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Finland: Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät – Aina mun pitää

    Finland really upped their game this year and Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu has arguably pushed ahead of Melodifestivalen. There's still a bit of work to do with the production quality, but it's so refreshing to see a varied lineup of songs. Anyway, the Finnish public ignored the quality and instead decided to go all left-wing and sent Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN) to Vienna with the song(?) Aina mun pitää. I don't have a problem with PKN, anyone should be able to enter Eurovision as long as they meet the rules, but what does wrangle with my right-of-centre view of life,…

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It's novelty, but lacks the fun and lovability of the Russian grannies. A similar result can't be expected.

User Rating: 1.27 ( 31 votes)

Finland really upped their game this year and Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu has arguably pushed ahead of Melodifestivalen. There’s still a bit of work to do with the production quality, but it’s so refreshing to see a varied lineup of songs.

Anyway, the Finnish public ignored the quality and instead decided to go all left-wing and sent Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN) to Vienna with the song(?) Aina mun pitää.

I don’t have a problem with PKN, anyone should be able to enter Eurovision as long as they meet the rules, but what does wrangle with my right-of-centre view of life, is the media hype that will ensue in Vienna; Finland won’t be judged on their song, they will be instead be judged on the band’s disabilities. Just to reiterate, I have no problem with PKN and I staunchly defend their right to compete.

Again, no offence to PKN, but I think we have to look at the Russian Grannies to consider what might happen in Vienna, as the markets – rightly or wrongly – assume that PKN could match Party for Everybody’s success. Russia’s Buranovskiye Babushki were the main talking point in the buildup to Baku. Once selected, their national final performance went viral and attracted attention from across the globe. The Grannies’ main asset was their cuteness, and that they brought the fun factor to a serious Contest. Moreover, the song was accessible from a visual and aural aspect, which consisted of six grannies bobbing up and down and delivering the highly infectious Party for Everybody hook. The singing was dreadful, but the Eurovision audience didn’t care – they were in love with the grannies.

The difference with PKN is that Finnish Punk isn’t as accessible, or as cute and lovable as six Russian grannies baking cakes. Nor does Aina mun pitää have anywhere near the voting strength of Russia, or the ability to influence regional jury support.

Lordi’s Hard Rock Hallelujah won Eurovision in 2006 under the 100% televoting era, which tended to afford novelty and alternative songs greater recognition. However, since the reintroduction of the juries, Russia’s grannies are the only strictly novelty act to trouble the top-spot. Furthermore, those comparing PKN and Lordi need to reconcile the language barrier and what appears to be a less entertaining stage show. In 2006 you could play air-guitar and scream along to Hard Rock Hallelujah!, a minute-and-a-half of Aina mun pitää doesn’t inspire the same enthusiasm. When I first saw PKN, my reaction was similar to when I watched Rambo Amadeus‘ first rehearsal. I suspect 80% of Europe will feel the same!

Finland’s odds have been laughably short for over a month with people keen to invest as low at 3/1! As Ben Gray rightly pointed out in the comments section that Finland are an ideal lay opportunity for any Betfair aficionados. At the time of writing, my liability already exceeds £10k. Hopefully when reality sets in, people will realise that this 1-minute-30-second racket can’t win Eurovision’s 60th anniversary.

What do you think of Finland’s entry?

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Since 2008, Finland have qualified five times in seven attempts. 71% qualification success.

Highest semi-final score: 292 (2006 – Lordi, Hard Rock Hallelujah)
Lowest semi-final score: 41 (2012 – Pernilla Karlsson, När jag blundar)
Average semi-final finishing position (since 2008): 8th
Average semi-final score (since 2008): 68 points

Finland has finished in the top-10 once since 2004.

