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Barbara Dex Award for Moje 3

Serbia’s girl group, Moje 3 have scooped this year’s Barbara Dex Award.  The accolade aims to recognise the best – or worst depending on how you look at it – Eurovision fashion faux pas.  Those hardened fans who tuned into the semi-finals will have witnessed a first class candy-coloured cock-up that was potentially the primary ingredient in Serbia’s failure to qualify.

It was a convincing win for the trio who had earlier announced their immediate separation.  Moje 3 now join the esteemed ranks of fellow Barbara Dex winners that include: Verka Serduchka, Rona Nishliu and fellow Serbian, Milan Stankovic.

The 2747  votes were cast, but the top-5 contenders come as little surprise:

  1. Serbia – 967 votes
  2. Romania – 544 votes
  3. Israel – 296 votes
  4. Albania – 150 votes
  5. Montenegro – 110 votes


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  1. My one disaster this year being heavy into a top 10 bet to trade once they qualified.They got me off to the worst possible start.Whats interesting though is what happened.The song in its original form had an easy to follow narrative for the none Serbian speaker.It was easy to follow that it was a young girl fighting the eternal devil/angel pulling two ways.
    The designer promised so much and it was touted that the costumes had the angel/devil side to come.It never arrived.Instead we had the spectacle of two sexual charged older teens trying to have a lesbian tryst with a pre-puberty young girl.
    The local media went so far as to say they had shamed Serbia by sending “prostitutka” to Malmo.Harsh considering the girls were very good indeed ,let down by a delegation that thought they were booked for the Moulin Rouge rather than ESC.

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