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Iceland: Lineup Of 12 For Söngvakeppnin 2015

RUV has put together an international lineup of artists and writers and promises a kaleidoscope of musical styles.

The artists be split into two semifinals to be held on January 31st and February 7th, with successful candidates proceeding to the final scheduled for February 14th.

The artists are as follows (video links will be added when available):

1. Aldrei of seint (Never Too Late) – Regina Ósk
2. Ást eitt augnablik (Love for a Moment) – Stefanía Svavarsdóttir
3. Brotið gler (Broken Glass) – Bjarni Lárus Hall
4. Fjaðrir (Feathers) – SUNDAY
5. Fyrir alla (For Everyone) – CADEM
6. Í kvöld (Tonight) – Elín Sif Halldórsdóttir
7. Í síðasta skipti (The Last Time) – Friðrik Dór
8. Lítil skref (Small Steps) – María Ólafsdóttir
9. Milljón augnablik (A Million Moments) – Haukur Heiðar Hauksson
10. Myrkrið hljótt (Silent Darkness) – Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir
11. Piltur og stúlka (Boys and Girls) – Björn og félagar (Björn and friends)
12. Þú leitar líka að mér (You’re Also Searching For Me) – HINEMOA


  • Three songs from each semi-final will proceed to the final along with a single wildcard.
  • The jury will not vote during the semifinals, but will make up 50% of the vote in the final.
  • All songs will be published online during the week of the first semifinal.

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  1. The lead singer of Dikta is entering. Now that’s interesting!


    • Friðrik Dór is another familiar name. I’ve seen him several times on the Icelandic charts when I have been browsing sites such as Tonlist.is to buy some local music. Popularity alone won’t win you the ESC ticket in Iceland, but it’s a sign that we should expect something good from him.

  2. Here are the songs in the first semi: http://www.ruv.is/songvakeppnin

  3. Semi 1 is very ballade heavy and hard to split.

    Semi 2 ,Regína Ósk back again with “Aldrei of seint “.This composition demands big staging.Wonderful structure hidden in there.This would come alive in Vienna.
    María Ólafsdóttir with “Lítil skref” sounds nice and contemporary.Song lacks killer hooks in the chorus and the climax seems forced but has nice potential.She sings in theatre in Iceland so should be able to deliver the vocals fine.Plus the song was wrote in English ready to go back to English if it went to Vienna.

  4. No actually both of the semi finals are found in the link above, with the second semi looking much stronger. In my opinion “Lítil skref” has a decent potential to do well in Austria, and possibly “million moments” as well.

    However I am afraid “piltur og stúlka” will take this down, because Björn Jörundur is popular among different age groups and the lyrics fits the social environment perfectly just as pollaponk did last year.

  5. I think this is between Fridrik Dor’s very familiar, swaying radio pop song – or Stefania’s conventional, safe ballad. Fridrik has, as I’ve mentioned before, been up in the Icelandic charts regularly when I’ve visited an online Icelandic music store, and this song shows us why. It has a nice familiarty to it, sounds a bit like Daniel Bedingfield, Ed Sheeran, a Take That album track maybe… it has a nice rhythm and melody and a good lift in the final chorus. It doesn’t need much work if it wins the NF, just a translation and perhaps a more impactful note to end on.

    Stefania is such a beauty and what a fantastic voice. The song really gives her room to shine, but she is hampered by the dated melody and the lack of a truly catchy, discernible chorus. However with English lyrics and a reworking of the arrangement, there’s potential for something much more contemporary and very suited to Eurovision which could earn Iceland a respectable result. I believe she will go to Vienna, but there are some potential outsiders…

    CADEM, just because the kiddy act always seems to come second… and Bjorn and friends, just on SirMills word really. Their song is kind of meh and they look like they met at the bus stop.

    Regina Osk’s Celtic fantasy showpiece has a nice melody. but I can’t imagine how it’s going to be staged and what the appeal of it really is. It’s a bit too gentle and vocally unexciting, but the instrumentation is crying out to be huge. A shame really.

    • Oh yes, and as SirMills said, Litil Skref stands a chance too. It’s moderately uplifting and radio friendly, but maybe a bit slow and too stop-start to make a proper impact. It needs more layers and pace as it builds up and more impact in the final chorus. It’s got potential, but I think Stefania and Frirdik are more ‘ready to go’ choices.

    • Thats just what i thought on Aldrei of seint Ben.How can they stage this?.The instrumentation is wonderful and it demands a stage like we will get in Vienna with masses of LED lights and underfloor affects.The problem is before that what will it look like on a low budget in Iceland?.I like Regína Ósk though,she’s a very decent artist.
      Im also looking forward to seeing how María Ólafsdóttir with “Lítil skref” does on stage.I think she might have some real genuine talent and might be in with a chance.I think the standard is quite high this year in Söngvakeppnin.See what Gav’s thoughts are on it later.

      • I agree Durhamborn, the standard hasn’t been this high in many years. Regina won’t stand a chance though if the like buttons for each song give us some clue of what will happen. Friðrik Dór looking dangerous with his early/late christmas song. Bjorn Jorundur’s song which is meh like you said Ben but it’s really Icelandic and the lyrics are good though the message is a cheap way to fish votes in my opinion.

        After listening to the songs again I think “lítil skref” is the best song with the best potential to do well in Austria though it might need a little rework in some places to build the climax better. The singer probably is very good and confident live with her musical background but I doubt that will be enough as she is relatively unknown here. Only once in 29 years has it happened that an unknown artists win’s the nf here in Iceland so I am not too optimistic.

        • But with such a small population, how can you really say somebody with an active career is totally unknown? 😛 Is she literally just starting out?

          • She has been working in theater for many years and has a nice experience from there, but outside that scene she is rather unkown but hopefully that will change soon.

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