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20 Finalists for Hungary – Updated

Hungary’s national broadcaster, MTV, has unveiled the 20 finalists that will have to qualify from two semi-finals to be held on the 28th of February and the 4th March. Those successful acts will then proceed to the final on the 11th March.

The list of the 20 candidates:

  • Anti Fitness Club – Lesz, Ami Lesz
  • Bebe and the Change – Fans Will Be Friends
  • Caramel – Vízió
  • Compact Disco – Sound Of Our Hearts
  • Dancs Annamari – Feel
  • Fábián Juli & Zoohacker – Like A Child
  • Gallusz Niki & Vizy Márton – Európa, Egy A Szívünk
  • Gyurcsik Tibor – Back In Place
  • Heinz Gabi – Learning To Let Go
  • Kállay-Saunders András – I Love You
  • Király Linda & Ben & Viktor – Untried
  • Kiss Gina – Chasing Dreams
  • Kökény Attila & Bencsik Tamara – Állítsd Meg Az IdÅ�t
  • Monsoon – Dance
  • Pély Barna, Pál Eszter & Pál István (“Szalonna”) – Open Your Heart
  • Puskás Péter – Csillagok
  • Sophistic – Yeah OK!
  • Tolvai Renáta – Élek A Szemeidben
  • Tóth Gabi – Nem Kell Végszó
  • Veres Mónika “Nika” – This Love

Listen to snippets of each song below.

There are a few potentials that sound immediate, fresh and radio friendly, and if chosen, could signal a slightly better year for Hungary.

Compact Disco: Four piece man-band. I guess there are echoes of Take That and the song does fit that genre – albeit a poor man’s effort.

Here’s a full length version:

The song isn’t dynamic enough in my opinion, to mount a serious challenge at Eurovision. Compare it to Blue’s ‘I Can’ and it immediately sounds dull in comparison.

Gyurcsik Tibor Well constructed song and very current. Will need backing singers to add more impact to chorus.

Partial version:

This song has Take That similarities too. Can’t quite put my finger on which song exactly.

Tóth Gabi An uplifting rock/pop song that’s sure to grab attention. All those people creaming over Switzerland’s entry should take note. Whilst we don’t have a full version to listen to, we can only hope the main content is as bright as the chorus.

Fábián Juli & Zoohacker Another uplifting song, but with a more electronic base.

Here’s the full length version:

There’s a gorgeous summery feel to this song. My only worry after listening to the full length version is that it doesn’t build, it just drifts on like a long summery day. Obviously there’s 40 seconds to cut out of this version, so they may address this concern. I very much doubt this is a contender for selection, but in terms of quality, it’s beautiful.

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