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Welcome to Eurovision 2015!

September 1st has arrived and officially kicks off the Eurovision 2015 selection season. From this point there will be a steady stream of news building up to to next year’s final in Vienna.

The first news to arrive came from Sweden, where Kalle Johansson became the first artist for Melodifestivalen 2015. Kalle won the Svensktoppen Nästa competition with the song Den Där Da.  The competition, which searches for new talent is run by Swedish radio station, P4.  Last year, Eko won the competition with their song Yellow.

Towards the end of September, Switzerland’s broadcaster, SRF, will open their website for artists to upload songs. We’ll bring you ongoing coverage focussing on the best and worst entries!

Here’s one of last year’s favourites:

In Netherlands, Alain Clark has confirmed that he’s interested in representing the nation in Vienna, though denied an official approach had been made from broadcaster, AvroTros.

ESCtips preselection coverage brought many high-odds winning bets last year. For example, Carl Espen was available at 16/1 to win Melodi Grand Prix. Sanna Nielsen was even money just to qualify from heat 2! Lastly, Ace Wilder was recommended at over 100/1!

Follow our coverage of pre-selection with opinion from Aftonbladet’s Tobbe Ek and Eurovision commentator, Tobias Larsson!

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  1. I wish Eurovision was in the summer and didn’t conflict with my University work so much. Oh well, going into my final year now anyway. Here’s hoping for another year with an unclear winner. My Icelandic ‘find myself’ trip has been waiting for too long.

    I’ll be looking more at potential in the overall package next year. This year I was led to believe only a few specific types of packages could win, which led to my heavy backing of Molly. In the end, I broke even, save for some relatively small profits in the semi-finals.

    Conchita and the Linnets have proved that anything from any country can win, as long as the audience can identify with it and be impressed. We need to be thinking more like record label owners. I won’t be racking my brains about a song being ‘good enough’ quite as much next year either, in the sense that none of us thought Rise Like A Phoenix, Calm After the Storm or Undo could be perceived as “the best songs.” The song is only going to give us a clue as to what they’ll be trying to do with it. It’s not a song contest, it’s a “three-minute-piece-of-television” contest.

    I still think Children of the Universe could have won if they’d got it right. The press centre (and the betting sites) got way too hyped about those rehearsals.

    Not bitter. Not bitter at all.

  2. 2014 offered some amazing value along the way but there was also a big lack of markets.
    Lets hope the bookies price up more and early.

    Iv already placed a bet,Italy at 51s with PP.That will go into the Betfair book at 30s to lay off.

    In Sweden i was very very impressed by Molly Sanden in the Sommarkrysset conserts.She seems to of really developed into a very interesting artist the last couple of years.If shes in MF il be backing her in the outright and STF.With the right song i have her as a win contender.Im also interested in Amanda Fondell if shes in and has something from Linnea Deb.Amanda had massive potential but went off the radar a bit.Linnea Deb understands her strengths and they could be a great partnership.
    Linda Pritchard might be back as well but you get the feeling shes always filler.

    So hope to see Molly Sandens name on the list and/or Amandas.

    Molly Sandén – Freak – Sommarkrysset (TV4) is the search on Youtube to see Molly perform.

    Molly Sandén – “Freak” live i RIX MorronZoo is the search to check out her pipes live.

    Oh and Molly represented Sweden in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2006.She finished 3rd, despite the fact no other Scandinavian countries competed or were eligible to vote.

  3. Avicii for Sweden, Tiesto for Netherlands, David Guetta for France

  4. http://menu.err.ee/v/uudised/tele/b0143dbc-918b-463f-9711-d4a5ba26ca09

    Interesting announcement from ERR in regards this years Eesti Laul in Estonia.It looks like they are pulling the event forward firstly.Probably a February or even maybe a January date.Are they wanting longer to market the song?.

    The other really big news buried in there is that there is going to be a very big change to the format to be announced later.Are they looking to change the super final?.The last few years has seen the Estonian public hand the ticket to the safe act in the super final.Indeed this year Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band topped the jury and televote in the final yet was beaten by Tanja in the last two super final.Could we see a super final involving three acts?.Could we see a last three super final involving a jury and televote instead of televote only?.Or some other change?.

    If we get markets how that super final works is crucial to punters.

    Im still praying IIRIS enters again and the changes are to help her win it.

    • What do you think Iiris would be able to do for Estonia?

      • It would depend on the song i think Ben.Her work is very left field for ESC but its also very contemporary (im sure you spotted some Japanese influence).Her beauty is her songs (and videos) tend to be perfect for great staging.Her work is a lot more mature now and she seems to be getting to the top of her game.(see Glimmering EMA 2013 on Youtube)
        Shes come a long way from when she entered with Astronaut.
        I think shed be a certain qualify to the final and would be somewhere on the left side of the score board.Interesting to see what these changes for Eesti Laul are though.This years quality was pretty weak so perhaps its been a wake up for ERR.

        • You’re right in saying that it would depend on the song and how it was staged. I remember Astronaut well – the performance was like a bad school play. Her voice also has the potential to easily divide viewers as well, or what I call Diana Vickers Syndrome.

          She would need to present herself as a very futuristic artist and make use of striking visual effects in order to sell a song as weird as hers can be.

  5. Estonia have given the details on Eesti Laul 2015.There will be two semi finals and one final as before. The semi finals will take place on February 7th and 14th respectively. The final is scheduled for February 21st.As i speculated on in the thread above they have changed the format of the super final.Instead of two acts there will now be three.It doesnt mention a jury in the super final so we must presume its a televote super final as now.
    Most people will see this as a small change but it is actually a big change.
    The super final of two has seen the Estonian public go for the “safe” entry over and over again.A last three super final will make that less likely.
    A prime example would be 2013.Birgit Õigemeel and Grete Paia made the super final with Winny Puhh just missing out.Birgit and Grete split the safe votes right down the middle.Winny Puhh might of won the selection in that scenario.I think this gives Estonia a better chance of sending a more contemporary act next year and is a good move.

  6. Yesterday artists submitted their songs for Eesti laul in Ringvaade .The cameras were there as usual to see them coming in to submit their applications.219 have entered well up on last years 189.
    One artist i saw submitting a song to the box was Lea Dali Lion.
    Back in October Lea Dali Lion appeared on the hugely popular show Laula Mu Laulu.The show involves seven artists at a sort of dinner party who all sing a couple of songs.The show Lea was on included Birgit Õigemeel,Ott Lepland and Eda Ines Etti,all have represented Estonia at ESC.Lea is very talented and the whole show was superb.
    I also noticed a lot of the electro kids submitting like Nion and State of Joe and Elina Born.
    Big rumours as well Getter Jaani has submitted a Sven Lõhmus song.Not sure if that will be true but i hope so.Getter is a fantastic artist and deserves another chance at ESC with a real song instead of Rockerfella Street.Estonia might be looking to get back on track and the people entering would say we could be in for a strong Eesti,

    The video of some of the artists submitting,


  7. If anyone wants to watch the episode of “Laula Mu Laulu” Lea Dali Lion was on the search on Youtube is ” Laula Mu Laulu 2. Hooaeg – 1 Saade ” and the performances will be there.

    If you want to start with something wonderful from the show search
    “Eda-Ines Etti- Torm (Laula Mu Laulu 2. Hooaeg- 3.saade) ”

    Then the rest will be on the side.If only this years Eesti Laul could be this quality.

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