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Germany: Unser Song für Dänemark Preview

The German national final, Unser Song für Dänemark, kicks off this Thursday.  We’ve put together some notes for each artist in what is a wide open contest!

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Das Gezeichnete Ich

Das Gezeichnete Ich is the pseudonym of a Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist whose career started as the warm up act for Pet Shop Boys in 2009. He had an album release in 2010 and achieved a fifth place in the German Bundesvision competition which was won by “Unheilig” in the same year. Since then it has been quiet around Das Gezeichnete Ich.

Madeline Juno

Madeline Juno is a singer-songwriter from the Black Forest region. Her first single “Error“ has attracted over 1.3 million views on youtube and she has performed in several German TV shows in the last couple of months. Her debut album “The Unknown” was just recently released and all songs are written and composed by Madeline herself. The second song Like Lovers Do is also featured on the soundtrack of the film Pompeii


MarieMarie from Munich is a harp player with a style of music she refers to as folktronic pop music. She has been touring at small clubs since 2009 and has seen her popularity increase since the release of the single “Under The Neon Sky” in 2013.


Oceana has become famous with the official song for the UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland & Ukraine. “Endless Summer” has attracted over 66 million hits on youtube from all over Europe. She didn’t have a hit in Germany since then.


Santiano are shanty rockers from Northern Germany. Their debut album in 2012 sold triple platinum and they won the German music award Echo in the category “Best Folk” in 2013. Even though Santiano are snubbed by some parts of German media they have a very large fanbase and are able to sell out stadiums all over Germany.

The Baseballs

The Baseballs have become popular with 50s and 60s style rock cover version of pop songs. Their version of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” in 2009 was not only a hit in Germany but several other European countries. Therefore, it can be assumed that a large number of their 430.000 fans on facebook is not based in Germany.


Unheilig is undoubtedly the biggest name in Germany of this year’s German preselection. The band of front singer Der Graf has been around since 2000, but their real breakthrough success started in 2010 with the song “Geboren um zu Leben”. Since then Unheilig have sold millions of records in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and won dozens of national music awards. Unheilig have 1.7 million fans on facebook.


Elaiza have won the wildcard in the “Unser Song für Dänemark” club concert that has been watched by approximately 200.000 German TV viewers. Little is known about them but it should be noted that they won the ticket to the final from first position in the running order.

Who’s your favourite to make it to Copenhagen?

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  1. Just adding a few words on the format:
    Every act will sing only one song, then a round of televoting starts where four acts are eliminated, the remaining four sing their second song. In the second televote round viewers will vote two of the remaining eight songs to a superfinal song duel. It’s possible that the same artist will have both songs in the superfinal.

  2. Are they listed in running order (for the first round)?

  3. There has been no promotion for the show on Thursday evening. So just to give you an idea about the kind of viewers who watch ARD… This is what they usually like:

    • I’m actually going to this and I’ve never been to Germany before. Will I have to dress like that to fit in? Oh god.

  4. Shouldn’t take you long to achieve, I sure :p

    I’m thinking Santiano are the real value here.

  5. I’m picking up tuning issues:


  6. Poll from German escfans blog:

    Who do you think will win “Unser Song für Dänemark”?

    Madeline Juno (53%, 203 Votes)
    Unheilig (15%, 59 Votes)
    Santiano (12%, 45 Votes)
    MarieMarie (9%, 33 Votes)
    Oceana (5%, 20 Votes)
    The Baseballs (4%, 16 Votes)
    Elaiza (2%, 7 Votes)
    Das gezeichnete Ich (0%, 3 Votes)

    Total Voters: 386

    As I indicated earlier the German Eurovision fans are clearly getting behind Madeline Juno. It should be noted that something similar happened with Betty Dittrich last year, which didn’t really materialise with the general public. To be fair Madeline Juno has had much more airplay and media presence than Betty at this point in time.

    • Interesting shell.Madeline stands out as easily the most contemporary and the one with a chance to really stage well.I considered her a 4.5 shot so 7.5 seemed big.However the way votes are going this year ESC seems to of gone back 20 years and they are selecting everything dated.Iv spent many a weekend in Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay on the folk weekends listening to shanties and sea songs and i have to say Santianos attempt is poor.So it will probably win then the way things are going this year.

