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2012 – Sweden

Way back in February 2012, Loreen stunned Eurovision early birds with a rousing 90s inspired trance/house song that sent forums and chat rooms alight, whilst also sending betting markets spiraling. It was Rybak moment all over again.

Many Eurovision commentators were expecting a Danny Saucedo coronation, especially as Danny had been advantageously positioned in the last heat of Melodifestivalen. Nevertheless, Euphoria went viral, and in the end, performing in the first semi-final ensured that the Eurovision community were talking about was Loreen. Immediately following Loreen’s selection for Eurovision, Sweden’s plummeted to below 4.0, having dropped from 6.0.

Once at eurovision, Loreen won with a total of 372 points, the second-highest point total in the contest’s history. Euphoria was also awarded the highest number of maximum 12-point scores than any entry in the contest’s history, with eighteen countries giving the song their top marks.

Despite a number of doubts during the rehearsal period, including the snow-choke incident, Euphoria eventually recreated the magic it cast during Melodifestivalen.


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