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Israel: Nadav Guedj – Golden Boy

    Israel's Nadav Guedj has presented his song for Eurovision tonight. Golden Boy is a welcome piece of upbeat relief, but is a disorientating kaleidoscope of sounds and styles, which might make qualification a tall order for Israel. Review to follow...           Can Israel qualify with Golden Boy? Make sure you follow the ESCtips FaceBook & Twitter accounts!

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Review to follow...

User Rating: 3.9 ( 24 votes)

Israel’s Nadav Guedj has presented his song for Eurovision tonight.

Golden Boy is a welcome piece of upbeat relief, but is a disorientating kaleidoscope of sounds and styles, which might make qualification a tall order for Israel.

Review to follow…






Can Israel qualify with Golden Boy?

  • Qualification History
  • Final Performance
  • Allies
Since 2008, Israel have failed to qualify four times in seven attempts. 57% qualification success.

Highest semi-final score: 158 (2005: Shiri Maimon – HaSheket SheNish’ar)
Lowest semi-final score: 17 (2007: Teapacks – Push the Button)
Average semi-final finishing position: 11th
Average semi-final score (since 2008): 54 points

Israel has finished in the top-10 twice times since 2004.

Highest score (since 2004): 154 (2005: Shiri Maimon – HaSheket SheNish’ar)
Lowest score (since 2004): 18 (2006: Eddie Butler – Together We Are One)
Average final position: 13th
Average final score: 81 points

Average Points Received

France – 5.5
Azerbaijan – 5.0
Finland – 4.7
Belarus – 4.5
Netherlands – 4.5
Portugal – 4.1
Switzerland – 4.1

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  1. I like it a lot. Fun and catchy and something I can see Saturday audience really go for especially with the amazing lack of competition in this genre..

    The structure of the song is good and allows the song to switch sound and styles without being weird and offputting like in Armenia’s case fks. The chorus is simply a glue you listen one time and it’s stuck in your brain, that is a great sign for esc entry.

  2. Well if you want a top-5 bet laying as well, let me know. Happy to oblige.

  3. I totally dig this and kudos to Israel for ditching Hebrew (I’m sure it’s a lovely language, but not for Eurovision!). I knew Ethno pop was what this year’s been missing; so it’s nice to get a good dosage of it with this upbeat number :}

  4. Whey! 😀 I like that!

  5. This is going to do exremely well in televoting and will be crucified by the juries! Greece 2013 Part 2?

  6. Well well.. I really like the first 30 seconds. Then the song makes a total 180, but to my surprise doesnt totally ruin the song. When I first heard this I was liek NOOO, such a nice start and then you guys gotta do seomthing like this. But it’s fun, isn’t it now? I’d predict a solid televote, but jury crush it :/ Just like they did to Poland last year. I’d leaning on to Q. Gotta think about the price target though.. I wouldnt count top10 out either with right staging. In the video it looks like the dude can sing, how about live?

    • I agree Archi. I think it’s brilliant how they can switch 180 like you say without ruin it. I think this is not as offensive as Polland last year though. I like the comparison to Greece 2013 but with more commercial relevance maybe. Massive televote but lower with the juries. A top 10 contender for me if he can sing live and with right staging of course.

  7. Who wrote these lyrics? I haven’t a problem with the music, but good grief the lyrics in this song makes Sting sound like Shakespear

    And from what I’ve seen of his performances in that talent show he was selected from, the kid has no charisma

  8. I consider this a borderline qualifier. It’s in a tough semi final, but it’s the only country offering a mixture of commercial pop mixed with eastern ethno, both genres that have regularly been point vacuums for a large number of countries even on the western side. The chorus is understandably a bit on the weak side, but I think if the show is good, there’s not too much standing in Israel’s way. This is their best entry since 2008, easily. (2010 was very overrated.)

    • Yes! Ben, my man! I could not agree more. In 2010 I was telling everyone who cared to listen that Harel Skaat it way overrated and is unlikely to make top10. 2008 and Boaz was the second year I was doing some semi-serious betting, and Boaz netted me some solid money with a top10 finish. Good times, I really enjoyed Boaz’s song.. Actually now that I think of it I’ve enjoyed most Israeli songs since Boaz. Two exceptions being Harel Skaat and Dana International. It’s a shame they haven’t been qualifying of late. Moran Mazor was amazing, although they did that to themselves, partly at least. They should have hired a stylist for her :/

      And, I enjoy this one as well. Guilty pleasure if anything ever was 😛 Really hoping for qualification. I’m also willing to take top10 bets I think. I’m trying to get backed @betfair, we’ll see if someone bites. Gav? 😛

      • I dunno, I think if I consider something a borderline qualifier, top 10 has got to be unlikely. Without the ranking system I would say it’s worth a shot.

        • I don’t know if I’m thinking it’s borderline.. Not decided yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll put some money on to Q (depending on price of course). top10 doesnt have to be likely if the odds are at around 9 or so. And I don’t know, maybe it would be best to wait for other bookers to open to see.. But at 9 I’m happy to get a small’ish punt at least.

  9. What price you after for top-10? There’s some at 7s if you like, which more than I gave SirMills.

    • I’m sorry to step into your negotiations gentlemen but I must point out that 5s was a lot better value for a week a go than 7s is now. Many quality entries have joined the top 10 race.

      Top 10 lock: Azer, Russia, Sweden (guess we knew that though).
      Most likely: Australia, Norway. –
      Fair chance: Austria – Albania

      The environment has completely changed since I took those 5s.

      I still have faith in Israel and believe they could surprise. I am ready to buy more at a fair price though which for me would be 9-10.

      • True, would not take 5’s now. That 7,4 is almost temptint, but waiting to get around 9’s or so. 9,0 and 9,4 is me. I don’t know why I usually put smaller amounts on different prices, but I just do.

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