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Melodifestivalen: Heat 4: Örebro Preview

If you’re hoping for a high quality end to this year’s Melodifestivalen heats, don’t hold your breath. Other than Måns and Annika, the talent in heat 4 is looking rather thin.

Heat 4: Örebro – 28th February

Caroline Wennergren – Black Swan

CarolineWennergrenCaroline debuted in 2006 with A Different Kind of Love, which if I’m honest, was rather awful. She describes Black Swan as retro, but modern and a little old fashioned. WTF? In all honesty, I don’t hold much hope for Caroline making the latter stages of the contest.

The writing team have very few commercial projects under their belt, so there is little more to add for this entry.

JTR – Building It Up 

JTRI think we can expect a song similar to their biggest hit to date, Ride. Given the lack of boys in this year’s contest, the girls will be aching for JTR’s brand of teen pop. The guys made their mark on the music world by taking part in X Factor Australia and have just released their second album.

The writers have form for Melfest and commercial pop, so I have no worries going forward – we know what to expect from these guys.

Midnight Boy – Don’t Say No

MidnightBoyAnticipate an 80s synth-based pop song from Midnight Boy. His two hits to date, Roll With It & When You’re Strange are examples of what to expect. I feel this style might be too esoteric for Melodifestivalen, unless Don’t Say No has a Kempe/G:son inspired hook. I would suggest waiting for more information before investing in #Team80s

Both writers seem in tune with the 80s sound, especially Kristofer from Melody Club.

Annika Herlitz – Ett andetag 

AnnikaHerlitzAnnika was the voice of Elsa in the Swedish translation of Disney’s Frozen. Annika has also appeared in major theater productions like Grease, Jesus Christ Superstar, and now, Evita. Ett andetag is described as a big, powerful ballad with huge orchestration and strings. I would say Annika should be considered for top-4, and if the price is right, direkt till.

Amir Aly has worked with Alexander Rybak. Maciel Numhauser wrote Cookies n Beans What If. Sharon Vauhn however, was involved in Songbird and Survivor, but has also written for Agnes, Boyzone and Stjernberg, to name a few.

Hasse Andersson – Guld och gröna skogar

HasseAnderssonHasse is a country and dansband star with around 20 albums to his name. He has been asked to appear at Melodifestivalen before, but struggled to meet the 3-minute rule.

His writers have a pop/dance background with Bejerholm having ethnic tendencies owing to his work with Arash & Aysel. I have no idea what to expect form this song, but it would be foolish to dismiss a country/dansband song.

Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes

MansZelmerlowMåns will make sure Erik Saade doesn’t take this contest without a fight. Both acts have incredible writers, but I have to admit to preferring the lineup for Heroes.

This will be Måns’ third appearance as a performer at Melodifestivalen, having previously entered in 2007 and 2009. In 2007, Måns won heat 3, but finished 3rd behind The Ark and Andreas Johnson. Måns followed up with another semi win in 2009, but came fourth in the final.

The song has been described as a massive pop hit and not another Cara Mia. Måns making the final is a certainty. The only question is, can he beat Saade?

Dinah Nah – Make Me (La La La) 

DinahNahAs part of the former group Caramell, Dinah Nah has relaunched herself as a fierce pop star. Her song, Make Me (La La La) is reportedly packed full of energy, so it will be interesting to see how she stacks up against Måns and JTR.

Her writers have contributed to to the likes of Alvaro Estrella, Sanna Nielson, Helena Paparizou, and Christina Aguilera, so we should expect a well crafted song. At this early stage, and with competition from the other acts in this heat, I would mark Dinah down for andra chansen at best.

Tell us who you think will do well…

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  1. Great reviews Gav, thanks!

  2. Only four participants can be considered significant star: Eric Saade, Linus Svenning, Andreas Johnson and Mans Zelmerlow. If one of them does not qualify for the final, it will be a great sensation.

  3. I know that Andreas Johnson did not qualify for the final in 2012, that’s why I think he did not allow himself to another disaster.

  4. Generally, however, a great favorite of Melodifestivalen 2015 is Eric Saade. If he comes up with something similar to his two previous great entries, he will be hellishly hard to beat. Already in 2010 he could achieve a great result at Eurovision if qualified. Then Lena won with a huge advantage, because she was young, pretty and with energy. If Eric Saade then qualified, he would take a lot of her votes.

  5. Time for a rational summary of two participants already selected (Macedonia and Malta). Generally, the most effective at Eurovision are songs with three choruses. First chorus should be weaker, second chorus should be stronger, third chorus should be most powerful. It is therefore first mistake of both participants, because both these songs (“Lisja Esenski” and “Warrior”) have only two choruses. Another issue are the visual errors, which are more committed by Amber. Microphone stand is redundant. With this object the performance is less direct, more distant and indifferent. The background is too bright and shiny during the first chorus. In addition, the first verse and chorus sound too strong. This staging is absolutely blunt and indifferent to the audience, it does not pay attention. This is the rational truth resulting from the daily analysis.

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