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United Kingdom: Bonnie Tyler – Believe in Me

The BBC have unveiled Bonnie Tyler as the UK’s Eurovision 2013 representative!

Believe in My is well-written song – perhaps a little slow, but nonetheless, a solid effort. With Bonnie, we get an experienced singer who can deliver a strong live vocal. She’s also still popular across Europe, so a higher finish is certainly on the cards.

In a previous article, I argued that 12th-18th is a likely finishing position range.

Song Presentation

Latest Video

Staging Preview

Source: SVT

Where do you think the UK will finish this year?

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  1. You know what Gav watching Bonnie on that second video this is a cracking entry.
    She sure knows how to engage the audience still doesnt she.Works really well with the instruments on stage like that.I love the rockier instruments with the strings.

    I would love to see a live version now.Shes getting backing singers it seems so we wont have all those instruments on stage at Malmo.

    This is the best UK entry in years.Id be the first to knock the dross the BBC have sent lately,but hats off,nothing wrong with this at all.

    Could she top 10? I think 12th would be a great result but that top 10 door is just open.

  2. Must add as well Bonnie looks fantastic in the 2nd vid.She looks made for ESC in it.Best of luck to her i say,very good.

  3. I still find it hard to get exited about this, its all a bit middle of the road to me, its not terrible but its the type of song that what ever you find yourself looking for this kind of sits somewhere in the middle.

  4. Im not excited by it pimp and agree with you 100%.However it is the best UK entry for a long time.Bonnie will appeal to a large demographic that hasnt got much aimed at it this year.
    She also really does know how to milk an audience.
    Im just glad that we have a decent entry instead of the usual rubbish.

  5. I generally agree with the overall sentiment. It’s a cut out and paste job of a song, with very little to make televoters pick up the phone, even if they quite like the song and are humming away by the end of the second chorus. May do better with juries and their proportional voting style, but the middle of the road songs like this will always suffer with the televoters.

  6. Staging preview suggests she’ll have a full band with two backing singers. Much better than last year.

    Here’s that Radio 2 performance…

  7. Re the live Graham Norton video…Just as well she has the backing singers to support her voice as you can see she is struggling with a lot of this.
    Very average song…a mid table job this in my opinion.

  8. Little Boots (Victoria Hesketh) has tweeted shed be well up for Eurovision for the UK,,Graham Norton has tweeted back shel be getting the call.

    Now if only.Victoria is edgy and with the right song would blast the UK right back into the competition.She would make ESC cool again for UK musicians.

    Emmelie this year had Kate Bush as a huge influence on her so in that tradition here is Victoria delivering a great version here.
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82QXgDS_TMM&w=360&h=203%5D

    I for one hope the BBC pursue this right from the start.

    • Hey Durham! I spotted that earlier, but wasn’t impressed with her Gaga-borrowed sound and lust for autotune. I’ll get an article done as soon as I finish importing the old database.

      How you liking the new set up? It’s not complete, mind you.

  9. Yes agree i wouldnt want her doing one of her own songs,but when she does acoustic covers like the Kate Bush one shes very good.She would be a great choice to front someone elses song i think.At least more contemporary artists are sniffing.
    The site is looking great and it would be good to keep it ticking over with ESC related info until we can get stuck into the selection shows again.
    Our record this year with the selection shows,MelFest and the final itself was superb.While everyone else was swooning over the likes of Georgia we nailed who the real winner would always be and were prepared to say so.A couple of dodgy bets along the way but the overall value delivered was about as good as you can get.

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