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Melodifestivalen 2015: Final Lineup Complete

Next week’s Melodifestivalen lineup is now complete with four acts proceeding from tonight’s andra chansen.

The 12-strong lineup is as follows (in running):

  1. Samir & Viktor – Groupie
  2. JTR – Building It Up
  3. Dinah Nah – Make Me (La La La)
  4. Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Jag är fri (Manne leam frijje)
  5. Jessica Andersson – Can’t Hurt Me Now
  6. Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes
  7. Linus Svenning – Forever Starts Today
  8. Isa – Don’t Stop
  9. Magnus Carlsson – Möt mig i Gamla stan
  10. Eric Saade – Sting
  11. Mariette – Don’t Stop Believing
  12. Hasse Andersson – Guld och gröna skogar

Check back on Tuesday for our usual in-depth article analysing the likely points allocation and international jury trends. We’ll also have a preview podcast before Friday with Aftonbladet’s Tobbe Ek and Tobias Larsson.

Is there a joker in the pack?

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  1. As I expected both Dinah And the Samir&Viktor were the obvious finalists from the second category!

    Next week will be so exciting btw.

  2. Stephen Colville

    So this will basically be a 3-hour procession with Mans declared the winner at the end?

  3. Really pleased to see Hasse put out that dreadful ballad of Amparo’s.Dinah Nah is very interesting.She deserved the final and might be a real grower.
    Dollies going out should help ISA.Amparo out and the makeup of the final might see Jessica do well.
    Running order will be very interesting.

  4. Happy that Dinah Nah qualified. Only the third Melfest song ever I’ve liked enough to buy. The others being Me and My Drum, and Why Start a Fire. Would be thrilled if she got picked, but I know it’s a long shot.

  5. Not happy with Jessica Andersson in 5th between the two favs having put a small bet on her top 3. Great spots for isa and Mariette. JTR coming last with that spot I would think. It’s an interesting running order with the two favs on early.

  6. Bjorkman know what he is doing and gives the acts he think is most likely to do well on the big stage the best running slots. Great news for the jury win contenders ISA and Mariette.

  7. Perfect draw for Mariette.Saade and Hasse both sides with the pimp speaks volumes.
    They are also holding back the televote on the top three as much as possible.
    Its also a great draw for Isa.I have her 2nd with the jury after Mariette.Magnus in slot 9 might be primed to take away votes from Mans.If i was the producer wanting to stop Mans id put Magnus in slot 9.It could be the case Mans and/or Jons televotes were huge though and they are trying to make it closer.
    I think they want Isa to do the best from the up tempo songs and challenge and Mariette to win or go close.(maybe so Miss Li returns again to MF as a writer).Running order at least makes it very interesting.

    • Stephen Colville

      I don’t think the draw for ISA matters. She’s merely fodder for the bigger songs. She’ll probably finish around 6th.

    • While I agree in ISA’a potential as an singer/artist this song is indeed a pure fodder so with all respect I can’t believe you believe she will get more jury votes than Mans for example.

      • Isa has a song that would probably chart high across the world.I dont class it as fodder.Its a very contemporary up tempo pop song.Christer knows she has the best from the genre hence her running slot.Her problem might be her lack of experience though.She probably needs another couple of years to learn how to deliver better because she went a bit too energetic almost.
        Mans jury score will depend on if they go for the full package or if they spot its very much style over substance.I dont think he will win the jury.Its likely both Mans and Jon got huge televote scores though and Christer can put them mid order knowing they are still favourites to win.I also think the writing this year has been very poor from the old guard.The producers would love the likes of Miss Li back writing in the future so i think they want Mariette top 3 to encourage that.
        Mans and Jon still look very strong,but the draw might make things more exciting IMO.

        • I completely agree Durham, and I think many jurors will see through hiw obvious style over substance, not all but many. I would be shocked to see him win the jury vote. 4th in the jury vote seems more reasonable in my eyes. I have no idea how jury will react to JHF and and there is no outcome that would surprise me in his case.

        • Considering Don’t Stop didn’t really chart high in Sweden, what indication do we have it would chart high across the world?

          • Just my opinion squall.I agree though her lack of chart success in Sweden is a big red flag and nowhere near high enough to indicate a big televote.I do think her jury score will be decent though.Mans is walking every stat going,but with the jury i agree with SirMills and see him 3rd or 4th probably.The question for anyone not yet with their books in position is simply is Mans value at 1.5?.If i wasnt already involved i would probably sit the final out as being unable to call the value now.

          • @Durham I honestly can’t see a scenario where Måns isn’t at least a close 2nd in the jury vote, I agree it’s not the best song but it seems to be the package they would be most impressed by, at least in my opinion.

  8. When is the podcast for the Final happening, Gav? 🙂

  9. Someone’s made a recap vid, I thought I’d share it with you guys –

    I agree with Gav that it seems that the big favourites have a comfortable advantage so SVT designed it to make the results are more exciting. My personal favourites are Mariette and Jon Henrik, and Hasse is a big guilty pleasure, but realistically this final is Måns’ to lose. I’ll be surprised to find someone else’s name as the winner when I catch up on the results after I come out of the Oslo Spektrum on Sat night.

  10. I have to admit I never watched the full performance of Hasse’s Guld og groner skoger untill yesterday. The reason for that was I was afraid I would dislike it and it would take me off my position to bet on his victory in andra chansen.

    I was surprised of how much I liked it, the melody is great, you really get it the first time and it’s really easy to root for Hasse. The title of the song sounds almost like Icelandic “Gull og grænir skógar” It’s a real pleasant entry for me and I feel by no means guilty about it.

  11. The final running order certainly makes things more interesting and exciting. I was shocked they placed Mans at #6, but I still think he’s popular enough to win from there. I would also have him 2nd or 1st in the jury vote, along with Mariette. Realistically those two, Jon Henrik and Isa would all be strong enough entries to send to Vienna. There seems to be sort of attempt to stop Jon Henrik winning, but I suppose it isn’t impossible. If I had to pick a Top 3 at this stage I think it will be Mans, Jon Henrik and Mariette, but I’ll be monitoring momentum across the week. I’ll be very surprised if Mans doesn’t win though.

  12. The joker in the pack? The top 3 market on betsson gives ecxellent values on finding that joker. I have taken @24 at magnus carlsson top 3 and @9 Hasse Anderson. I think the markets are massively under rating those 2 due to their songs being sung in Swedish. Not saying it’s very likely but at those odds I am ready to play.

    • Agreed. I’m especially puzzled by Hasse’s far adrift odds, considering his fan-base and a favorable closing spot in the running order, not to mention the feel good folk oriented song. Maybe his slot in the running order is like a role reversal situation that SVT are enacting compared to the Semis. Like the way it seems the purpose of Molly, Ellen and Midnight boy in their respective heats was to simply open the show with a bang without making any impact on the Voting. It’s almost like Hasse is there with his stand out Honky-Tonk folk tune so as to be the last Hurrah for this year’s Melfest, only to finish 10-12th on the night.
      I hope I’m wrong though, the guy is so endearing,and I would love for him to be my Grandad 🙂

    • SirMills,thats a nice price top 3 for Magnus.Im all green on the outright so for interest have taken Dinah Nah at 15s and Magnus at 24s top 3 tiny stakes.I hope the juries dont notice Dinah isnt singing most of the song though).

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