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Record Song Submissions Makes Denmark A Contender!

Yesterday, DR announced that a record breaking 872 entries had been submitted for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix .  The record was broken just last year, when 692 entries were received, so Denmark’s victory has inspired a 20% uplift in submissions.

DR Entertainment editor, Rasmus Ladefoged, stated that there was a mix of amateur and professional songs in addition to wildcards invited by the host broadcaster.

Why should this spike in interest lead to Denmark being 2014 contender?

Denmark has achieved three top-5 finishes in Eurovision over the last 5 years.  That record is only beaten by Azerbaijan, with Greece and Turkey running them very close!  Two of those nations benefit from huge diaspora and Azerbaijan enjoys unusual loyalty from a host of nations.

Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix show seems to perfectly capture western musical tastes and can be trusted to select the right song for Eurovision.

In 2009, Chanée & N’evergreen performed their Police-inspired In a Moment Like This and finished 4th.

2011 brought us perhaps one of the best Eurovision entries of recent times, A Friend in London’s New Tomorrow finished 5th having being drawn third in the running order.  I have argued that Denmark could have won if drawn 17th or later.

2012 was perhaps the one year that DMGP delivered the wrong song, or at least didn’t make the necessary adjustments to the Eurovision presentation. Soluna Samay’s Should’ve Known Better finished a lowly 23rd where Jesper Nohrstedt’s Take Our Hearts may have finished a little higher.

Obviously, 2013 requires no introduction, other than to say that Emmelie was not the favourite to win DMGP before the final.  It was only after her performance that the odds adjusted to reflect the potential of Teardrops.

So as you can read above, I’m expecting great things from Denmark this year.  We will be covering Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in great depth, in addition to Melodifestivalen and other major selections, so make sure you follow our Twitter feed and like us on Facebook.

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