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Eurovision Final: Voting Order Published

Make of it what you will, but below we have tonight’s voting order.  This order is arranged in order to create the most exciting finish

The order is as follows: (Spokespersons in brackets)

  1. San Marino (John Kennedy O’Connor)
  2. Sweden (Yohio)
  3. Albania (Andri Xhahu)
  4. Netherlands (Cornald Maas)
  5. Austria (Kati Bellowitsch)
  6. United Kingdom (Scott Mills)
  7. Israel (Ofer Nachshon)
  8. Serbia (Maja Nikolic)
  9. Ukraine (Matias)
  10. Hungary (Éva Novodomszky)
  11. Romania (Sonia Argint)
  12. Moldova (Olivia Furtuna)
  13. Azerbaijan (Tamilla Shirinova)
  14. Norway (Tooji)
  15. Armenia (Andre)
  16. Italy (Federica Gentile)
  17. Finland (Kristiina Wheeler)
  18. Spain (Inés Paz)
  19. Belarus (Darya Domracheva)
  20. Latvia (Anmary)
  21. Bulgaria (Joana Dragneva)
  22. Belgium (Barbara Louys)
  23. Russia (Alsou)
  24. Malta (Emma Hickey)
  25. Estonia (Rolf Roosalu)
  26. Germany (Lena)
  27. Iceland (Maria Sigrun Hilmarsdottir)
  28. France (Marine Vignes)
  29. Greece (Andriana Magania)
  30. Ireland (Nicky Byrne)
  31. Denmark (Sofie Lassen-Kalhke)
  32. Montenegro (Ivana Sebek)
  33. Slovenia (Andrea F)
  34. Georgia (Liza Tsiklauri)
  35. F.Y.R. Macedonia (Dimitar Atanasovski)
  36. Cyprus (Loukas Hamatsos)
  37. Croatia (Uršula Tolj)
  38. Switzerland (Mélanie Freymond)
  39. Lithuania (Ignas Krupavicius)

What pattern can you see in the voting order? It certainly looks as if a Balkan nation is going to push for the win!


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  1. is this drawn randomly?
    5-6 of the last 10 countries voting are likely to give Greece some heavy points… is this significant? Scandinavia into an early lead followed by a Balkan comeback…

    • It’s not random rob – they put the jury results from last night into an algorithm which determines a running order – i’ll do some analysis this afternoon and share it here.

  2. The EBU set the voting order to make the result more exciting. So yes, those Balkan nations are significant.

  3. split between Denmark and Norway maybe ? great songs and similiar friends, and the winner is… hm Azerbajian

  4. If top 4 drifts badly for Greece if indeed the scandies are looking good halfway it would be worth adding i think.The Balkans surely would favour Greece,maybe some Hungary and maybe a scattering to Moldova and Azer.Those Balkan countries all together indicate probably Greece wins or makes a late push.Hope Beanie can get back after having a good look at it.
    Though surely the juries wouldnt be massive Greece unless the EBU add in historical voting to the algorithm as well.

  5. maybe Romania won the jury? they can expect support from the Balkans lol, as would moldova

  6. also looks like Italy may be high on the early scores

  7. Thanks to all contributors here for all the work over the last few months – and I hope you all have a successful night. For what its worth, my prediction and bets below:

    Win Market – Denmark the most likely winner, ticks all the boxes and looks very effective. However, with the glut of contenders following it things could get a little cluttered in voters minds, so I’m not taking a position at the current price – instead Azerbaijan currently at 27 in the win market looks like the play. Visually appealing, memorable enough and with a whole host of friendly votes to count on – I think it will go very close.

    Top 10 – Iceland has been tipped extensively and it’s easy to see why – the simplicity of the song and performance has a definite televote and jury market, and the fact it is in Icelandic is of little concern given the high jury scores given to non English songs last year. Also, Malta look to have value at over 3/1 – the song is instant, memorable, relatively current, and is sold superbly. Amongst the wailing and gimmicks and dramatic staging, Iceland and Malta stand out for their simplicity and I think that may be rewarded by the juries.

    Other – last place I have between Spain and Belarus so have covered both. Belarus may do ok on the televote but is likely to be savaged by the juries, whereas it’s difficult to see Spain having much success on either count.

    Last: Spain
    21st-25th – France, Lithuania, Belarus, UK, Armenia
    16th-20th – Hungary, Sweden, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium
    11th-15th – Finland, Estonia, Germany, Georgia, Ireland
    10th – Italy
    9th – Malta
    8th – Moldova
    7th – Norway
    6th – Iceland
    5th – Russia
    4th – Greece
    3rd – Ukraine
    2nd – Denmark
    1st – Azerbaijan

    GL all 🙂

  8. Nice analysis Beanie. Can’t add much to it, but here’s my top-4 (that’s all I’m willing to give away):

    1st – Denmark
    2nd – Ukraine
    3rd – Greece
    4th – Azerbaijan

    Enjoy it all!

  9. If Azerbaijan win, it’ll be the weakest winner since… Azerbaijan last won.

  10. Re the draw, it certainly doesn’t look like Denmark have won the jury vote. In 2011 almost all the countries that Italy received 10 or 12 points from were featured in the 2nd half of the voting running order. Likewise, any countries that revealed that their jury gave Sweden a 12(Germany/Finland etc) were featured in the latter stages. Its not an exact science – Portugal’s jury gave Sweden 0 last year yet still revealed their votes after halfway. Nevertheless, as a general guideline the jury winners strongest support will come after the halfway point. Given that Finland, Norway, and Sweden all reveal in the first half, as well as countries where Only Teardrops has been well received such as the Netherlands and Romania (Belgium too who come shortly after halfway.)

