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Melodifestivalen 2015: Heat 4 Betting Preview

Örebro brings us our last seven songs and the final opportunity to unseat Fjällgren and Mariette as potential Melodifestivalen winners.

Heat 4: Örebro

1. Midnight Boy – Don’t Say No

Midnight Boy had a hit last year, but it only went viral due to him stripping off during the video. His style is alternative and rooted in 1980s Pet Shop Boys electronica. I’m expecting a weird song and performance that will struggle to attract enough support to trouble the top-4 places.

2. Caroline Wennergren – Black Swan

Caroline debuted in 2006 with A Different Kind of Love, which if I’m honest, was rather awful. She describes Black Swan as retro, but modern and a little old fashioned. WTF? In all honesty, I don’t hold much hope for Caroline, but the press preview identified similarities between Amanda Janssen’s Hymns for the Haunted album, which may position her for andra chansen.

3. JTR – Building It Up

These guys gained exposure on the Australian X-Factor and are now trying to build their brand in Sweden. Their recent releases are a bit samey, so maybe we should expect a similar sound from Building It Up. This year’s Melfest has lacked a proper youth vote-winner, so maybe JTR are to be this year’s Oscar Zia? I’m not sure, and I think these guys might struggle when up against Måns and Dinah.

4. Hasse Andersson – Guld och gröna skogar

Hasse is a country and dansband star with around 20 albums to his name. Tobbe Ek tipped Hasse to do well in our preview podcast, and I have to agree. Hasse is likely to delight his demographic on Saturday, and on that basis, I wouldn’t oppose him at this pre-snippet stage.

5. Dinah Nah – Make Me (La la la)

As part of the former group Caramell, Dinah Nah has relaunched herself as a fierce pop star. Her song, Make Me (La La La) is reportedly packed full of energy, so it will be interesting to see how she stacks up against Måns. Her writers have contributed to to the likes of Alvaro Estrella, Sanna Nielson, Helena Paparizou, and Christina Aguilera, so we should expect a well crafted song. In slot 5, Dinah will stand out, but the main question is, will she appear likeable? Those in the press preview like the song and consider Dinah a strong contender this week, but others worry it might be too hard for the Saturday night audience.

6. Annika Herlitz – Ett andetag

Annika was the voice of Elsa in the Swedish translation of Disney’s Frozen. Annika has also appeared in major theater productions like Grease, Jesus Christ Superstar, and now, Evita. Ett andetag is reported to be a big, powerful ballad with huge orchestration and strings. I would say Annika should be considered for top-4, and if the price is right, direkt till finalen.

7. Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes

Måns’ song has been described as a massive pop hit and not another Cara Mia. Making the final is a certainty. Now that Saade’s Sting has been widely discounted as a likely winner, expectations are now building for what is considered to be the last Melfest 2015 contender. The good news for Måns backers are the writers, Joy & Linnea Deb; they were responsible for Ace Wilder’s Busy Doin’ Nothin’ and Robin Stjernberg’s You. The press preview suggested similarities with David Guetta’s Lovers on the Sun.

Wednesday Roundup

Måns is already going direkt, so I think the remaining qualifier will come from either Hasse or Annika. The remaining two andra chasen candidates could come from Caroline and Dinah.

I have dutched who I deem to be the best value: Hasse Andersson (5/2) & Annika Herlitz (6/1) both from William Hill.

Initial prediction: 1.Måns Zelmerlöw 2. Hasse Andersson 3. Annika Herlitz 4. Dinah Nah

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  1. Iv dutched Hasse and Annika to go direkt at 5.5 and 7.5.

    This heat has some pure rubbish,Midnight Boy,JTR and Wennergren.I can only think the heat has been set up to make sure Måns is certain.
    The producers would probably love Hasse in the final,but Annika will be dangerous given her obvious talent.
    The producers might regret letting four go to the final from AC given how low quality this year is.

  2. Outsider’s view here since I don’t really connect with Melfest nearly as much as I do ESC, there’s only one direct finalist so far that I’ve found to be good. in a sense that if I was just coming straight in with no prior knowledge, it would be my pick. That’s Isa.

    Jon Henrik’s song and staging has the uplifting winner’s feel and confetti, but the complete lack of lyrics is enormously offputting for me. You can’t just have a Melfest factory-made melody and structure and decorate it with the Sami feel. Even people who are barely paying attention will notice what is essentially an instrumental. Much more so than the way they’ve made his traditional music sound so plastic.

    This reminds me of a Slovak NF entry in 2009 which I love – “Bliss” by Milan Lieskovsky. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the EBU would step in, wagging their index finger, if a country tried to submit a song with no lyrics, and that Slovenia’s Quartissimo in 2009 were pushing their luck, annoying some people at the EBU behind closed doors. Don’t take it as gospel though.

    I don’t see why Mariette should win either. I watched her act on Dailymotion last night. Thought it was a bit crap to be honest.

    • I agree on ISA Ben.I think Mans,ISA and Mariette are the favs with Jon Henrik dangerous if the jury dont destroy him.
      I wouldnt have any of those red.

  3. What a load of garbage this semi-final is, I am shocked how bad it is. It seems as if the producers were really insecure about Mans making it to final so they picked 6 hopeless acts along with him just to ensure he would make it to final. I think that says a lot about the real strength of his song.

  4. I can’t find them on youtube. Have you got a link to the songs?

  5. Måns’ song is one big MEHHHHH, classic case of last-song-of-semi-four syndrome.

    If he wins this year it won’t be because of that song. JHF or Mariette ftw.

  6. My favorite out of the lot is Jessica Andersson. I never thought at the time of the first semi, that she would remain on top for me after three further shows. Says a lot for the standard this year…

  7. Audience poll:

    Mans Zelmerlöw – 229 votes (45.4%)
    JTR – 72 votes (14.5%)
    Caroline Wennergren – 56 votes (11.3%)
    Dinah Nah – 48 votes (9.7%)
    Midnight Boy – 40 votes (8.1%)
    Annika Herlitz – 30 votes (6%)
    Hasse Andersson – 25 votes (5%)

    Not too worried by this. They’ve been all over the place this year.

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