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Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva – When the Music Dies

Sabina Babayeva will perform ‘When the Music dies’ for the host country, Azerbaijan.

Now this is going to cause some serious head scratching. After just two plays, this is turning out to be more memorable than Serbia, and it’s a ballad that will appeal to both eastern and western audiences. I like this a lot and 51.0 e/w to 4 places seems very generous given Azerbaijan’s apparent diaspora. I’ve had a quick 2 points to get some security.

Live Performance

Thanks to contributor ‘Substanshell’ for finding this video. It’s not by any means what we should expect come finals night, but at least one worry – her live credentials – has been firmly put to bed.

UPDATE – New Live Performance

Sabina performed an English/Azerbaijani version of ‘When the Music Dies’ at Eurovision in Concert. Again, I believe this performance puts to rest any concerns over her live credentials. I’m more concerned over the live stage show at this point. I would like to see some James Bond figure dramatically enter the stage on a zip-line and dance around Sabina in a protective kind of way. The song lends itself to the Bond genre and any association to the film would surely earn a few extra votes.


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