    Of course, these countries may not necessarily have given high marks to the Danes, and vice versa countries at a later stage may have done so, but the suggestion is that Denmark haven’t come particularly close to topping the jury vote.

    As to who has…the suggestions of Azerbaijan makes the most sense as more of their friendlies turn up in the second half – indeed it’s almost exactly on halfway that this change occurs(Belarus onwards). Greece and Georgia could claim similar.

    To be honest im still none the wiser as I’d be surprised if any of those 3 actually had topped the jury poll, so it’s all to be taken with a pinch of salt. Wouldnt be surprised if the jury vote is close between 5 or 6 acts.

  11. Italy early push means maybe they will be high but they wont win, I took top 4 @5.5, market didn’t follow my idea ( drifted till @6.4)

  12. my top ten. sticking my neck out and saying Denmark won’t win:
    2. Azerbaijan
    3. Denmark
    4. Ukraine
    5. Norway
    8. Netherlands
    just missing out: Italy; Russia; Ireland
    I have an interest in all the top 10 bar Moldova. fingers crossed and good luck to everyone.

  13. Great result id say.Over the moon Emmelie pulled it off,fantastic.Hungary hitting top 10 another highlight and Georgia not hitting top 10 lovely.
    A few landed but were very close france v spain ,Estonia top baltic and others but close is good enough.
    Only downsides was Russia getting 5th rather than 6th and Greece missing the podium.Moldova and Iceland missing top 10 as well but that kept Hungary in.
    Overall a great year.

  14. yep Greece missing out cost me and also not getting in early enough for a good price on Denmark. some decent bets landed with ew’s on azer and Norway. mediocre year for me compared to last 2 years. well there’s always Copenhagen…

  15. Looking through all bets iv got more losing bets this year than ever before yet turned a very good profit.I had a lot of saver bets this year like Greece top 10 to cover the EW etc.
    I do wish id taken Georgia on much more.I had good lays top 4 and top 10 but i always knew it was rubbish and should of layed top 4 much heavier.

    Just checked and Hungary won the handicap on bet365 fantastic,,Gav will be pleased with that one as well)

    And denmark won semi 1 so the denmark win/san marino none qualify is up and pimp will be very happy with that one landing.

    • Durham, that news just made my day. I wrote that bet off last night.

      Sorry about the quick exit last night. Had to get the train back to Denmark in order to get just a little sleep for the first time in two days ready for flight home.

      I’ll write a short summary later. Plus, here’s a nice video of Azerbaijan’allegedly’ buying votes.

  16. Yes Hungary won me big in the top 10 and then seeing that handicap up when i logged into bet365 was a lovely surprise as well.I knew you had it as well,fantastic bet at a huge price.Great that a song we wrote off appealed on the stage and in the semi and we read the signs right,,thats what its all about

    I sooooo nearly landed my lay in the semi on Georgia as well,,1.05 i had them at and they were 10th,,

    Safe journey home Gav and look forward to your thoughts later,,

  17. Hey gav, just want to thank you for all the tremendous work you’ve put into this site! I was especially impressed with your swift way of handling the domain name problem. Reports from rehearsals have of course been invaluable, as has your coverage of the various national finals and their outcomes.

    Cheers for that!

  18. Azerbaijan president orders inquiry as to why they didn’t give Russia points: http://www.news.az/articles/eurovision/79868

  19. Good spot Andy and thanks for the complements, both!

    Those issues will not occur again. ESCtips is staying, but I’ll start transferring the content across from the old site soon.

    I’m having a day’s rest before I begin thinking through the permutations of the result. I’ll also open a suggestion box for next year. One of the main updates will be a more reliable theme, dedicated hosting and a proper live blog.

    • Yes we cant ever thankyou enough Gav for your work and with everything thrown at you right before ESC you delivered as usual.

      I think as well all regular commentators on here were on the money this year.There is nowhere better for casual punters to pop by and enjoy a flutter.Some of the tips highlighted on here this year from Gav and commentators were simply outstanding.Wrong calls from eveyone yes,,but the value delivered over the whole season was simply superb.

      Even better next year?I think so.

  20. I think it is now pretty obvious Azer and most probably some other Eastern countries are in one way or another at the least pushing the boundaries.
    It looks like the EBU through its systems did indeed cancel out the Azer votes for Russia and if so they must of flagged them up as iffy.
    The EBU has a serious problem.We could see a lot of countries fail to enter next year.The Central Europe/Balkan areas are prime candidates to pull out.Did Azer really deserve more 12s than Denmark?Plus what does ring alarm bells is the amount of 12s from countries with very low televote numbers.Malta,Israel ,Lithuania.Malta.Split votes will be telling from these.
    SVT did everything this year to make sure Denmark won.The staging etc was a winners staging.
    I think this indicates the EBU wanted to make sure that Azer or others didnt win.If they know something they need to investigate.I have a feeling these reports are going to run.
    The split votes will show up perhaps some juries being less than clean as well i would expect.

    Something doesnt smell right.

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