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Netherlands: Will Trijntje Oosterhuis Make The Difference?

As was widely reported on Saturday, Trijntje Oosterhuis has today been confirmed as the Netherlands’ Eurovision 2015 representative.

The 41-year-old jazz-pop singer has enjoyed a career spanning over a decade with multiple gold and platinum albums.

Her name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue as easily as The Common Linnets, or even Anouk for that matter, so I fear I might embarrass myself come next year’s Eurovision podcasts.

On the subject of Anouk, songwriting responsibilities will fall to the Eurovision 2013 challenger, who earned Netherlands their first qualification in nine years!

With Trijntje’s assured live vocal and Anouk’s evocative writing, this could be another decent year for the Netherlands, but can they go one better and win in Vienna?

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  1. I find it difficult to believe they could be on to a winner here, but I am concerned to see if the Dutch broadcaster are taking away the right lessons here. Do they believe the songs and presentation are doing it for them, or the simple selection of big names? The same approach hasn’t worked for other countries, after all.

    Keeping an open mind for the song, but I can’t say I’m getting winner vibes.

    Also, Gav, just call her Trinity. She’ll be thrilled to be compared to The Matrix surely.

    • Ben, I ran her name through the translator and listened to the computerised voice pronunciation. I think a few cans of lager before each podcast should make me slur in the right places.

      The same people are working on the staging again, so that has to be a positive. I don’t think they’ve selected a big name. Anouk was probably the biggest in that she had sold singles beyond native Netherlands, though not in large quantities. The Common Linnets were a one-album popup duo, neither of whom were particularly big outside of their home nation. I rate the visual package #1, as it was the staging that nearly gave Netherlands the win this year.

      • Yes indeed, the staging made the difference. But, while it’s easy to say this now, its not as if the song was undeserving in its own right. I had speculated in my notes that they could make the staging intimate and this would allow the song to stand out rather than be a completely dull misfire. Even though I had spotted the potential, the execution surpassed all expectations. Rehearsal notes from every source, including here, could not do them justice. We need to give Eurovision veteran countries a bit more credit. It was silly to think they would have approved Calm after the storm without good reason.

        Also where did you hear the same team will do the staging for Trijntije?

  2. What we do know is The Netherlands are trying to win.That is certain.I agree the staging was the main reason The Common Linnets nearly won,however that was due mostly to chemistry and a song/setup with great potential.Pulling it off two years running will be a different story but the team do have the experience.

    Shes a fantastic vocalist.No question about that.She has spent the last 10 years though aiming herself at a middle class,wine bar audience.Light soul,light jazz,light ballads.Wafer thin.Theres nothing much contemporary to see here.
    So the key will be the song.Anouk needs to give her something fresh,clever and modern.Id expect Trijntje would be able to pull off pretty much any melody vocally so that wont be an issue.

    Can Anouk give a Dido demographic singer an Ellie Goulding song/feel? If she does youd have all three elements in place to challenge the top again.

  3. This combination will make the difference. Trijntje’s vocals are amazing and Anouk and her are a golden team. They worked together before and the work was refreshing and raw.

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