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United Kingdom: Englebert Humperdinck – Love Will Set you Free

The Humperdinck’s song have been released and it’s not what I expected. The odds are shortening with bookies, but for what reason I don’t know!

Full review to follow… meanwhile, Mickey here, IT SUCKS BALLS. That’s my review.

erm thanks for that Mickey. I suppose that just about covers it. It sucks balls…

…Well I guess more detail is required. Even through super-duper speakers this sounds lame. There’s no orchestral build up, no essence of a deep, crisp bass line to add depth; it plods on and on and on until it dawns upon you – why are you listening to this shit?

Why did the BBC build us all up thinking they’d hit the jackpot this year? I feel cheated and abused believing for one second that the BBC could potentially pull an absolute blinder. And I ask once again – why are the odds still shortening for this?


Not very good is it really? Read our daily reviews for a full breakdown.

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