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France: Anggun – Echo (You and I)

First impressions are mostly negative. I expected a more traditional sound rather than the house/club genre we’ve been presented with. Those Eurovision punters familiar with ‘the system’ will be chuckling at the websites glorifying Anggun’s song as if she were the Second Coming, as we all know from past experience the house/club genre doesn’t do well with the juries. The synth flourishes before some of the choruses are also a concern. Surely they could’ve created something better or more effective? I guess it gives it that ‘French House’ sound, but again, this genre just doesn’t do well at Eurovision when the jury has a say.

Read our ‘Polls are a Waste of Time’ article and see for yourself why France is a bad country to back based on this verson of the song. To name but a few high profile house/club casualties of recent times…

Hungary 2011
Estonia 2011
Croatia 2011
Iceland 2010
Moldova 2010
Finland 2009

Anggun is a world-wide star, but mostly to musical purists or at least to those with a passing interest in world music. How that will translate into votes is debatable. She will probably get some appreciation votes from the jury, but I’m certainly not expecting this song to threaten to top spots.


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