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Ukraine: Maria Yaremchuk – Tick-Tock

  Ukraine have just become the first country to select their Eurovision entry for 2014. From a field of 20 finalists (mostly awful), Maria Yaremchuk was the eventual victor with the song, Tick-Tock, and will now represent Ukraine in Copenhagen next May. Tick Tock sets an alluring mood to start, with an ethereal arrangement of oriental/ethnic stringed instruments that promise great things. The beat kicks in and the first verse progresses. All is good so far and Yaremchuk’s vocal is solid, though it’s clear she’s not in Zlata’s league. Then the chorus arrives and that rather plastic Tick-Tock hook takes some of the…

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A memorable song thanks to its simple 'Tick-Tock' hook. It's begging for some lively choreography, but will struggle to reach top-5. "Catchy but disposable"

User Rating: 2.48 ( 46 votes)


Ukraine have just become the first country to select their Eurovision entry for 2014.

From a field of 20 finalists (mostly awful), Maria Yaremchuk was the eventual victor with the song, Tick-Tock, and will now represent Ukraine in Copenhagen next May.

Tick Tock sets an alluring mood to start, with an ethereal arrangement of oriental/ethnic stringed instruments that promise great things.

The beat kicks in and the first verse progresses. All is good so far and Yaremchuk’s vocal is solid, though it’s clear she’s not in Zlata’s league.

Then the chorus arrives and that rather plastic Tick-Tock hook takes some of the shine off of what we were hoping for during that dramatic intro. It’s like opening an Xbox One box for Christmas only to find a retro Gameboy rattling around inside.

If we strip away the stage show and solely concentrate on the song, we’re left with a fairly strong piece of pop – and crucially – a memorable hook. Some of the best songs in Eurovision owe their success to a memorable hook. OK, we’re not dealing with a Euphoria, Playing with Fire – or Shady Lady for that matter; perhaps Boom Boom mixed with Solayoh.

I believe we were collectively hoping for a more wholesome song to win the selection. I know Illaria had plenty of support on this site, and neAngely and Shyrko enjoyed strong backing elsewhere. I do understand the post-national final gloom in assuming we were sold a dud, but in my opinion, that’s far from the truth.

Tick-Tock is an infectious song that requires a few tweaks to the arrangement and instrumentation. Don’t forget that Gravity got a complete makeover and Tick-Tock is in far better shape than Zlata’s song was at this stage. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that Tick-Tock is destined to surpass Zlata’s third place.

Talk of non-qualification is ludicrous and hyperbolic at this stage. I accept that Ukraine’s position in the final would not be as assured if they were drawn into a semi-final without allies, but with a competent vocal and a catchy song, I would always be a backer.

Gaitana is Ukraine’s worst result at Eurovision. In 2012 she qualified from the second semi-final in 8th place with just one 12 points awarded from Belarus. Other scores didn’t exceed six points. Despite having a catchy song and a scorching vocal, it was Gaitana’s race that reportedly cost Ukraine a much better result in the contest.

Yaremchuk’s vocal isn’t as strong as Gaitana’s, but Tick-Tock is just as catchy as Be My Guest and evidently, her race will not cost her as many points from Ukraine’s eastern allies. Provided the song is developed, I see Ukraine qualifying and finishing 8th-14th.

The kind of improvements I’m hoping for are:

  • Clarify whether this is to be an  ethno-pop song or not. Personally, I like the ethno bits and believe more flourishes should be added to the arrangement.
  • Sharpen the transition from opening verse to chorus.
  • The refrain needs a stronger and more distinctive bass line.
  • The drums throughout the whole song sound too plastic.
  • They need to build on the climax when exiting the bridge. Perhaps a key change?

What do you think of Tick-Tock?

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  • Allies
  • New Version
Ukraine joined Eurovision in 2003 and have never failed to qualify.

Highest score: 256 (2004 – Ruslana, Wild Dances)
Lowest score: 64 (2012 – Gaitana, Be My Guest)
Average semi-final finishing position: 8th
Average semi-final score: 124 points

Ukraine has finished in the top-10 seven times in 11 years, five of which were top-5 finishes.

