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Germany: Elaiza – Is It Right

Germany have chosen newcomer band Elaiza to perform “Is It Right?” in Copenhagen. In a remarkable Cinderella story, from applying via a youtube selection process and winning the wild card ticket from an unfavourable draw in the small NDR club concert, Elaiza have managed to fight off huge German household names like Unheilig and the, in some areas of Germany, very popular shanty rockers of Santiano. With that result German televoters have thrown yet another curveball at Eurovision punters who are left puzzled and wondering how to deal with such a left field entry in what is shaping up to…

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Germany have chosen newcomer band Elaiza to perform “Is It Right?” in Copenhagen. In a remarkable Cinderella story, from applying via a youtube selection process and winning the wild card ticket from an unfavourable draw in the small NDR club concert, Elaiza have managed to fight off huge German household names like Unheilig and the, in some areas of Germany, very popular shanty rockers of Santiano. With that result German televoters have thrown yet another curveball at Eurovision punters who are left puzzled and wondering how to deal with such a left field entry in what is shaping up to be a very uncharacteristic contest.

If one tries to analyse Elaiza’s surprising success story one has to consider the sympathy votes they were gathering during their national final. Although sympathy will also play a role on the international stage, the emphasis and thematisation of the David/Goliath aspect is obviously unlikely to repeat itself in Copenhagen.
It has also been mentioned by some that Germany has shown a tendency to be a little bit more eccentric than the rest of Europe when they awarded their 12 points in 2013 to the modest Hungarian hipster entry “Kedvesem”. So is Elaiza’s victory in Germany just another case of German televoters being a little weird or are the viewers of one of Europe’s biggest nations onto something here, possibly foreshadowing a trend of a gradual change of culture in the contest?

“Is It Right” is everything a successful Eurovision song is not. The song’s vibe is neo-folkloristic, it is anti-climactic, it is bohemian, it is post-industrial and it is honest. This can’t possibly do well, one would be inclined to say.
But on the other hand “Is It Right” also does something right where other left field entries failed in the past. It is instant and catchy, it offers a very accessible structural simplicity. It has proven to work for first-time listeners in the German pre-selection and that is an aspect that shouldn’t be underestimated. There is undoubtedly some audience for this kind of song, how large that audience really is that remains to be seen.

It also remains unclear how the international juries will deal with the German entry, as they have shown last year a trend to mark everything down that doesn’t fit the norm of commercial pop music. One can not expect Elaiza to score well with juries on the basis of last year’s jury results. On the other hand, juries have also shown a tendency to reward true musicianship on stage, as Italy’s 2011 jury result indicated, and with Elaiza it is very visible that they actually do know how to play the instruments they bring to the stage.

Germany does not possess historical voting strength and considering this amongst other unknown factors one has to remain pessimistic towards Germany’s chances in 2014 and predict another bottom10 finish. It would be wise to watch out for how they are received in the hall in Copenhagen and evaluate if they might be able to pull off one more of their surprising upsets. .


Where will Germany finish this year?

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Germany has finished in the top-10 four times in the last ten years.

Highest score (since 2004): 173 (2010 – Lena – Satellite)
Lowest score (since 2004): 04 (2005 – Gracia – Run & Hide)
Average final position: 15th
Average final score: 71 points

Average Points Received

Spain – 5.0
Denmark – 5.0
Portugal – 4.5
Belgium – 3.8
United Kingdom – 3.8
Netherlands – 3.7
Italy – 3.7
Austria – 3.6

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  1. This year is so random. So weird! 😀 No one we expect wins.

  2. Didn’t pay much attention to this when looking at the songs first time round, but tonight it really stood out live up against the rest. Deserved winner on the night and the good news is I don’t have to listen to Unheilig singing in German in Copenhagen. Elaiza is superb. song is good and this will do very well I think .

  3. I find it very hard to be objective about this one. I remember watching the Club concert, on which I gave up halfway through. I just remember being so bored and looking for something else to do while this was on. Depressing that it won the wildcard and even moreso the whole national final.

    I admit it’s got something memorable about it, and it may have a certain continental charm for some people, but generally I can’t see this getting out of the bottom 10. What’s even more disappointing is that it was up against the worse of Unheilg’s offerings. Having not listened to any of the songs before tonight, I was absolutely won over by Fiddler on the Deck and I think Germany missed an open goal for top 5 (on the same grounds as Lordi, Babushki, Serduchka) in not picking that.

  4. kudos for Germany not going the obvious route. it’s a good song despite a fairly boring bridge but is it lacking a little oomph for eurovision? i can’t see this performing as well as some of the recent more successful songs they’ve sent but should perform better than the Cascada debacle.

  5. All I can say is: Do not underestimate these girls!!!
    They just beat a huge household name in Germany. That means something.

    It also means something that they qualified from the worst draw in a wild-card round amongst a bunch of unknowns. A bullet-proof televote magnet they were, at least in Germany. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but they are!

    • Are they record-company sponsored, Shell? I was thinking along the lines of power-voting.

      • No, in fact they were the only act with no record company behind them. That was the whole purpose of the wild-card round. So if there was any kind of power-voting we would have to look at NDR trying to fortify the wild-card format, but I don’t think they would be this strategic.

