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France: Amandine Bourgeois – L’Enfer Et Moi

Vocals are strong
Telegenic and will interact well with TV audience
Unique blues sound for 2013


France don’t have a good recent record
Not really a vote magnet

Earlier today, we published a sample of Amandine Bourgeois’ song, L’Enfer et Moi. The French entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has now finally been released in full.

France’s modern Eurovision history is poor to say the least, with only three top-10 finishes to boast since 2000. To some countries, that would be an acceptable level of achievement, but in nine of those years, France finished 15th or worst!

France has become middle-of-the-road competitors, much like Germany pre-2010 and there doesn’t seem to be a shift in the French appetite to send a competitive song.

L’Enfer et Moi (Hell & Me) is a blues-rock song with a sophisticated moody atmosphere, impressively aided by Bourgeois’ smoky vocals. It builds calmly, but unfortunately takes over 2:20 to reach any sort of peak moment. As a result, Bourgeois will likely lose her audience way before the climax of the song.

The Voodoo-inspired video concerns me, especially considering that much of Europe are devout followers of a mainstream religions. If that concept was transferred to the stage presentation in May, I can envisage a proportion of viewers being unconsciously put off. I’m not expecting a mass revolt, just when combined with an undistinguished song; it’s hardly going to work in France’s favour!

In short, this isn’t as good as Patricia Kass’ song in 2009 (best result in a decade), and nor is it as instant as Jessy Matador in 2010. Therefore, I reckon France are aiming for another finish in the bottom 10.

Official Video

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