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Italy: Marco Mengoni – L’Essenziale

RAI have finally confirmed L’Essenziale as Marco Mengoni’s song for Eurovision 2013!

Italy has a lot to be proud of since their return to Eurovision two years ago.  Raphael Gualazzi surprised with a second placed finish, while Nina Zilli finished a respectable 9th last year.

Once again the highly respected Sanremo Music Festival served as the selection process for, and this year brought us X-Factor winner, Sanremo champion and World Music Awards nominee, Marco Mengoni.

It was eventually announced that his winning Sanremo entry, L’Essenziale would go head-to-head with Europe’s elite in Malmö.

L’Essenziale is a classy, delicate ballad that will focus the Eurovision audiences’ attention more on Mengoni’s charisma and effortless vocal abilities, than the song.

Whilst beautifully written and expertly produced, L’Essenziale fails to land a single powerful blow.  Therefore, in Malmö, it will struggle to be remembered and may miss the top-10 if given an early draw by the producers.

L’Essenziale struggles against the likes of Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Denmark and even the Netherlands, all of whom are more memorable.  Don’t misunderstand Eurovision as a competition for classy songs.  To do well, you’ve got three minutes to make an impact, and despite Mengoni’s outstanding credentials, he fails to stand out.

The moment Mengoni was unveiled as Italy’s representative; I said Bellissimo should be chosen as his song for Eurovision to stand out in a year packed with ballads.  Plus, it’s the much better song!

San Remo Performance

Official Video

Latest video

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  1. Official 3 minute version.

  2. It seems the instruments at the end have had the chop.Does this point to just him on stage?I hope not.

  3. Found you on twitter Gav so saw the link.Hope you get the site back up.A lot of casual followers now who will enjoy ESC far more thanks to the site.Must be very frustrating for you guys.

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