        Elaiza was helped by the format. Them in the superfinal gave people the chance to vote against the polarizing Unheilig plus the cinderella story aspect. In the interview after the second round of four remaining songs they said all the right things to gather massive sympathy.
        The rule change that Unheilig couldn’t take both songs to the superfinal also helped obviously.
        But I don’t want to take too much away from them. Beating Santiano’s score in the second round of voting is perplexing if you consider that these guys are hugely successful in some regions of Germany.

    • The German’s opinion of music is quite different from the European opinion, last year they gave Kedvesem their maximum points in the final, they rewarded Iceland 12 points in the semi while they gave Norway 2 and Azerbaijan 0. The results of their personal opinion can therefor not count as a solid information about their song’s potential. Having said that I think this song might get some jury love and has the ability to surprise with a respectable finish.

  6. I really like this on a personal level, it was growin on me more and more every time i heard it,
    Theres a touch of aisha about it with the accordion, but this girl can actually sing and i think the chorus is pretty catchy too. Need to think about this one some more from a betting perspective, but i find it more enjoyable then most this year

  7. Consider Germany reviewed by yours truly.

    • Nice review Shell. I am of the belief that Elaiza won out of sympathy and perhaps Germany’s trend to go for something a bit weird, as even the close call with BrassBanda last year shows. Some commentators might pick up on the interesting process of Elaiza’s selection, but a few will probably find the lead singer’s Ukrainian roots a more interesting topic to point out.

      Ultimately, I think this will come down to the strength of the song and the performance, which for me is just a big fat meh. If Hollywood is ever looking for some generic “I’m in Europe” music, we know who to recommend. But good on the girls for managing to get this wonderful opportunity. Let’s just hope they don’t split up afterwards.

  8. I have been nibbling on Germany @100+ but was hoping for a big buy around 400. Now suddenly someone bought up all the snack and is politely asking @70 for 200 euros. My emotions are mixed, yes I am making a profit but will there ever be 100+ again, was I to greedy waiting for 400. I laid 50 euros only to maintain a small profit if Germany wins, but I couldn’t help getting a second thought. “what if it was a 3.500 euro push on the button”. Please tell my guys that the price is always going to go 100+ again, I don’t wan’t the snack to be finished.

  9. heh, that is strange. It’s quite a big blockage, but most of it has been eaten away already. jus 47€ left as of now. I do expect it to drift back up. Someone just seemes to like German entry and is putting a bit of money on it. And that person doesnt have patience it seems, want’s all of it now @ 70. Weird. I fully expect it to drift back.

  10. Yes, I think you are right. It’s highly unlikely that one impatient guy can affect the market too much. I’m warming to this song’s potential though, hopefully I get decent odds for a top 10 spot when the market wakes up.

  11. That 70.0 is a ludicrous price. Germany should be way higher, but like you, I have warmed to this song that could do well with the juries.

  12. Yes it could do well with the juries, it has a likable performer, it is a stand out song, and should appeal equally to both sides of the continent. What do you think is a reasonable price to ask for a top 10 spot?

      • What? 3,5? Go grab the 4,8 @ betfair then dude!

      • yeah. 3.5 is too low. most trades have been done around 6.0

        • Yeah, I have been taking some @6 and think that is a nice price since I rate the chances of Germany top 10 around 30 %. But though this is a good bet I’m not sure if it is a great bet because I think it’s more likely the price is going up than down. It’s not likely the market will ever put faith in this song and Germany has only 40 % to be in the latter half. I’m a little bit confused if I should wait or take as many @6 as possible right away.

  13. http://esctracker.com/ Elaiza charting in 5 countries, quite surprising I must say but I don’t know if it’s too much to read from it at this point.

    I have been thinking about one thing regarding this entry. It will definitely work to Germany’s favor that feminists every where around the continent are likely to vote for this. 3 young, charismatic women not made up as sexual objects playing instruments all by their self and no evil men trying to control them. Feminists are a reasonably high demographic and I think this factor shouldn’t be under estimated. I doubt Serbia 2007 would have won without the feminists.

    • I’m a feminist and I seriously doubt your reasoning here, to be honest. Sure, some may find it empowering in a way that it’s a girls-only band, but a major factor? Not likely.

      • Fair enough Squall, maybe I’m just trying hard to find reasons for this to do well as my wallet is rooting for this.

        I just have a feeling about this song doing well and I’m trying to find out why that is. A writer from the mirror stated my own thoughts perfectly: “It’s not amazing, but nor is it terrible. It’s not just OK either because there’s a bit more too it. It’s just hard to tell what it is.”

    • I noticed that, and it made me think. It is a radio friendly song, although the folk elements are a bit niche and might miss some people. I think it could finish in the top 10 because Elaiza are very good live on stage. As for the charting, most of the countries are Germany’s neighbours, so I wouldn’t be too surprised to see the German charts affecting those of Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

      It’s still a bit early, Eurovision entries usually don’t make any real impact on the charts until after the contest, or at least after the semi finals. Right now it’s really just fans buying the songs I think.

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