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Denmark: DMGP Finalists & Songs Presented

Danish broadcaster, DR, this morning presented the 10 finalists competing their country at the Eurovision Song Contest in neighboring Sweden. The national final will take place in Herning on January 25th.

Last year, DR stated that they were looking for songs with strong uplifting chorus’ to represent the country. You can judge for yourself whether or not that brief has been fulfilled by listening to snippets of each song. Just click the relevant song title below:

1. Frederikke Vedel – Jeg har hele tiden vidst det

First in the running order is a sign. Not radio-friendly or exciting enough for the ESC masses.

2. Brinck – Human

1:45 before we hear any build up. This is going nowhere.

3. Kate Hall – I’m Not Alone

Uplifting with great hook. Possibly too simplistic for the connoisseurs.

4. Louise Dubiel – Rejs dig op Louise Dubiel – Rejs dig op
Very interesting and pleasantly surprised! This certainly kills songs 1 and 2.

5. Daze – We Own the Universe

Still too fast and too plastic. Dreadful.

6. Simone Egeriis – Stay Awake Simone – Stay Awake
Concerned about autotune here. Sounds very 90s/early 2000s. I’m sure this has enough variety, as I expected better. Did I count 3 bridges?

7. Jack Rowan feat. Sam Gray – Invincible

Again, concerned about autotune. Sounds like a 100 other throwaway dance tracks. Dire dirge!

8. Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops

The wispy blowy flutey things make this song. Tribal rhythm is infectious. Vocal is strong. Not 100% on this being the winner though – will need a mesmerising stage show.

9. Albin – Beautiful to me

Video is a tad dodgy, but offers enough information. Strong hook. Bridge works well. It’s more image that concerns me – is he a vote magnet?

10. Mohamed – Unbreakable Mohamed Ali – Unbreakable
This has grown on me. They’ve used the Loreen format: slow then building into pounding chorus. I dislike the beat intensely – it’s just so meh! I fail to see how this could perform strongly at ESC.

In a year with very little variety, I think there are a few front runners for the selection, namely: Emmelie de Forest’s “Only Teardrops,” Albin’s “Beautiful to Me” and Kate Hall’s “I’m not Alone.” I would be a scared Dane if my country selected Mohamed!

What do you think of the Danish entries?

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