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Austria: 10 Songs in the Final

ORF has released details of the 10 songs selected for the Austrian national final to be held on the 24th February.

The 10 acts are detailed below with a presentation video containing 8 of the songs:

1 !DelaDap – “Swing Crazy”
2 Blockstars – TBA
3 James Cottriall – “Stand Up”
4 Krautschädl – TBA
5 Papermoon – “Father, father, mon père”
6 Norbert Schneider – “Medicate My Blues Away”
7 Trackshittaz – “Woki mit deim Popo”
8 Valerie – “Comme ça”
9 Conchita Wurst – “That’s What I Am”
10 Mary Broadcast Band – “How Can You Ask Me?”

Can someone tell me why there’s a tranny with a beard? :Thinking:

There was a betting market open for the Austrian national final last year, so I expect the same for this year too. Once we have full releases of all the performances, I’ll offer analysis of which act I think will win the selection. Last year, I correctly picked out Nadine Beiler ahead of favorites, Trackshittaz. Interestingly, Trackshittaz song is woefully poor this time around, so it could provide some value once the betting market is opened.

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