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Eurovision Running Order Published

Still awake at the early hours of the morning, we’re bringing you the running order for the Eurovision 2013 final hot off the press!

  1. France
  2. Lithuania
  3. Moldova
  4. Finland
  5. Spain
  6. Belgium
  7. Estonia
  8. Belarus
  9. Malta
  10. Russia
  11. Germany
  12. Armenia
  13. The Netherlands
  14. Romania
  15. United Kingdom
  16. Sweden
  17. Hungary
  18. Denmark
  19. Iceland
  20. Azerbaijan
  21. Greece
  22. Ukraine
  23. Italy
  24. Norway
  25. Georgia
  26. Ireland


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  1. Georgia is now a shoe-in for Top 4. A better draw for Denmark than Norway.

  2. Tracey Allsopp

    Good draw for the UK Gav

    • Not the best actually. They are overshadowed by the host nation, Sweden. Contrast to Romania may also be too much for Bonnie.

  3. Does anyone know if SVT know the scores from the semis or is it just the EBU?

  4. The official line was no prior to the contest.

  5. thanks Gav,i was just wondering because they could also manipulate the running order to try to make a closer race.

  6. Does anyone know when the commercial breaks are planned?

  7. Nope, commercial break after Armenia and before Netherlands.

    • Thanks Gert, we actually picked that up during the rehearsal.

      What’s worse, Linda Woodruff follows the break too, so Armenia are screwed.

      • Isn’t usually the view that it’s good to have a break after your entry, but not before?

      • Question is whether some nations may have a commercial break there? If it’s just a skit, people should stay watching, and it shouldn’t matter for the Netherlands. If it’s a commercial break on the other hand, people might leave the room or switch channel, only to return half-way into the song.

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