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Melodifestivalen 2015: Måns & JTR Direkt Till Finalen

That’s it. We’ve heard all of the songs and now the focus shifts to next week’s andra chansen round.

This week’s finalists are as follows:

  • Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes
  • JTR – Building It Up

Next week’s andra chansen lineup:

Duel 1
1. Andreas Weise – Bring Out the Fire
2. Linus Svenning – Forever Starts Today

Duel 2
1. Hasse Andersson – Guld och gröna skogar
2. Kristin Amparo – I See You

Duel 3
1. Dolly Style – Hello Hi
2. Dinah Nah – Make Me (La La La)

Duel 4
1. Behrang Miri feat. Victor Crone – Det rår vi inte för
2. Samir & Viktor – Groupie

We’ll have an andra chansen preview article early next week.

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  1. I really doubt all juries will let the brilliant stage production of “heroes” bluff them. This song is even more repetitive than Maria’s one step at a time. 2,10 seconds of three minutes this goes like this “we are the heroes of our time, dancing with demons in our minds”, and the same melodie over and over. Nahh, I predict 2 in televote 4 in juries could win but I doubt it.

  2. Måns’ song is pure style over substance, and the sad thing is I can see this winning the IJs which could help it win MF overall, and it won’t be because of the song.

    • Stephen Colville

      There is a lot of style, but it’s also a really good song, and I think people will see it. As a total package, it’s so far ahead of the rest it’s actually embarrassing. This should be a dominating victory.

  3. I see Måns as the likely winner of MF: he’s strong in all demographics, has very effective visuals, the track is modern and jury-friendly. Still the song is a bit meh but I don’t think that is enough to prevent him from winning.

    In the end it will probably come down to the jury reaction to Jon-Henrik, though. I don’t see him scoring as high there as Måns, I also don’t think he’ll get an as good running slot.

  4. On the basis that I think the international juries won’t be quite so on board with Jon Henrik’s yoik – I believe Mans is the most likely candidate for Vienna. Especially since he is a well established Swedish popstar with a long history of MF participations, perhaps this has been Bjorkman’s plan, to just let all the triers have their moment. Maybe next year it will finally be Alcazar’s turn to bring the Swedish steam train off the tracks until 2023 when they’ll start really “going for it” again. Copenhagen 2025 anyone? 😛

  5. After re listening to the 8 songs I think ISA has easily the best package of them all, energetic, contemporary, great build up to to the chorus, and the climax and the last choruses are great with great variation to the melodi and her vocal skills really shines through. The minus side is her age. Many jurors especially middle aged women will be finding her acting a bit too sexual for her age and that could lower her jury score sadly. I am not ruling her out though at all.

    Mariette has a solid package and should get the jury love and the televote could be more than one should assume as she has a standout entry not in direct competition to any other package.

    The outsider I am going to be so bold to mention is Magnus Carlson, currently number 2 in Itunes sales in Sweden. He is popular in Sweden and Swedes loves these kind of schlagers. The song is incredibly inoffensive and catchy and I can’t see a jury leaving him without a point. Last year the song most like this in terms of genre is arguably “Blame it on the disco” a song nobody expected to get the jury love but got 3rd in a field far stronger than this years field. The minus side of Magnus Carlson is that I doubt he will get an ideal running slot, and probably the choice of language won’t work in his favour. I think @80s it’s an insane value though. 2-3rd in jury and 3rd in televote is a realistic possibility and could win it giving the fact that I see so many reasons for juries to punish the 2 favorites at the moment.

    • What I do know is that Mans is outselling Magnus about 4/1, though I agree that Magnus at #2 is impressive. He is a highly popular personality, so I would treat it with caution. As a back-to-lay, it may yield a small result.

      • But the older geographic isn’t necessarily buying on I-tunes, but 4/1 is impressive and it’s almost a certainty Mans will finish top 2 in the televote.

        The juries might have a completely different story to tell. My friend talked to the chairman of the jury here in Iceland. He implied the reason they placed María 4th in their ranking was it was so repetitive and one dimensional. The televoters don’t care for this they just want the hook to be hammered in their brain, but juries view things differently. A field of 12 isn’t helping the chances of those who might get mixed views from the jury. That being said, I think JHF and MANS are the most likely contenders but not by that margin the odds imply. The value is definitely on the outsiders.

    • I agree on ISA SirMills.Its easily the best song in MF as a full package.Could easily chart high across the world.ISA is very talented but perhaps like you say needs to tone it down slightly.9th on itunes isnt ideal but what matters is staying power and whos where in the chart in a week or so.The jury could mark her highest or mid table.
      Mariette still has a decent chance due to vote splits.She isnt really fighting with anyone.However i think she would need to win the jury by a lot to be in range.
      Mans will likely come top two in the televote.The question is the jury.The song is pretty poor really but that is hidden by great staging and delivery.Most years he wouldnt win with that song,but this year he looks very strong.
      JHF iv now got green but for me its nothing more than a pantomime song.Id love ISA or Mariette to win,but will be happy if its Mans.

  6. I give Mariette absolute zero chance of winning MF. It doesn’t tick a single box for me.

    • Huh? For me Mariette actually ticks all of the boxes. It’s a highly credible and contemporary song, with a great structure, very well performed, and strong visuals. I’m certain it would be Top 10 at ESC, but I hope she doesn’t win. When it comes to televoting I think others will be more popular than her, and that Kristin Amparo will probably slay her with the juries with her momentum from Andra Chansen.

      • Only if the juries want to vote for a terrible weak ballad though Tim.For all Amparo’s supposed televote power she failed. Fredrik Kempe gave her a half developed song.Her delivery was also second rate.For everyone raving about her vocals she was very average.Jessica Andersson showed her how its done.
        It would be nice if Hasse could somehow beat her in the duel so i wouldnt have to listen to her rancid ballad in the final).Her televote might improve though in the final given the contemporary acts will have to share the 5 app votes between them.

  7. I’ve been following everyone’s conversations about Mello and I have to say it surprises me that none of you consider Eric as a potential winner. I personally believe he has many chances to win. I think it’s either Mans or Eric actually. Mariette’s song is too repetitive (I love some parts of it, but not the whole song). As for Jon, he has an awesome song but the only drawback is he doesn’t have any ”real lyrics” and I think this matters.. Isa’s song is SO similar to Shake it off, so I dont really know how to judge it.

  8. Jon Henrik has grown on me the past week, and It would be amazing to see him win. He has a song with huge visceral impact, a style of song Eurovision has never seen before. It would be refreshing to have someone like him representing Sweden, and to see SVT take a step into the unknown, after sticking religiously to schlager tunes since their mishap in 2010, with Anna.

  9. Interesting to analyze the lyrics from the top 6 contenders. Mans-Magnus-JHF-Erik-Mariette-Isa

    Mans has a two sentence lyrics on repeat 80 % of his song.
    Magnus has lyrics that most people don’t understand.
    Erik has the worst lyrics ever written in history of music.
    JHF has no lyrics

    and the girls don’t stop.

  10. In case anybody wonders why Ladbrokes has Måns at 1.67 while the others have him at 1.35-1.44: their menu link to that market is broken 🙂 you can find it from Google though, if you’re interested.

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