  7. The running order will be determined tonight.
    Oceana has confirmed she will sing “Thank You” during the first eight.
    Madeline will sing “Like Lovers Do” first, which is considered a mistake by some, because “Error” had more airplay and could have been a safer way for her to get to the final 4.

  8. Madeline Juno pimp slot party a.k.a.
    Running order has been published:

    1. Das Gezeichnete Ich – Weil du da bist
    2. Oceana – Thank you
    3. Santiano – The Fiddler on the Deck
    4. MarieMarie – Cotton Candy Hurricane
    5. The Baseballs – Mo Hotta Mo Betta
    6. Elaiza – Is it right?
    7. Unheilig – Als wär’s das erste mal
    8. Madeline Juno – Like Lovers Do

  9. I think shes got the songs the right way around shell.Like Lovers Do is is wonderful and clever and should see her into the last four then she gets to deliver the fantastic “Error”.

    Error has a delicate structure and to win shel need to lift it more than perhaps she has when performing it before.The fact she has the drummers and seems to be running the melody at a faster pace should work well and give it more life.

    Im not sure if she can take this,but shes a very interesting artist and 7.5 was far too high.

  10. Madeline Juno is down to 2,5 on Bwin so I guess the value is gone. I really favor her for the win, she is an outstanding performer and her song “like lovers do” is growing on me big time. Unheilig, Baseballs, Madeline, Santiano will most likely be there in top 4. Unheilig and Santiano should have a similar target audience and therefor split votes. I really think MJ has a good chance.

    • Yes she seems to be running the melody faster on Like Lovers Do and it makes a difference for the better.
      7.5 was way to high though i wouldnt take 2.5.Its a very close call.She is the most contemporary act but shes up against so televote powerhouses.Interesting to see how it goes.

  11. Unheilig are a bit polarizing, so Madeline would have a good chance if she makes it to the superfinal.
    I still think Santiano/Unheilig is more likely.

  12. It appears that there has been a rule change. Updating previous reports it seems that two acts will have to make the superfinal, so the scenario of an act bringing both their songs to the superfinal is no longer possibe.

  13. Yes she is running the melody faster isn’t she. Makes the song far more accessible.

    This will be really interesting. As long as Unheilig doesn’t win I will be satisfied, but extremely happy if Madeline takes it down.

  14. This is a good and varied final in Germany. I like the second song by each artist better (with the exception of Das Gezeichnete Ich). Santiano and The Baseballs are the only two artists of which I like both songs very much, especially Santiano.

    – Das Gezeichnete Ich: Weil du da bist / Echo. I prefer “Weil du da bist”.
    – Elaiza: Is it right / Fight against myself. I prefer “Fight against myself”.
    – Madeline Juno: Like lovers do / Error. I prefer “Error”.
    – MarieMarie: Cotton candy hurricane / Candy jar. I prefer “Candy jar”.
    – Oceana: Thank you / All night. I prefer “All night”.
    – Santiano: Niemals untergehen / The fiddler on the deck. I prefer “The fiddler on the deck”.
    – The Baseballs: Mo hotta mo betta / Goodbye Peggy Sue. I prefer “Goodbye Peggy Sue”.
    – Unheilig: Als wär’s das erste mal / Wir sind alle wie eins. I prefer “Wir sind alle wie eins”.

    Good luck Germany!

  15. error is an excellent song and has over a million hits on youtube…

  16. I guess my laying on unheilig was successful but I’m quite frustrated not to have seen this coming. Eliza was at ridiculous price and should have been noticed. Germany have a proven fetish for weird arti fartis, last year they gave Bye Alex 12 points so this result shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

    • Madeline was terrible live tonight freestyling along.She was giving a lesson to everyone on how to waste a pimp slot.
      shell highlighted Elaiza had won the wild card from slot 1 so there were hints.
      Emma Marrone must of had her case lost on the plane and borrowed her outfit from someone begging outside.She needs to learn an ESC performance isnt the same as an encore in Naples.Her breathing and timing were shocking and not whats expected from a Sanremo winner.

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