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Eurovision: What Happens With Your Vote?

The EBU have released a handy PR video today on YouTube. It explains in very simple terms how your vote is filtered through the various safety checks and eventually combined with the jury ranking.

This video is clearly an attempt to clarify the EBU’s recent corruption purge and answer the many questions of the fans.

Just a note on that jury notary: if indeed there have been jury notaries in the past, how on earth have we had just questionable results from certain nations? Is their role to simply authenticate the jury result, or do they scrutinise the musical judging capabilities of each member while ensuring the scores haven’t been skewed by political allegiances?

If anyone from the EBU is reading this, perhaps they would be kind enough to drop us a note.


Sietse Bakker: Gavin, the notaries are expected to observe that the jury is operating in accordance with the Rules of the Eurovision Song Contest. We – the EBU – also reserve the right to send PwC observers unannounced to the jury gathering, and do so regularly.

Either way, this video is a nice example of how the EBU should be engaging with fans. This video should be featured during each live broadcast this year.

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