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Semi-Final 2: Dress Rehearsal Notes

Yesterday’s second rehearsal from Ruth Lorenzo has precipitated a flood of precipitation over the streets of Copenhagen. Thankfully, calm has returned to the press centre after last night’s storm of enthusiasm.

On the subject of storms, I hope you all got on the Netherlands at big prices for both the semi and final!

Continuing the storm theme, I predict a similar price crash for Norway after tomorrow’s semi-final, as Carl Espen’s song possesses the same intimacy and quality as the Dutch entry.

First up for today’s first dress rehearsal were the Maltese pop-up group, Firelight with Coming Home.

Lead singer, Richard has clearly employed Gianluca as Malta’s official smile coach with all band-members electing to display their dentist’s handiwork . Further improvement came from the staging with a flowery/grassy floor employed during a neat overhead shot.

Israel’s Mei Finegold has thrown everything she has at Same Heart. I heard one or two tuning issues, but nothing major. A very bright three minutes after Malta.

Carl Espen engages the cameras well. This is a man reinvented! He was vocally brilliant for Norway and I can see this song silently storming the i-tunes charts tomorrow night.

Georgia. Nothing to add.

Poland now, and judging by the staging and concept, Copenhagen has relocated its red light district. The vocals are erratic and the sexual content has been ramped up to even raunchier extremes. I’m seeing red flags here.


Conchita was less serious for Austria and appeared less of a diva. Vocally fine and not predicting an upset here given the western-leaning support.

Lithuania included one or two new moves and camera angles, but unfortunately, the cunnilingus /fisting moves remain.

So Finland’s Topi followed my advice and watched the Denmark 2011 video. Today he’s dusted off the brylcreem and quiffed his hair like Tim Schou. The camera engagement improved along with the camera angles. I can see this making the final now.

Ireland has improved visually, but Kasey remains vocally vulnerable. This has the potential to combust in spectacular fashion.

TEO was in good form for Belarus. He looks and sounds sharp and I predict lots of female love.

Tijana has also been admiring Tim Schou judging by her hair. FYR Macedonia has tightened up this package. The staging looks less clumsy and I think it will eat into Israel’s points tally. Tijana is still weak in the vocal department though.

Switzerland remain in good form with strong camera angles and a more believable violin playing escapade to the satellite stage.


Greece was way off form this afternoon and the boys need to get their vocals under control. I doubt it will affect the televote much, but the jury score will be irreversibly damaged.

Not much wrong with Slovenia apart from Tinkara overstretching a few big notes.

The Romanian entry witnessed a few technical glitches from DR. It took them a good few minutes to rectify Paula’s screen overlay before the duo delivered their assault of poor staging. Miracle is as low rent as it gets and Ovi looks a right plank playing that piano.

Before I leave you, I can tell you that Australia wouldn’t have a hope in this year’s contest judging by Jessica Mauboy’s vocal prowess.

Tonight I will be tweeting the jury rehearsal, plus our chat room will be open to all who wish to debate the betting markets.

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  1. “A right plank” hahahahaaa I haven’t heard that phrase in a while!

  2. You were soooo harsh with the boys back in March Gav, I told you that you would change your mind. I don’t know why no one has faith in Greece (until May, then everything changes). Some say that the boys will fight for the trophy but your comments about the juries make me worried. I dont expect them to win but I need a top 10 spot

    • Well things constantly change Stelios, but I give my opinions as a neutral looking in, which I find works best.

      As a song it’s dire. As a song and stage package, it’s memorable and entertaining. Juries will punish it, but televoters will get behind it. I doubt we’re off to Athens next year though.

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