Average final position: 8th
Average final score: 142 points

Average Points Received

Belarus – 9.6
Azerbaijan – 9.0
Georgia – 8.5
Armenia – 8.0
Russia – 7.7
Moldova – 7.6
Portugal – 7.4

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  1. mmm… not floating my boat. very disposable pop song. most disappointing Ukrainian song of recent memory? suppose it has the advantage of being pretty instant in impact. will need some impressive staging to stand out but will easily qualify for final whatever the running order.

  2. Ukraine JESC 2013 would have been a better option IMO.

  3. Fantastic analysis Gav.I would of loved ILLARIA to win and I have no doubt she was the most talented in the selection.Her song though needed work,and I don’t think shed had time to finish it in time.She has far superior songs in her armoury that’s for sure and I would expect her to return next year more prepared.Plus she has many new fans who have seen her work for the first time,and that’s great.

    I had Maria as my darkhorse though and would of been my 3rd highest green if there was betting on this.She is very popular in Ukraine,had the best (if cheap) hook and lets face it,,she delivered when it mattered.

    As for Copenhagen Ukraine are the masters at adding what needs adding and taking away the fluff.

    The intro is good and lays the ground,but it needs more power,wake the audience up with ethnic drumming and the backing with higher chanting,

    The chorus seems a bit detached from the verses and that needs sorting out because it makes the song lose its ethnic undertones.That ethnic vibe needs carrying into the chorus as it will help hide the cheapness at that point.The backing singers should be chanting her into the chorus,

    No doubt at all a key change is needed.These sort of songs work best when an infectious rhythm ends with a bang.Maria would do well to watch how Emmelie de Forest deliver the perfect ESC winning key change in Teardrops.
    People scoff at the fact that key changes are part of ESC mythology.Theres a reason for that.They work.

    Maria has a song that will pick up western televotes.When an eastern powerhouse has that they need to be greatly respected.

    With the right changes should be top 10, depending on the rest of the blocks strength/weakness.

  4. there are a couple of times where the song almost stops dead, namely the end of the first verse and the end of the first chorus. they need sorting out. as far as staging is concerned i’m detecting a hint of sleazy sexuality that won’t go down so well in some areas a eurovisionland, especially as she looks so young. it’s not my cup of tea but if there is some early value in the semi stage and for a top 10 finish I think i’ll be considering it.

  5. Ok, lets start with the positives. Maria is quite telegenic and the song opens up rather well with a nice ethnic intro, things start to go downhill from here. As the first verse starts sounding a bit like
    Alyona lanskayas rhythm of love.
    Now regular readers will probably have read Gavs opinion that lyrics are not all that important at esc and its more important that the song has a big impact, i totally agree with this but if there is a line tick tock is in big danger of crossing it, ” Tick tock. Tricky tricky tock tock tock” seriously?
    Is this the best they could come up with in the ten minutes it took to write this song?

    So how well will this do ? At the moment id be more in favour of laying top ten then backing it.
    Other trashy entrys like armenias boom boom. And serbias ljubav je svuda both showed that strong countries can suffer when sending weak entries , ukraines voting power will probably see this through ok but its hard to imigine the jury giving this much love in the final.

    Anyway we will have to see how much ukraine can fine tune this. As you cant deny they are the masters of getting the best out of a song.

    My rating 2.75 stars out of 5

  6. ILLARIA and her brilliant song “I’m Alive” was much better! And more unique. This one is so typical, so simple. I don’t even find it catchy.

  7. I CAN’T freaking believe that we have songs to analyse already! Time really FLIES!!!!

  8. About the song – Oh… sounds like something Latvians would make. For me at least – not good at all. Nothing even close to Gravity. In the best case, last year’s Belarus.
    But by default, since it’s the first song I have heard from 2014 batch – it gets first place.

    1. Ukraine

  9. Yup, wasn’t meant to wake up this early, but here I am. 😀
    And thanks! 🙂

  10. Obviously, they’re working on a new version. Here are some snippets:

    Clip 1
    Clip 2
    Clip 3

  11. Listen to the way the progression has changed on the multi track.Its fantastic.Really sounds like they have a perfect crank up going on.That cutting in and out over the melody will really grab hold of the audience.

