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Moldova: 40 Songs Make Live Auditions

A list of 40 songs has been released by Moldovan broadcaster, TRM, which will be shortened to just 24 after a round of live auditions planned for February 1st.  The lucky 24 songs will then compete in the two semi-finals on March 11th & 13th.  The national final will be broadcast on March 15th.

I have found as many of the videos as possible. If you notice a new one, just add it to the comments and I’ll link it to the relevant artist.

You can listen to the 40 songs on the official TRM website.

Esperanza – The Breakthrough
Brescan Diana – Hallelujah
Margarita Ciorici – Vis
PARALELA 47 – Fragmente
Sandina – Reasons to Love You
ELIT MS – Azi Aici Acum
Lucia S – Frozen
Curly – Your Recovery
Cernicova Ana – Dragostea Divina
Olisevschi Rodica – Without You
Alina Sorochina – Asculta-ma Tacere
Ksenya Nikora – A New Beginning
Ksenya Nikora – A Letter To My Friend
Diana Staver – One and All
Diana Staver – It’s All About a Boy
Mikaella – Follow your Dreams
Lana Lights – Solar Wind
Jenea Latisev – The Rhythm of the Jazz
Chirtoaca Aurel – Urme de iubiri
EDICT – Forever
Gorun Carolina – Turn the Tide
Cristina Scarlat – Wild Soul
Doinita Gherman – Energy
Nicolletta – Take a Look at Me Now
FLUX LIGHT – Never Stop No
Malaru Eduard – Viata-n Culoare
Katy Rain – Listen My Dear
Pasa Valeria – Te-am Asteptat
Felicia Dunaf – The Way I Do
Felicia Dunaf – Taking Care of a Broken Heart
Anna Gulko – Happy Tomorrow
Cadence of Heart – I Want to Fly
Dana Markitan – Queen of the Dancefloor
Dana Markitan – I Want Your Love
Tatiana Heghea – I’m Yours
Boris Covali – Flying
Boris Covali – Perfect day
Anastasia Ursu – Give Me a Smile
Ray Gligor – Is This the Way
Glam Girls – You Believed in Me

Boris Covali’s Flying and Diana Brescan Hallelujah are my front-runners at this early stage.

Who’s your favourite so far?

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  1. Just listening to the final 24 in Moldova and it sounds like they really like pianos. The only one that stands out for me is Turn the tide but its last years waterfall from Georgia, But without a male vocal. Brescan Diana with Hallelujah has a chance, but Think Boris Covali with Flying wins either way.

  2. OK, so umm.. Boris Covali’s “flying” is not in the list anymore? a-holes decided to withdraw it? By far the best entry. Meh, it had potential even in eurovision stage had it been chosen. Which was relatively likely. fml.

  3. Boris Covali seems to bee their default winner by his perfectly unoriginal and uninteresting song “perfect day”, He got 12 from both the jury and the televote from slot 1 in the first semi.

  4. I’m slightly pissed (OK, really pissed) that they took “flying” out of the contest? Like wtf? By far the best song, I really think it would have been one of the contenders. Instead of sending a song that has a really good shot to make top4, even win(?) they decide to send only an OK song? I love Moldova, they’re probably my favourite country from the last few years. I loved Aliona Moon, Pasha was amazing as well. Zdob si Zdub was freaky but a lot of fun. Sigh. annoying.

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