittedly, it’s a very early start IMG_4327_EVfor the three Italians. I have passed on some notes to the delegation though.

The hosts, Austria were up next with their Kings of Leon tribute: “You-ooh-ohh, your piano’s on fire.”

Lead singer, Dominic “Dodo” Muhrer recreated his piano on fire national final gimmick with an accompanying curtain of embers cascading from the arena roof.

The MakesMakes offer a touch of class and authenticity, which could see them break the top-10.

Oh Spain. Like last year, they’ve brought back the rain. After the opening lines, the backdrop develops into a sea of bubbles as Ruth Lorenzo’s dancer pulls and rips off Edurne’s red gown.

IMG_4551_EVThe staging then switches to gold and looks very X-Factor winner orientated. The problem is, Amanecer looks anything but a winner, and in Spanish, it not as accessible and other dramatic ballads in the Contest. Edurne also looks prone to a few pitching issues.

At the moment, Spain look destined for the 17th-26th finishing position, so laying a top-10 finish is like printing money!

Ann Sophie persisted with her over-confident gestures and poses for Germany, which left me utterly cold when watching the TV feed. Returning to X-Factor analysis, Ann Sophie would be voted off with such a vain, pretentious performance. She has all the charm of Myra Hindley and will struggle to woo the televote.

The UK recreated their video performance with two sweeping staircases and art-deco iconography on the backdrop. It was confusing to see a Bianca with a distractingly big battery pack on her back, it’s only when the arena lights dimmed that the Danny Saucedo-inspired concept became apparent. Given how CFNJ7MnW0AAUyVvawkward the pack looks, I’m not sure it’s worth the tradeoff. It’s a this point in the song that the staging switches to vibrant neon colours and graphics.

The UK have worked wonders with the staging, but there are still too many holes in the basic concept for me. However, the UK TV viewers could trigger a Betfair frenzy next Saturday, so there might be back-to-lay opportunities in the outright.

Lisa Angell wears an unflattering indigo dress for France, but delivers a rousing performance against a stunning backdrop of war-torn streets that progressively rebuild. Lisa is also joined by four drummers for the last minute. The backdrop mirrors this by recreating a battalion of marching drummers. The finale delivers a peaceful blue sky.

I don’t get last place vibes for France and think it could earn light support during the final.

Last up today, and potentially performing last on Saturday night, Guy Sebastian performed Australia’s debut song, Tonight Again against a backdrop of skyscrapers, streetlights and car headlamps whizzing past. The staging is busy, but very effective and is helped by the Uptown Funk inspired choreography.

IMG_4791_EVGuy was taking it easy today and it looks like #TeamAustralia were trialling a few staging concepts. However, during the final run-through, they returned to concept one as reported above. The only edition was a Darling Harbour-inspired firework display during the climax.

The market seems to have dismissed Australia on the back of a rather plain sample video from the Eurovision.tv website. The shorting of Sweden looks somewhat premature given today’s promising rehearsals from Italy and Australia.

That ends our detailed daily reports. We’ll now be focussing on the dress/jury rehearsals going forward.

We’re off to party with the stars tonight, so have a great day whatever you’re getting up to.

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  1. Stephen Colville

    I think you are underestimating France. I think top 10 is almost certain and if it attracts huge jury support could track the top 5.

  2. If France get anywhere near tenth I will join Paddy Ashdown in eating my hat. I’d say 20th place is more likely. Maybe worse. But it will beat the UK…who have just secured a miserly 2 points from the ESC Today daily press poll (Italy won with 90 plus!)

  3. A blazing piano for Austria doesn’t strike me as having “authenticity” at all though, more like a bog standard Eurovision gimmick. If these guys were serious about their music, they would surely eschew any gimmicks and let the music speak for itself.

  4. I do think you are underestimated the UK’s chances, I seriously think its going to come top 10 I don’t know why but I just got a feeling.

  5. I understand that it’s still early days and first rehearsals, but the sample of Italy’s rehearsal on the ESC YouTube Channel, wasn’t bad, but for me it failed to capture that magical wow I got from first hearing them.
    They looked very awkward in their static staging and didn’t seem to be hitting the big notes as compared to France or Georgia, for example.
    I hope the boys improve during the coming rehersals or we may see another Amaury (France 2011).

  6. What do you guys know and think of Georgia’s Nina losing her voice already?

  7. Hi Gav, is the backdrop of France present from the beginning of the song? I the short published clip we can see the climax but I wonder how is it progressing during buildup.

    • The war torn streets are from the start, which gradually rebuild and end on a blue sky. No top 10 ten for me, if that’s the angle you’re looking for.

      • I already ‘angled’ it today after seeing the clip, between 8 and 11 was value imo. Now curious to see what have I done 🙂
        Seriously, I can imagine the backdrop dragging you into it and forgetting the slow buildup, if they are not doing much close ups.

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