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Denmark: DMGP 2013 Winner Betting

It didn’t take long, but the bookies have already published markets for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix! To take advantage of these early odds, make sure you open a betting account with the bookies highlighted below.

ODDS VALID 25/01/2013

Frederikke Vedel – Jeg har hele tiden vidst det
I don’t think this is punchy enough and being in Danish, I don’t think it’ll help matters when it comes to garnering support from the international jury. Venter did well last year, but that was quite uplifting.
Best Odds @ 40.0 BET365

Brinck – Human
Brinck’s song is nowhere near as strong as ‘Believe Again’ from ESC 2009. I suspect it’ll be forgotten.
Best Odds @ 15.0 BET365

Kate Hall – I’m Not Alone
Full-blooded Scandi-pop and heavily involved in singing talent shows both in Denmark and Germany. Could be one to watch given the strong hook.
Best Odds @10.0  (was 28.0) LADBROKES

Louise Dubiel – Rejs dig op
Another own-language song and likely to struggle in making an impact.
Best Odds @ 75.0 NORDICBET

Daze – We Own the Universe
Euphoria’s writers involved here, but I reckon it’s too fast and too plastic.
 Best Odds @ 30.0 NORDICBET

Simone Egeriis – Stay Awake
Current bookies favourite. Seems to have built small support in the comment sections of blogs, but very overrated at this point.  Does have a couple of platinum hits to her name.
Best Odds @ 3.5 NORDICBET

Jack Rowan feat. Sam Gray – Invincible
Sam Gray is a British singer/songwriter with some decent hits under his belt. I don’t count Invincible as one of them though.
Best Odds @ 50.0 NORDICBET

Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops
Lots of drama, good voice and some whispy, floaty pipe instruments. Should be favourite.
@ Best Odds: 5.0  NORDICBET

Albin – Beautiful to me
Current sounding pop song with a strong hook. Can see this performing well on finals night.
Best Odds @ 15.0 BET365

Mohamed – Unbreakable
Oh, it’s Tooji again. Sounds like run-of-the-mill auto-tuned chart crap. Granted, it’s uplifting, so could reach the final. He came third in X-Factor, so twitter support is deceptive.
Best Odds @ 6.0 BET365



Looking at this selection whilst accounting for traditional Danish tastes, I would suggest that Emmelie de Forest, Mohamed & Simone Egeriis provide the best value having listened to the full songs.

These odds will not last long, so place your bets now!

Who do you think will win the Danish selection?


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