Highest score (since 2004): 292 2006 – Lordi, Hard Rock Hallelujah)
Lowest score (since 2004): 13 (2013 – Krista Siegfrids, Marry Me)
Average final position: 17th
Average final score: 77 points

Average Points Received

Estonia – 6.8
Iceland – 5.3
Sweden – 4.3
Norway – 4.0
Poland – 3.9
Lithuania – 2.7

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  1. At the moment, I’m thinking it’s sort of an Axel Hirsoux in that the backstory won’t carry over to the Eurovision stage after there was so much hype about it in the NF, but then again PKN’s “backstory” is there for everyone to see. This is where it becomes somewhere in between an Axel and a Conchita. Axel’s backstory wasn’t entirely clear to a European audience, despite the power of the song. Conchita’s was not only clear, but it was entertaining, and the song was (eventually) made of winner ingredients. PKN are somewhere in between. They have a clear backstory with a crap song. It sort of fails to live up to the stereotypical narrative in that way.

    Let’s see if the song is lengthened at all (god help us) to be more in line with the others and if they change anything between now and mid-March. It’s YLE’s job now to play the best game with the hand they’ve been dealt, and I expect they’ll make every effort to put the band across as likeable. This most certainly isn’t winning Eurovision, and it is a pretty golden opportunity to lay for those who don’t mind living without the liabilities for a while. Logic says this should crash out in the semi final, but it might sneak through as a joker in the pack.

  2. Stephen Colville

    Surely it falls foul of the EBU rules on song length?

  3. Finland should hang their heads in shame.I feel for the other acts.There were some very high quality songs and performances yet they were discriminated against.
    Thats the thing people need to remember.The Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät guys will of been discriminated against all their lives.The answer to that isnt to then discriminate against other people on their behalf.
    Thats lefty thinking where everyone is a loser.
    The guys had every right to be an act at UMK and people should of respected them as any other act and voted on merit.The song would of come last or near last,but some people would of enjoyed it and voted for it.Instead Finland didnt treat the guys fairly and on merit.They treated them like they werent normal and needed sympathy.I hope the juries and televoters do treat PKN fairly and on merit like any other artists and send them home after the semi.

    • do these guys have a disability, i heard people saying it but i just assumed they were being insulted.

    • Agree 100 % Durham. The media propaganda in Finland was shameful. I have heard the slogan “If you don’t like PKN you are a nazi”, a little extreme example and maybe not common but all debate was headed to that direction. The media controlled the debate to the point that if you didn’t vote for PKN you had something against disabled people. It’s just shameful to say the least.

    • Surely the fact that ESC-voting often is based on other factors than song merit doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us?

    • PKN won on the exact same rules as some other band would have won. Nobody was being discriminated, and people have their motives.

      I am not much of a punk aficionado, but I hear that those that are feel like the guys are doing actual art around their disability. Personally I suspect the song really is crap at least according to my taste (haven’t heard it), but hey, who am I to say that someone’s motives for liking something are just flat out wrong?

  4. How were Finland ever even favourites, from listening to there song selection in the final i don’t think any of them would come top 5 at Eurovision let alone win!, And who ever was the favourite i know it certainly wasn’t these lads Finland go from being the one of the favourites to being the most certain None Qualifier we have heard this year!

  5. Russian grannies meet Lordi.

    Don’t quite see why you’re all so negative about their chances, though? Russian grannies came 9th among juries. This is way more quality than that (which admittedly isn’t saying much).

    • Not a patch on the Grannies(which at least was a spectacle) and Lordi was class, with a decent song to boot….

      it is awful…no amount of PC voting can save it from being a punk turkey.

      • Do the PC mob like punk? That’s an interesting one, I don’t know.

        But the whole thing is far from lefty, as Durham says. These are guys who would be entitled to sit on their bums all their lives in most European countries, but instead have got together and created work for themselves.

    • More quality than the grannies? the grannies song was a song that made people smile and dance, this song is a disturbing rock number that everyone will hate. this is easily the worst eurovision entry EVER!

    • A lot of people find people with Downs Syndrome cute, make of it what you like. And that has nothing to do with political correctness, so please let’s not bring the debate here down to UKIP level.

      Also, a gentle reminder: when betting, it doesn’t matter what we think, what matters is what the voters and juries think. The biggest question mark here imo, is (as pointed out above) whether the background story somehow can be transmitted. The grannies where more cute “out of the box”, of you will – no story needed.

