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An Interesting Proposal from San Marino

ESCToday are reporting comments from the General Director of SMRTV, Carlo Romeo, where he suggests that the EBU should appoint the national juries, rather than the individual national broadcasters.

Carlo said of the current system:

“Every year rumours about jury voting spread on the internet. EBU receives a lot of criticism regarding the the voting method and for potential opacity of this or that country. Maybe we should turn the Eurovision Song Contest  into a more modern and transparent contest by organising the national juries – which represent 50% of the final vote – keeping out the broadcasters from the organization.”

This is an interesting proposal from the micro-state and it comes a year after their own jury awarded 8 points to Rambo Amadeus’ Euro Neuro in semi-final 1 and 10 points to the Russian grannies.  With that in mind, I guess they can speak from experience, so their demands for a more controlled and centralised method for appointing jury members should be applauded and granted careful consideration by the EBU.

How would such a system be managed?

The whispers I heard in Malmö suggest that such a system would still possess monumental flaws.  Vote swapping isn’t some casual agreement between national broadcasting executives, in most cases it is government sponsored.  What’s more, given the opaque method of results publication since the reintroduction of the juries, the EBU has a far from transparent facade.

I suspect that such as system would remain penetrable by external forces and I’m more in favour of my own proposal below.

Do we actually need a jury for every country, or could we use a panel of between 6-10 international music professionals and academics to complete just one jury ranking for the whole contest?

This has a chance.  OK, it’s less people to manipulate so one bad egg could drastically skew the result.  However, one bad egg would find it difficult to influence a group of professionals and academics from around the world.

Furthermore, the thought of between 6-10 music professionals deliberating on the contest makes sense in this new austerity period.  One jury score is easy to manage and simple to publish after the contest.  Fans would know exactly what the juries rewarded without having to consider the political bias of certain blocs.  They could even publish a small report after the contest detailing their decisions and focusing on their professional critique of the musical and visual package.

Do you think this is a suitable way forward?


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  1. Slovenia have announced the Jury votes.Ukraine top in the semi and Denmark 3rd,yet Denmark top in the final and Ukraine not in the top 10?.Netherlands 8th in the semi yet 4th in the final.How these juries get away with such wild swings is anyones idea.6 of the entries who finished ahead of the Netherlands in the semi votes were in the final but only 2 finished ahead.
    These votes dont ring true at all.How can Ukraine top the jury vote in the semi yet not be in the top 10 in the final?,. 4 entries who they finished above in the semi all are higher in the final.
    Were the performances so different? Or were there bungs “make sure we qualify”.

    The votes look fine when you look at just the final and can understand them,but they are so far removed from the semi it calls things into question.


  2. You’re right Durham, it is strange. I usually expect to see a song do well in the semis, where there is less competition, and then do worse once in the final.

    To see the reverse occurring suggests something very shady indeed when you consider who topped the semi vote. I would like to see the split, as it may suggest another televote sham.

  3. Indeed Gav.The semis always have the fact of different competition but to see Ukraine top the semi points only to not even make top 10 in the final means something is very wrong.
    Russia was in here as well so you cant argue that was the reason.
    Looks like another country where mass fiddling has gone on.

    The right song won ESC no doubt at all about that but there are massive problems below the winner.

    I have a feeling the splits will show mass corruption sadly.

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