    In the words of Mark Twain,
    “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

  12. The snippets sound much more promising but even with beefed up sound, the problem remains that this is a silly song performed by a not really convincing vocalist.
    Considering the political situation I’m not even sure one can rely on the government money which was spent last year on promo and televote numbers. It will be interesting to see how qualification markets will deal with this entry.

  13. Here is the new version.

    The worst Ukraine entry as far as I can remember. All the positives from the previous version the ethno feel and energy on stage, is simply cut out. Nothing left but a bad song with an average singer on an empty stage. If it weren’t for Ukraine allies I would seriously be considering NQ. Am I being to harsh, what do you think?

    • Thanks for posting this. I took the freedom to fix the link for you as you posted it with a timecode.
      After the bad reviews Ukraine got for this version I would imagine this won’t be the last version we heard of the song.

      • I agree. It doesn’t sound finished. I think she’s just giving Malta a little taster.

        • Yes exactly what I thought first when I heard it, It´s to bad to be true coming from Ukraine, this can’t be the final version. I know Ukraine has an incredible ambition when it comes to eurovision so I was wondering if they could switch songs if they are not able to rework this one?

  14. This is the multi track backing in progress.Lots stripped off,some added but not even a 25% finished product.They simply sent her with the basic level backing track and without any dancers or production.To be blunt they simply werent giving anything away here.
    She does need to lose that dreadful false tan though.Id expect the dress will be along similar lines,white with black clock numerals shining on it from the light display.

  15. Maria has just released a new song “Bez Tebya”.Its also dead on 3 minutes long.Could we be about to get a song change from Ukraine.?
    Interesting that in the video she has the same dress on that she performed in at the Malta finals with Tick Tock.
    The delegation have been saying there will be big changes for Copenhagen,but wed assume they mean changes to Tick Tock,not a new song.

    This is probably just a normal release from Maria but the timing of it and also the fact the song is 3 minutes long does make you wonder if its a backup for ESC if they cant get Tick Tock right.

  16. Two very good points on Ukraine.Firstly the main one.All bookies including Betfair count Eurovision final bets as anti post bets.So if a country pulled out,or didnt perform for any reason any stakes placed are lost.With the present situation in Ukraine thats worth thinking about.Although iv backed Ukraine EW at 20s and some on betfair around 27s i wont back anymore until i know they wont withdraw.Seeing Maria in London or the Netherlands concerts would help with that.
    Its likely the Ukraine government will want to keep a high profile in the worlds minds so they will probably want to be at ESC (and do well) unless the crisis gets worse.But it is a concern.

    As for a sympathy vote im not sure.The diaspora is probably more likely to vote and there might be some more support from western televoters.They might lose some support from the east though so very hard to tell.
    The jury situation is worth thinking about.Would they want Ukraine winning?Probably not.
    Would Ukraine want to win?.Probably yes as it would focus mass attention on them and the Russian tanks on their doorstep.Im not sure is the juries though will consider it though the EBU might.Dont forget countries can ask to stage the contest anywhere.If Ukraine won they could ask the UK to stage the final if they wanted.Unlikely of course but if Ukraine won and the situation got worse that might happen as it has before.

    In short iv backed Ukraine already at what i think is a decent price considering they have a song with good potential to improve and be staged very well.
    I wont be adding to that until i know they are turning up and the song/staging is improved on so it looks like they are trying to win.

    • Thanks for the answers, was lazy to search for this thread. I’m glad we are more/less in line and stopped any backing at the moment for the first reason.

      • i think ukraine may get increased support from the countries bordering russia that are not looking east i.e. the baltic states. i also think russia itself will vote for ukraine to try and say ‘we are still your friends’ even if we are occupying. the ukraine may even vote for russia in the televote given the high russian ethnicity in the east and the crimea but i think this might be negated by the jury. i can’t see much support from the west for russia this year except from their diaspora… but we’ll have to wait for the song first.

