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Moldova: Aliona Moon O Mie

  • Strong allies to count on
  • Excellent qualification record
  • Vocals are acceptable
  • Language changed to Romanian
  • Entry is rather unambitious and doesn’t stand out
  • There are better songs of this genre in semi 2

Moldova tonight chose Aliona Moon to represent them in Malmö with her song A Million.

Although Aliona was behind Boris Covali in the televote (36.5% to 28.5% – the rest were nowhere), the jury votes, when converted into Eurovision points, gave her a victory of two points over Covali.

What can I say? It’s an unremarkable mid-tempo ballad. Not bad, but not good. Her voice is OK, English pronunciation dodgy, but that’s unlikely to count against her in the voting. I think it should qualify, given the presence of friends in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in their semi, but I don’t see it as a contender. Although I dream of the days of the quirky anarchy of “Granny Bangs The Drums”

National Final

New Version

Latest Video

What do you think to O Mie?

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  1. They have released an official video. I’m not posting this so you can enjoy the sight of silk fabric floating in slow motion, but rather because of the improved instrumental arrangement.

  2. Thats much better shell isnt it.She looks far better as well out of that straighjacket dress and concrete hair.
    Her being much more natural with that arrangement is like a different song.
    Rehearsals will be interesting for this.Nautral girl or cardboard cutout,,what will we get?

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