  6. I know that people are saying “juries should mark this down, they’re meant to be judging music etc etc etc”, BUT as the Babushki showed, jury members are human too, they’re not specially designed robots who rank according to the performance and song quality plus any hit potential (although I guess some people here would think that wouldn’t be such a bad idea).

    It’s nowhere near winning though, don’t worry folks.

  7. Review of Finland in place.

  8. TEN GRAND LIABILITY?! Wow, I wish I could stake that much because those odd just provide easy money in the lay market!

  9. It’s a tough one, and as much as I agree with Gav, DurhamBorn, SirMills et al, I think it’s pointless trying to combat this one with our own idealism and willing this one on to finish in last place in the semi final. It’s all well and good if you’re willing to put yourself through that on an emotional level, but don’t bet accordingly. I’m at a point where I’m just shrugging it off, accepting that Finland’s choice is inexplicably unjustified, and just go with the flow.

    Depending on how you see it, Finland are not just a lay opportunity in the outright, but they might even become good value to back for qualification once we get to May, assuming any shred of reality has set in by then.

    • If I had written this review, I’d change the star rating for the cohesiveness of package to a 4.

    • It is usually betting perspective vs the personal feelings Ben. I am a gambler but even more so a music fan, that’s the reason Eurovision is the perfect playground for me 2 of my biggest passions in one package. Almost always I talk from gambling perspective but it’s sometimes necessary to steam off as a music fan holding that shallow view that song’s should be judged on it’s own merits in a song competition.

      The Finnish result’s were a shock for me as a music fan but as a gambling man I see it as an opportunity. I really didn’t like the breast + beard combo last year but as a gambler I jumped on the opportunity and gained a nice profit out of Conchita though I was disappointed with the result on a personal level because I didn’t feel the best song had won.

      I am glad my head and my heart can go into the same direction this year in laying Finland in the outright, cause Finland is not winning Eurovision 2015 you need a song with a tune to do that.

  10. 10 k of liability Gav on this horror I respect that. Guess you are the one who took the 7s asked for 1500 euros and swallowed it in one bite, am I right?

    • No. I had about 6k before PKN got selected and added to it shortly afterwards.

      • I have 3 k of liability on them, 300 euros I have already won. But I hate to see the cashout value negative on my portfolio and just like you I am hoping the world will come to it’s senses and see the odds move in the right direction.

  11. “If we, Eurovision fans, claim that Eurovision is the contest for all European music, who are we to say that a genre doesn’t have a place in Eurovision? Clearly, the open minded Eurovision community is only open minded to things that can benefit their own cause? […] I just don’t get how the exact same people who attacked people for disliking Conchita Wurst’s appearance are now the same people who say Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät shouldn’t be allowed in Eurovision.”

    Best Eurovision-related paragraph I’ve read in years.


  12. Iv been laying this as well.My liability was £3k at 8.4 but iv upped that now to £6k getting matched at 6.6.Averaging 7.48 so far.
    I wont chase the backers out though past 6.6 because the bookies will probably try to keep this at 4s/5s to suck in the punters.Until the mug money runs dry this might not drift and that means having a lot of the book tied up.Tempting to run the lay into the semi though if it hasnt already drifted hoping for a none qualify.

  13. Will Finland qualify to the final? NO: 5.0 @ betsson, betsafe and nordicbet. Go grab whatever you can get in! :p

  14. I can, they just dropped the odds to 4,3. Maybe they did take for a few minutes, I dont know. check again. 4,3 is still great value and I’m gonna try to bang more if they let me..

  15. Ah you got the bet in, good for you 🙂 No go take those from betsson and betsafe as well, they are offering same bets.

  16. One more commect about Finnish odds in general. It’s really weird how outright win can be @ 13,5 and “To-qualify” @ 1,62. Those two odds dont add up. When outright is that short ‘To-Q’ should be way lower, shouldnt it?

    • It’s unusual of course, but not that strange still when you consider the hit-or-miss nature of the entry. If the concept works, they may very well win. If it doesn’t, they surely won’t Q either…

      • Yes, you’re right. I kinda figured that to be the case too.. But I would still expect the odds to be more in line. Oh well, Finland will be really interesting to follow during the next two months..

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