        • I’m pretty sure that the Russian perspective is that they are not the ones occupying but that Ukraine is currently being occupied by the west with a non-elected interim government that is only in place because it complies with Western interests.
          This is a perspective that’s also more coherent with actual events.

          As an Ukraine backer, which I am not, I would hope for Yanukovych to be re-installed asap. That’s unlikely to happen and I’m sure the interim government couldn’t care less about Eurovision.

  17. Great interview here with Maria.


    Like her more reading this,quite inspiring.

    “Therefore, I will not represent myself, I will not represent the Ukrainian show business, I will represent a young country that has taken its destiny in the hands and is standing in the doorstep of a new historic epoch.”

    As we hoped the Malta version isnt the finished song (a lot of the multi track wasnt added there).

    “No, it’s not the final version of the song “Tick-tock”. We are trying different variants, we are thinking and reconsidering the song in different directions in order to understand what arrangement will suit the most. We are working on it now and choosing the best variant.”

    From this we have to think so far its still game on for Copenhagen.

  18. Andy Mikheev ‏@ESCKAZ
    Stefan Örn & Björn Engelmann working on 2 #Eurovision songs: Azerbaijan “Start A Fire” revealed at 17.30 today & Ukraine @MariyaYaremchuk

    If this is true its a huge + for Ukraine having the writer of Running Scared,Drip Drop and When the Music Dies onboard.It will be Björns studio they are producing in and he will of mastered it.

    Hard to tell if its a song change or if hes re-producing Tick Tock.Some of the arrangments from Drip Drop are very similar to Tick Tock so he could be simply working on getting it right.Stefan seems to do more ballad crossovers ,ballads dripping with hooks.The Malta version of Tick Tock pointed in this direction but was obvious unfinished.

    If this is true and Stefan gets things right i still think Ukraine are massive challengers to win ESC.

  19. Eurovision.tv have uploaded the new lyrics to Tick Tock,


    On the left youl see a lyrics link,

    Stefan has taken out all the cheap elements (ticky tock tock tock,sister and brother etc) and given it a much better structured lyric base.They have also kept the crucial oh oh bridges.

    The questions now assuming they dont change things again is can Maria sing this more complicated melody?.Also have they kept it more uptempo rather than slip down into a semi ballad?.Is it as hooky with less use of the Tick Tock lyrics as thats risky?
    Maria needs to deliver it as a hook driven ethnic inspired classy uptempo stomper to win.

    New lyrics,

    I believe that I’ve loved you
    Since the first time that I saw you
    Bells rang angels sang
    When the light of the night
    fell on us we knew

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

    We both knew that you were mine
    Now cover me, I’ll buy us time, time

    oh oh oh oh oh oh oh *2

    Oh wait for me I’m worth your while
    Tick-tock, can you hear me go tick tock
    My heart is like a clock, I’m steady like a rock
    Sch don’t stop, kiss and kiss me till I drop
    My heart is like a clock you wind it with your love
    You wind and wind, it with your love
    Now I know it’s too hard to
    go tick tock without the glimpse of you
    If you cave in I break
    I keep losing my pace
    In this endless race

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

    They all know that you’re mine
    They can see we belong
    Shelter me, you’ll do fine
    Wait for me, I’ll buy us time

    Tick-tock, can you hear me go tick tock
    My heart is like a clock, I’m steady like a rock
    Sch don’t stop, kiss and kiss me till I drop
    My heart is like a clock, you wind it with your love

  20. Bet365 has Ukraine @ 21 and I’ve taken some EW. Seems solid. Sucks to have it anywhere else than betfair since the money is locked up until finale and making it a freerun is quite expensive so probably I just need to let it run :/ But it feels like good enough to put a bit money on.

    • I had some at 21s ew with Hills but iv topped right up with Bet365.Im also heavy on BF at average 29s.Im probably going to run them all,but would trade out the BF win stake for a free run if they happened to come in to sub 12s at any point.
      I was going to wait for a top 4 market but very happy with 21s ew.I just hope she can sing the new version and in getting it better for the juries they havent lost the hooks.

    • Thanks Archi for this one, I doubt we will ever get such high odds for top4.

