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Norway Melodi Grand Prix Final

Norway kicked off their selection process to pick yet another shit song for Eurovision. C’mon! Let’s face it, Norway’s selections since the little fiddler have been dreadful. Last year they failed to qualify, which I have to say, was fully expected despite the early hyperbole.

There has been a betting market open for Norway MGP for a while, but such was the poor quality, I didn’t feel that I should waste a perfectly good hour writing about a terrible selection. I did try to get interested, and went as far as to discover that the last three Norwegian selections appeared in semi final three of the MGP process. Coincidence? Perhaps.

The finalists (in running order):

1. Tooji – Stay: It’s rare I choose upbeat songs, but this does leave it’s mark on the semi final.  Heavily hampered by going first in the running order!

2. Reidun Sæther – High On Love: Heard it 100 times before. Yawn. Vocals are nothing special.

3. Lise Karlsnes – Sailors

4. Plumbo – Ola Nordmann: This year’s drinking song, but hardly Eurovision quality.

5. Malin Reitan – Crush: No no no! Her voice is weak.

6. Nora Foss al-Jabri – Somewhere Beautiful: This one is actually very good. Amazing vocal. Needs more drama though.

7. The Carburetors – Don’t Touch The Flame: It’s poor and dated. Nice guitars though.

8. Bobby Bare & Petter Øien –  Things change: How did this win the heat, let alone get to the final?

9. Yaseen & Julie Maria – Sammen: This one crept in under the radar and doubt it will be in the running for the final.

10. Tommy Fredvang – Make It Better: Bland boring pop. Heavy playback assistance too!


I can’t help but think the producers or those behind the scenes would have wanted Tooji to be further up the running order.  As I mentioned earlier, it is rare I go for dance/club songs, but I believe this one has great potential if they get the lighting and choreography right.

Nora foss al-Jabri‘s song is my favourite.  I do enjoy quality when I see it, and this possesses quality in abundance.  I do feel it needs more drama with some orchestral percussion.  She is simply stunning and the vocals are spot on.  With the necessary changes, this could do well at Eurovision.  This is where you’re all shouting ‘Fuck off, it’s a ballad’.  So what, they do sometimes do well if they draw the audience in.  Iceland 2009?

I picked out Lise Karlsnes‘ song in the MGP preview last week. It is extremely well constructed and deserved a place in the final on its own steam, rather than relying on a wildcard. I don’t think this song stands a chance, but it deserves a mention for being so well produced.

Tommy Fredvang.  What can we say, other than whooooaaaa! How much talkback does he need?  He may as well mime!  That is a bad sign for the Eurovision stage and it seems by the running order that he’s the producer’s main choice.

None of the other acts should be in with a chance and if selected, Norway should just stay put and save on the hotels and airfare.

There is some good value available for Nora foss al-Jabri. Available at over 7.0 and Tooji at over 13.0 with Bwin and Bet365 – we recommend jumping on. Plumbo are the outright favourites, but we still can’t work out why, as Norway would struggle to qualify with the folk rockers.

The Norwegian charts show Nora as the biggest mover, +19 places to 60.  Both Plumbo and Tooji are +3 places to 8th and 20th.  The charts suggest these artists are the three vying for selection.  One poll I’ve seen puts Tooji ahead of Plumbo, but that poll hasn’t been achieved with only Norway’s opinion accepted, so it’s worthless.

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