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Netherlands: Anouk – Birds

  • Very strong vocals
  • Excellent arrangement and stunning instrumentation
  • Jury score will be high
  • 3 voting allies in semi-1
  • No climatic moment
  • Needs a late draw to do well

Anouk’s Birds was officially presented at 10:00 CET this morning!

We waited a long time for Anouk to present this haunting, melancholy masterpiece to us, and like her most famous song, Lost, it was well worth the wait.

Birds is a beautifully crafted song with a carefully considered and brilliantly written arrangement.  It meanders gently from pensive verse to wonderfully rich chorus and back again.  The seemingly natural transition from the gloomy verses to the sunny expanse of the chorus is musical mastery of the highest order!  This song is what beats headphones were made for!

DurhamBorn adds: It abducts you and takes you somewhere private then sends you back again knowing life isn’t the same as 3 minutes before. Wonderful.

The composition is reminiscent of the theme from A Summer Place – used as the soundtrack to Stephen King’s equally haunting, Rose Red.

I have to go back to Raphael Gualazzi’s Follia D’Amore and Patricia Kaas’ Et S’il Fallait Le Faire to present a realistic comparable.  Both of those songs were too refined for the typical Eurovision audience, though both enjoyed strong jury support.  The Netherlands should be in the top-10 for jury support if they make the final, yet that should be achieved under SVT’s grand scheme.

The caveat for those expectant Dutch fans is their Nation’s historically low televote support.  Looking at what they’ve sent to Eurovision over the last eight years, it’s hardly surprising they are officially the worst performing country of modern times.  Nevertheless, Germany is a shining example of how one good song can turn around a lengthy slump.

By no means do I wish to come across as being unduly hyperbolic.  In fact, I don’t believe the Netherlands are top-4 contenders.  Nor do I believe in a German-style renaissance.  Whilst beautiful, I do not consider Birds sufficiently exciting enough to push for the top places.  Patricia Kaas’ Et S’il Fallait Le Faire is a realistic top-end measure of what position the Dutch can expect from this year’s contest.  To the Dutch, that will seem like a win after so many years of hurt!

If there’s one stage show I’m looking forward to seeing in May, it’ll be this one, and with record company funding, it could be magical.

What do you think to Netherland’s chances at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

Song Presentation

Studio Version

Are Netherlands going to break their cycle of poor results?

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One comment

  1. I still think this is close to perfection.
    Can Anouk give us the right stage presentation to win over the televoters?.Its possible she can.
    If she can get things just right,,a 50s style dress and a crisp performance that can hold the viewers mesmerised the sky really is the limit.
    This is almost certain to top 3 with the juries if not top 1.
    If she can draw in people by the performace so they then “get” the song this isnt out of winning.It would mark a watershed moment if this won ESC thats for sure.

    Once again readers here would of been on EW at 67s superb value.

    Whatever happes The Netherlands have their pride restored and the producers will be desperate for it to do well.

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