  21. I’m not convinced by this new version. It’s gone a bit bubblegum. 21.0 isn’t high enough for me!

    • Im quite shocked they went in that direction as well Gav.They have taken a massive risk here.
      The ethno vibe being dropped and the hooks are far less in your face.
      The arrangement is very good but it forces a longer verse than the song should have on Maria.
      Chic noir is a very interesting concept and fits the new version well.It offers fantastic staging BUT it can also come across as very cold and off putting to the audience.

      The line is wafer thin now between classy noir and cheap pop.
      I wouldnt be shocked if the track gets another rework through the first third.

    • My impression after one listen to this new version is as follows;
      It feels a lot livelier, more melodic and vocally softer compared to the cheap ‘n’ cheerful catchy beats and hooks of the original version. The whistling in the melody sounds a bit odd and makes the song feel slightly creepy and off-putting. However, this is very radio friendly now but it’s kind of lacking that great clockwork gimmick and the lip smacking percussion which I felt was a real strength.

      I had hoped the song would be a simple beefed up version of the original, but it’s actually very different. The verses are a bit difficult to grasp on the first listen, much the same as I felt with Molly at first. There’s a noteworthy sense that you don’t know where this is going, but since I’ve heard this song before, I do know.

      I feel that due to Ukraine’s usual support strength, the standard of the competition and the lively, radio friendly arrangement along with what is sure to be an engaging performance makes Ukraine set for the top 10, but there are some question marks regarding jury support. Maria will need to show off her vocal talents to win them over.

      Remember that Gaitana got loads of jury support with an odd, camp, cheap feeling number and the public didn’t respond well to her at all. Let us not kid ourselves – Maria CAN sing, but not as well as Gaitana, and I believe the jury love was directed more towards her than the song. I think the public and the juries are more likely to agree on a ranking for Tick Tock – which is key to doing well under this new voting system.

      My previous prediction suggested 7th-14th or thereabouts, but I’m now prepared to up it to 5th-12th. There are more good songs than we think there are this year. The top 10 might be quite a close race while the bottom end of the scoreboard will allow a country to jump up 6 or 7 places with just 8 points. It was like that last year too. A natural side effect of the ranking system, perhaps?

  22. I think this has improved a lot. The new arrangement is great and it’s getting really radio friendly. Suddenly I like listening to this. But two facts still remains, the melody is cheap and she is just an average performer. She could get high televote, due to lack of decent up beat entries, but the juries…… Not so sure.

  23. Im a bit disapointed in this, the malta performance was looking like the song was going away from the trashy and into the atmospheric ethno style which i think jurys would have been more likely to reward, the oooooowoooo parts in malta also showed off her vocals quite nicely and it was looking promising although a bit messy.
    Now it has changed direction for the third time and its st8 up bubblegum pop,its still catchy as hell and the lyrics are better, but i cant help feeling the key to a good result was getting the juries onside and i think the ethno atmospheric version had a much better chance of achieving that.

  24. It seems I’m in the minority who thinks they did a great job of modernizing it. Besides that, Maria is the most telegenic performer this year. Finally, Ukraine will get the juries onside due to the current political climate (I made my mind about that). Add this together and she will end up top4 just like Mika and Zlata.

    • Oh man, Mika. I loved that performance. It was all about the performance being breathtakingly beautiful and not so much about the song. But uhm, it seems like you’ve made your mind about there being a sympathy vote, but I’m personally not so sure about it. It’s hard to factor in because we simply dont know yet who will be in the jury and can and will they ´keep politics out of their voting. It makes things slightly harder actually to judge this song 🙂

      • I’m also not sure of course but I’ve finally made the choice in that direction. That doesn’t mean I’m now lumping on all possible markets – it’s a long way to go.

