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Eurovision 2013: Split Voting Published

The Eurovision.TV website has tonight published the split results for the both semi-finals and final.  There are a few curve-balls at first glance, most notably for Belarus, Ireland and Spain in the final.  Though once you account for the points totals, it all makes sense.  Malta winning the jury vote in semi 2 – I didn’t see that coming!

I will publish some thoughts once I’ve fully digested the information and found sufficient time to note them down.

split semi 1 2013
Source: esctoday.com
Source: esctoday.com
Source: esctoday.com
Source: esctoday.com
Source: esctoday.com

What are your thoughts on the split result?


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  1. The point is that we don’t know that Malta won from these figures. 3.4 x 20 countries voting = 68. So they could have had, say, 12 x 3rd place, 8 x 4th place, or 10 x 3rd, 8 x 4th, 1 x 6th. I’m sure someone who is more statistical than me could work out the max and minimum points from these figures.

    Say Malta got 12 x 3rd and 8 x 4th, that would be 96 points + 56 points = 150 points.

    Azerbaijan, 4.6 * 20 = 92, could have potentially had 13 x 1st place and the rest at 11th and 12th place, which would have given them 156 points from the juries alone.

    So we don’t really know who won the jury vote alone.

    I’ve no idea how clearly I’ve made that point or not – but we’re looking at averages and with there being a premium on 1st and 2nd, anywhere that has been inflating their figures won’t stand out in the figures that have been released – so makes one wonder why they’ve been released in this format.

  2. These are fascinating results and really lay down the markers for next year(for the final not the semis).The jury vote all went for contemporary commercial songs.Denmark,Azer,Ukraine,Norway,Sweden,Italy,Malta and the Netherlands.Moldova the only one not but shows the best staging still scores high with the juries.There is no doubt now,juries vote for instant appeal and quality.The commercial songs that sunk all came over as “cheap” or had poor vocals/presentation and were easy to spot.
    The televoters went for the same.The days of jury friendly/televote friendly are over.(Iceland scored a higher televote than jury)Its all about being contemporary/commercial/instant/well staged/good vocals.Simple as that.

    Another really telling fact here is the blocks.The Scandi block only have the firepower at best to get 2 in the top 10 (see how Sweden suffered in the televote).The eastern block only have the power at best to get 3 in the top 10 (see how Moldova and Georgia suffered badly in televote).That was a year when jury scores were good as well so really is “at best” as Balkan votes helped some of them as well and that should be a one off.

    This really does help us next year.I hope they keep this new voting system as picking some nailed on top 4/top 10 next year and even better nailed on top 4 /top 10 lays will be easy.

    Thats the big story here.Juries now vote like an neutral televoter would and the block televoters can only help a few into the top 10.

    (I think a lot of the Balkan televote went to Romania and Hungary)

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