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Greece: Farting Tears Misheard Lyrics

It has been a long time since we indulged in Eva Boto’s misheard severed bow and Željko you cheat lyrics. But ESCtips brings you the next big thing…

Maria Elena Kiriakou’s One Last Breath has a simple, and at first, innocent line that goes: “I’m fighting tears”.

Now listen to the video.

I’m not sure about the logistics of farting tears, but maybe Maria gave herself a thorough internal cleansing before singing the song?

Can you hear Maria farting tears?

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  1. Laaaaaaavely.

  2. It’s always beautiful when someone opens up to the world even though few might understand this mysterious talent she possesses.

  3. They revamped the song, changed some lyrics but left the only lyric that HAD TO BE CHANGED untouched 😀

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