  25. How do you guys feel about Ukraine winning sf1 @ 11.0 at Bwin? There are some things going for Ukraine, like the possible sympathy vote which I’m not too sure actually exists, but for sure the crisis in crimea wont hurt their chances, but it might help them IF there are some sympathy voters. And they are in the last half unlike biggest rival Armenia who will go in the first half. Would be nice to know the running order before these bets, but I’m afraid it’ll go down 🙂

    • Others wont agree with me here Archi probably but i think that is an outstanding bet.Iv taken it up to my limit and to be very fair to Bwin they took a good wedge.Iv been waiting for that very bet and expected 6s at best.
      We already know Ukraine are in the 2nd half of the semi and look to have already massive support.Latvia and Estonia in there are a huge bonus as well.Spain France and Denmark might all be more likely to vote for Ukraine over Azer and Russia.Armenia and Hungary are probably the main threats and Hungary has second half as well.Looking at the second half of the semi if i was the producer id probably give Ukraine the pimp slot with Belgium or the Netherlands before it.That would really suit Tick-Tock.
      I think wel get a free run on this and it will end up shorter on BF closer to the semi.Il also be backing top 3 to cover the stake if i cant get a free run.

    • I think that’s a really good bet Archi. Though I still expect the two big A- guns to finish higher, 11 is an outstanding value. In my mind Ukrainians has performed a production miracle with this song and I wouldn’t rule out another miracle (at least not for a 2 digit value).

  26. I noticed the 11.0 for Ukraine, but would prefer e/w insurance.

  27. Fantastic performance,staging looks class,shes got backing tape running but i reckon shel go with two backing singers anyway.The look and power make the song look and sound classy rather than cheap,exactly the sort of staging it needs.Easily in my top 2 at the moment.

    • Staging was awful, Durham. Far too aggressive and distracting – needs work.

      • So was Belgium’s last year, though. Depends on camera angles really. I would say definitely get rid of that wheelbarrow lift though, really makes her look like a tiny little weak thing in contrast to the sexy image she’s presenting throughout the rest of the songs. Anyway, I like the look, this is pretty strong and might sneak into the top 5, but I don’t think the song has a winner’s feel to it.

  28. While it’s obvious that for this entry db has already taken off with one of his world famous over the moon obsessions, that we know and love him for, I do agree with him that the attempt to stage this similarly to the official video is a wise move.
    When you have a 20-year old who wears make-up like a 14 year old singing a song called tick-tock you gotta try to bring it to a polished high school musical level, let’s pretend to be adults for one evening.
    Film noir theme night at the Disney Channel, i think that’s a look that could help and prevent this entry from being destroyed by juries. Thanks to the fabulous work of Stefan Örn Top10 is within reach.

    • haha its ok shell il spend the next month like all the other tipsters on the ESC scene and never actually mention any bets or make any opinion at all apart from skirting around everything.).The chic noir look is to give the song a better chance with the juries your right and its a good move.You can understand why theyd feel they need to make it more classy.Not to would be suicide.I do think it will do well yes and is a challenger for the top places but its as likely to come 12th as it is to win.I can also see why people would think this has no chance at all.Its that type of year and rehearsals will be everything for this and many more.Thats why im trying to get all my outright bets running for free if possible.The less of my own money i have riding on anything this year the better.Iv got 13 different countries on the outright market,the most iv ever had before was 8.

      • 🙂 For me you are like the Inspector Columbo of esc betting, db. Always sniffing around, nobody really understands what you are doing and why you are doing it, but in the end you always seem to solve the mistery. 🙂

  29. Well im not confident this year at all shell.Its the hardest to figure out i have ever known,at least at this stage.My win book has a good chance of being a see of red if trades go the wrong way and i havent the winner in the greens.Il be happy to end up in profit this year even if its £1.Gavs eyes and ears at the rehearsals could be crucial.Maybe we have had it too easy the last 4 or 5 years and its time to have to work a bit harder.

  30. One of dbs over the moon obsessions last year was emilie de forest and look how that panned out :-). Must admit im quite impressed by ukraines performance at esc in concert its looking very slick

  31. In an interview with wiwibloggs Sietse Bakker was asked what if Ukraine had won last year,would it be safe to hold it there now, and this was his reply ,” 2005 which was held there just after the Orange Revolution. But it had settled down by then and so it all worked out well. Same for this year with the Junior Eurovision.

