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Norway: 30% More Songs for Melodi Grand Prix

It appears that Margaret Berger’s and Carl Espen’s success at the last two Eurovision Song Contests has inspired a 30% increase in the number of entries submitted to next year’s Melodi Grand Prix. Not since Rybak’s victory in 2009 has there been such an increase in entries!

Music coordinator Vivi Stenberg is impressed and adds: “There are of course hectic days ahead to hear through all contributions, but it’s a job I do with the greatest pleasure.”

Without having listened to all of the entries, Stenberg explains that there is great musical and geographical diversity, with some entries from international writers.

It had been speculated that the musical rights debacle would lead to fewer entries, but it seems that meetings between the EBU and NRK has eased those concerns. Event Supervisor, Sieste Bakker responded:

The format of Melodi Grand Prix 2015 is still being finalised, but more information should released in the Autumn.

Carl Espen’s Silent Storm was flagged up on our social accounts to win Melodi Grand Prix at 16/1! Make sure you follow our coverage of Eurovision’s pre-selection shows!

Are Norway in line for another vintage year?

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  1. Carl Epen’s performance on stage in Copenhagen looked visually worse than performance in Melodi Grand Prix. This is the basic reason for poor result.

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