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Latvia: PeR – Here We Go

  • It’s fun and memorable
  • Not enough allies to pick up support
  • Song is 90s sounding and very dated
  • Juries will hammer this

Latvia have tonight selected the group PeR with the song, Here We Go, to compete at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

Every year there are instances where a weak or unsuitable song is selected despite much stronger entries competing in the final.

It happened in Latvia tonight, where PeR won the ticket to Malmö by the narrowest of margins with thanks to their extensive fan base.  In the super final , the juries ranked them last, but the televote placed them ahead of Samanta Tīna who topped the jury points tally.  If the points tally was proportional, Samanta would be flying to Malmö in May and heading for a much higher finish than the dreadfully dated PeR.

Here We Go may be upbeat with a distinctive hook, but in terms of its style and arrangement, it’s stuck in the late 90s pop/dance movement that brought us D:ream Things Can Only Get Better. There’s nothing wrong with D:ream, but it’s poor judgement that PeR have exhumed this genre from its 20th century resting place.

Effectively, PeR are 15 years too late with this school-disco track and will struggle to progress from their semi-final.

National Final

Official Video

Latest video

Does anyone think Latvia will qualify? Go on, don’t be shy!

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