    He then went on to say with the situation as it is now, it would not be safe enough. And in that case he said they would go to Germany and Sweden and get one of them to take over last minute to take over hosting.”

    So if thats the view of the EBU would they want Ukraine to win?.Ok youd expect the situation to be calmed by next year but its still interesting.

    Not sure why he mentioned Sweden as where they would go as the big 5 would get the first say and chance id expect.

    • Yeah, I had a similar discussion with him. Still don’t consider Ukraine as winners, but definitely think Russia will be hammered in the semi-final with trouble spreading to other areas of Ukraine.

  32. Just had my first attentive listen to this in a few weeks – I strongly doubt this will win. I’m sure it will do very well for being a good pop song, likely with a sexy, impressive performance and good vocals, but it spends too long in the atmospheric parts and doesn’t grow. It has a 2 verse, 2 chorus structure with no climax, much like Hungary. It doesn’t fit the template.

    • Nothing does fit the template Ben this year really.I still think this has a great chance and my likely big challenger to win.However it could also bomb quite easily.I think the climax will be fine .I think your right as it stands it doesnt grow but id expect them to stage it with the dancers going around her like a clock as she delivers the end vocals.Its also one of the entries that should be able to make best use of all those LED screens.
      My only real worries are shes a bit too much id steal your boyfriend.Shes almost too gorgeous and cocky with the camera.Id prefer a more vunerable look..Sometimes it comes over a bit cold and noir as well.
      We might see a winner emerge once we get to rehearsals but im very glad i traded this into a good profit and will be running it.

      • I think Maria has already said that she’ll be taking 4 female backing singers, which doesn’t leave room for those spectre agents. Maybe the dancers will be female? I’ve tried to get some info, but no one is willing to spill the beans.

        I should have some info on Romania next week.

        • Shes right to use 4 backing singers and i have a feeling the part in the official video where she has the dress on starting at 1.40 will be similar to the staging in Copenhagen.If you look at 2.14 the 4 female dancers spin in to Maria.I expect this will be very similar to the look they go for.Theyl want to create clock hands during the chorus.The 4 backing singers probably dancers as well.The parts when they are close in are the parts with no backing use.They spin back out to parts of the clock for the climax probably as thats where Maria stands alone with the bigger notes and the backing all delivering harmonies at the end as in the official vid.
          The Polish leaked video also showed us the potential of the stage for looking straight down during their instrumental.
          Tick Tock is the best entry to make use of that with the clock being used on that stage and the dancers spinning in.

          Romania also has huge potential on that stage as do a few others.

      • When I say the template, I mean an contemporary –and/or– uplifting radio-friendly song with 2 verses, 2 choruses, a bridge/middle-eight and a climax, along with an effective (can mean many things) visual presentation, good vocals and ideally a telegenic singer. There are several countries with songs fitting most if not all of that template this year… the UK, Estonia, Spain, Denmark, Romania, Israel, Malta, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Lithuania.

        Armenia, Hungary, Ukraine, Norway and Sweden, while all very good at what they are doing, don’t have the structure of a winner’s song and therefore fall at the first hurdle. Won’t stop them doing very well, just from winning. I know that’s a bold thing to say and I could be overestimating the importance of song structure, but there are no winners from the 50/50 voting era that defy this.

  33. Kind of expecting something decent for romania,the fact that they got refused for hologram shows they are setting the bar high

    • Or, more likely, they’re trying to get away with relying on distractions.

    • Actually, just out of interest, how do we know they were turned down for holograms? I never hear of this stuff anywhere…

      • Same distractions Ukraine are famous for deploying. Telvoters remember gimmicks: Farid’s glass box, Zlata’s Giant, Cezar’s pulsating haemorrhoid, Russia’s dancing grannies, Sabina’s dress, Eric’s glass breaking, Mika’s sand artist, Jedward’s Lipstick, MaNga’s robot and Paula & Ovi’s piano to name but a few.

        • Distractions and gimmicks are different things IMO. The point I was trying to make is that Romania may have tried to go for the holograms so that the cameras don’t have to spend too much time focusing on two people that have no idea how to work a stage.

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