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Sweden: Robin Stjernberg – You

  • Excellent vocals – should enjoy strong jury support
  • Current, uplifting, radio friendly arrangement
  • Strong build up with big memorable climax
  • Host nation support
  • 16th running order slot
  • Choreography needs work
  • Scandinavian bloc vote is split

The finale to a mega selection season was concluded tonight with the final of Melodifestivalen 2013!  The Swedish public and an international jury selected Robin Stjernberg with the song You to represent the home nation of Sweden at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

Robin Stjernberg’s song was the strongest song in this year’s Melodifestivalen.  Despite YOHIO winning the televote, Robin’s achievement of winning having come from the Andra Chansen is remarkable.  The trolls barracking this triumph are missing the point – this is a song for Eurovision, not a song for their personal record collection.  Furthermore, YOHIO was devoid of personality and his song was far too niche.  The international juries’ opinions are there to take notice of; they offer a small glimpse of how a potential Eurovision jury would rank a song.  On that basis, YOHIO would have been ranked very low!

On to the present!

You is a fantastic piece of uplifting radio-friendly pop that builds and builds into a spine-tingling falsetto climax.  In my opinion, it is that moment that won Robin the ticket to Malmö.  It’ll be that moment that propels Robin to being a top-10 contender on May 18th.

The melody is influenced by ColdPlay and uplifting rock bands of their ilk. But perhaps the most compelling comparable to me, which hasn’t been mentioned anywhere, is Katy Perry’s Firework.  They both share the same orchestral stabs, tempo, and in parts, a similar note progression.  Firework was a worldwide hit, whereas You has been widely criticised.  OK, Firework is a far better pop song with a massive, instantly recognisable hook, but You is no pale imitation.  It possesses bucket loads of energy and a massive, memorable money shot.

Sweden’s song has been overrated in the betting markets, which is to be expected.  Given the strength of Denmark and Norway; plus the Eastern Bloc candidates, I doubt Sweden will be troubling the top-5.  Their ‘host support’ could derail one of their neighbour’s challenges though.

Where do you think Robin will finish?

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