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ESCtips Says: Outsource ESC vote counting to Azerbaijan

Over the last few months, we at ESCtips have come up with a number of suggestions to improve the Eurovision voting process. News this week from Azerbaijan points to another way to make the process far more efficient.

According to Access, the movement for global digital freedom, the results of the Azeri general election were released through the official election app yesterday (October 8th). This despite the fact that the election actually takes place today (October 9th). We at ESCtips admire the sheer speed and efficiency of the Azeris, and feel that similar techniques could lead to a massive streamlining of the long-winded Eurovision voting process.

Obviously, certain cynics will claim that such a streamlining may well lead to errors and discrepancies in voting. However, Azerbaijan has a proud history of making sure that votes go to their intended destination. For example, in 2009, Azeri citizens voting for Armenia were brought in for questioning, surely in an attempt to ensure that no mistakes were made.

An anonymous source from the Azeri ESC delegation said: “If responsibility for the voting procedure were to be handed over to us completely, we are confident that we could have the results of Eurovision 2014 completed as early as April next year. Naturally, this process would be even quicker if the contest were to be held in Baku, but sadly that’s not due to happen until 2015.”

Anke Engelke, the host of the 2011 contest, commented thus: “It is good to be able to vote and it is good to have a choice. Good luck on your journey, Eurovision!”


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