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Italy: Nina Zilli – L’Amore è Femmina

Italy are the second country this year to change their selected song. Now we have an urban jazz number reminiscent of Amy Winehouse to contend with.

Firstly, I’m more impressed by this song. It has far more going for it than the lame and tedious Per Sempre. As Mickey briefly pointed out in the now redundant old Italy post, the raspy Sax is sexy and she’s not bad eye-candy either! The mood of the song exudes the classiness of a Bond theme to me. The introduction of English verses will open the song up to more voters, much like Gualazzi did.

Victor Chandler currently have a market open for Best Big 5 Country – The odds are as follows (correct as of 13/3/12) Italy were available at 4.33 a few minutes ago. Luckily I launched my silo of credits!

Germany: 3.5
Italy: 3.75
Spain: 4.33
France: 4.5
UK: 5.0

Place a bet by clicking below.

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The sound quality isn’t brilliant, but the class is there for all to see.


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