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Melodifestivalen: News Update – Unibet promises full payout of winning outright bets

Two days after we published our editorial the people at Unibet have decided that regarding all Melodifestivalen bets on Andra Chansen and the Final “as a goodwill gesture to Unibet’s customers who have placed their bets in good faith, Unibet will be paying out on winning bets retroactively.” You can find the exact Swedish press release here:


We can report that people who placed winning bets on the Andra Chansen round on Linus Svenning or Helena Paparizou have already been credited the additional money to their accounts. If that did not happen for you, we would suggest contacting Unibet’s customer services and refer to the press release above.

We certainly welcome the decision made by Unibet, but we would also like to reserve the right to remain cautious until this whole affair has been settled after the Melodifestivalen final.

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  1. Oh good. Fingers crossed Helena pulls a blinder then. 😛

  2. But if the stakes of the original bets for the final have been returned, then it’s as if a unibet MF final bet is no longer in place. How can it be a winner then?

    • They will manually credit the account of people who had bets on the winner, Panos,
      This is Unibet admitting they messed up and taking huge losses whatever the outcome will be.

      • Many thanks for the reply! so that means if my MF final bet wins, they will credit me with the profit. if it looses, i wont lose my stake. right?

        • Yes Panos.Its a free run in affect on the win market.
          Whats happened here in my opinion is they should of suspended the market instead of voiding.Someone decided to void the market as it was loss making anyway and a good way out.Suddenly punters were asking for details on the book,the evidence used etc and massive bad press.
          Someone much higher up the company got wind and looked into things and saw that their reputation was being destroyed because of this.Trust youl be paid is the no1 thing all bookmakers and the industry need to protect as an image.
          The big wigs no doubt booted some backsides and told them to sort this out quickly.The only real answer to stop anymore bad press was to honour winning bets.
          Because they voided instead of suspending they lose all the losing stakes as well.They will be praying for an outsider thats for sure.

          The first voiding was a shocking choice by Unibet but at least they have now done the right thing.If they honour this although it did make me make a few changes i wouldnt of i will continue to use them.

          Id be surprised if their MF odds compiler or the person who decided to void will be picking up a bonus this year though.

  3. You hate the truth.

  4. Yohio has the most complete performance in Eurovision history. He is real favorite.

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